So they say nobody knows where I stand on the friend and foe issue but for me there are no friends and foes as such, just a group of incredibly stupid men and when I say incredibly stupid I am not exaggerating in any way whatsoever, I mean individuals so stupid that all these is about their need to feel safe at the hands of those who are weaker than they are, so weak they can then ensure that they take out what happens to them on those who can provide them with security while being controlled. In my case it has come to this stage where nobody knows why they want to feel safe like so if they enjoy bursting my bubbles anyway – they did when they insisted for years that I had to get into a fight with a racist and then they did again when I was at University so they might pass exams and get jobs before I did and now since they had the jobs, their children have fingers that are always near my bum because they need my life and future, their stupid politicians never stop building crowds and discussing any stupid problems they have with respect to how I live and how people need to live like that as well and they have not stopped talking nonsense about the bad thing called women especially at work. So the women issue becomes the highlight of it all because it tends to mean that women do not have to explain their disposition because everybody is born of a woman, while men have a changing disposition and have to make something up all the time and yet I am wondering what I would want to change my very person and nature and everything that has come with it since I was born for in the first place anyway and why people cannot just be appreciative of what help people give them or be content with what they have; the outcome being the part where we find them spend time ripping up my work and finances and because I have not raised publicity on the matter and sought redress for the damage or retaliated, they have then made out it is what both my reality and their own is and can never stop building it up with a braindead media just like they are every day. I mean they do understand my frustrations if I wrote the Books in 2009 and this is 2018, their gimmicks have progressed from complaining about consequences associated with assuming that culture exists to ensure I tend to complain about them all the time about which if they dominate me put it in my face they will see it for the last time as well to a case of their incomes allowing them to bully me without any interference from the Law, about which yet again they say there is nothing I can do if they do not wish to cease being seen around my Books and public image while the reality is that the general idea may be that I will think a 10 figure salary was important to an idiot to wrecks my finances and academic work to pass his exams and show up here with a job to persecute me every day but when they lose it having more time for me than the job that gets to their heads, they will rather tend to have an even more difficult time convincing me that they needed the job in the first place.

I do get told I am at war with Industry just as it is obvious that the idea I can be nice to them while I finish my academic work are two stages that are not compatible at all – in terms of the latter of which there is industry and if somebody has over the last decade earned a million pounds a year, I am hard pressed pointing out a product that earns the makers more than £2 per item these days, so the assumption is that he has been serving some 500,000 persons to earn that money and will have worked incredibly hard to make that happen, therefore it is difficult to see him get off convincing me that he has had time to train himself for violent bits as well, by which he ensures government spends money on crime – these fools on the other hand have time for the violent bits because everything they accomplish is based on tribalism raids on other people, getting jobs that are supported by local idiots who turn up to abuse people in order to keep them in it as a form of blackmail, their place it seems has more to do with peoples employing a diverse population and a sense that some people who will always fight their corner are employed thereof but I do not write their Books and I am sure they can understand my frustration when they have a need to extract an income from it alongside their stupid girls they set up all over my Public image and the Books are still being prepared for the market when they were written 10 years ago. We find therefore that what happens is that I do everything properly for my Business but lose takings because they were busy building me a Public image they can run with on media by which to tell me how to sell my products by their standard of what sales is, in a bid to steal how Royalty sells his Books since they believe they had dominated me to such an extent or have such influence on me when their stupidities becomes a serious matter and I am asked about the friend and foe issue; as for the Politicians, those were glad to help when the idiots needed to damage the academic work now my help is needed and I am not qualified, so they will have to wait for as long as that takes too. It all comes together when we hear them go from ripping up my empire market to tell me it never existed, only to say I have no right to a job because my skills and abilities rival the ones they need to keep to look after the huge salaries that get to their heads at the same time, to telling me that it is my business with women that annoys them so much and I am left wondering what it has got to do with them in the first place anyway and why that stupidity is unable to understand that we are here because they think the fact I have not raised publicity for what they have done here or retaliated over it, means the damage and vandalism done here is what reality is and looks like for the future looking for more of what they are complaining about when they never listened if told they think culture exists to ensure I complain about them all the time, especially when they think they want to dominate me and move into my right hand. So, I am sure they can understand my frustration; not compatible to get along with their society while studying and my Books were written a decade ago – somebody needs to keep off my case as we are not mates, the fact their incomes are affected by the empire that does not exist but will now give up its market to their idiocy thus explained. It always seems such a good idea to get talented people wasted while idiots show up around him to count pennies until to make millions but now the Politicians need my help and I am not qualified; yes they always say I have no talents whatsoever while we all know I am not talking to them or about them first of all and that if I did the only part of their lives that would make sense would have bene the insults on spending media time to build me a public image that judges how I am to sell things I produce at the Royal Estate according to their standard of what sales is, meaning each time I complete any task and my academic work had aligned with my career I am left with lost market and damaged public image their stupidities can have fun and mock me with all the time – I was not referring to their existence, I was talking about Politicians thinking it okay to let them wreck everything around leaving me with a sense that each time I shut down the means by which they show up here to train themselves on my character and thought pattern so I might concentrate on what I am doing, there are reprisals to show they own me and are making use of my personal space which I have no right to deny them, then need my help when I am not qualified. It was obviously the type that will share a space with a few other journalists and then there will be a punch up because somebody else took its news, always needs to tell those lies on my case, issue those threats, pass around those insults and tell people to see it their way because they were out of my league and yet this was not needed to keep them off my Books as I at least deserve a holiday from their stupidities from time to time anyway. it still feeds into the whole game of having women at the work place so you have somebody to play silly friendly sexual gimmicks that you get away with all the time, it’s not the end of the world if you do not have it but the alternative is to deal with idiot that chases your bottom and tells lies about the smell of pain she causes while if you cracked her as well the Husband that was meant to beat you up so she can grab your career would think she smells at home because she has a job and therefore the job was a bad thing and then you would be the on getting the complaint from them instead and its never clear why people never really get the gist no matter how much they complain about; get-proper-women-into-the-work-place (hence I am winning and they are about to stop wrecking mine).