So I have no way of protecting anything that matters to me they say but it’s an old story; Neo liberalists are always digging people up in order to sit about calculating the cost of getting into a fight with them but most importantly they do it so they can find out how people fight in order to copy it. In my case they have decided that a fight with me would be cost effective of course but it is an example of the reasons they are always ending up in victims clubs because there is really no need to go from women that socially and morally corrupt other people’s children to protect the financial viability of their wickedness to having people drag your insides and find out violent things about you that you did not even know were there in the first place and then copy it and sit about threatening you to get rich as well. There are usually many reasons for it but the main one is that those who think about morals first before they think about money are the problem that the world faces, considering that according to neo liberalists the even the simple process of telling the truth has to be accomplished using money.  I don’t think it is an issue, these are a very well known group of fools that spend all of their time doing nothing else except moving themselves into other peoples personal space as a sign of their lack of respect, first for authority and then for the person – whereby they move into people’s personal space to impose on others their own version of likes and not likes, dos and don’ts and get on their media to claim it is amusing; so while they are at it we do not hear the complains but despite knowing that what they expect is that you may hurt or murder somebody and then throw your life a way but either way of which you don’t they will do fame and fortune with your income anyway, the Politicians will get off and support it against those who apparently did not share personal life comforts with they who are the bosses; so I took care of these kinds of issues and put them away before the end of my teens and it is back again because of that and I will have the one I was not born with and the entire planet is uncomfortable with that and I am blown away thereof but they still have trouble watching their insults and what it does. Obviously it is nice to feel insulted so they get on my TV to sit around displaying what they are doing to calculate the cost of getting into a fight with me and winning it, so I wonder which ones they are presenting anyway being that the role of a presenter is what they do for a living – bottom side maybe. It’s a matter of putting them in a corner once again to get on with my life and to that effect I have written my books already as well and they want to write their own too because they know me and have no regard for the patents, so I have to accept that the fact they have parents is irrelevant to the fact they are damaged goods. They speak of what black people do behind me which they cannot leave behind me too due to this lack of respect thing, afterwards which we hear a National embarrassment needs to clear the perspective on the left when they are feeling like it with a big mouth but again all of these are the same i.e. idiots who think their version of evil and villainy is not being noted.

It’s like the story of crude oil in the Falklands which if left to the Tories generally means we will not have any neighbours in that part of the world and they always say mine is the path of the coward but it is never really that cheap to set out our business as something synonymous with National interest and set the Country out as something that make you and your friends rich and proud of yourself more so by collecting a bit of the part that belongs to me without permission. So it is always when you get hold of them and twist them into a corner and sit about robbing it in that the National interest that means whether or not the Country is successful and can grow is in their hands becomes important again and as for the path of the coward, they shouldn’t toss their questions at me when they are good enough to fight their own corner. It does not in any way mean I can torn between the conservatives and the others; that is not true – the conservatives know the piece of the Country I was born with that allows me to be financially comfortable with my own provisions does not belong to them and inserting any further products into my literary empire and public life will not only amount to an assumption they would like to do public work free of charge as well, it will also lead to other problems – the rest can bring their civil rights around and start again if they wanted, it has always been a matter of nepotism and addiction that is good for their well being about which they need to keep their stupid comments off my book sales. The nepotism and addictions thing is something that The Royals do, it’s a kind of flattery in my direction because they think of me as a colleague, so where the Royals are concerns seeing any of their contraptions anywhere near the monarchy means these nepotism and addictions will rip it up in no time, so their envy and that bitter twisted nature we see all the time pretending their unhappiness and problems are meant to be the priority of others has been kindled in a certain direction, it is meant to be a form of insult directed at the Royals but now it is becoming a book sales busting problem for me as well; none here is being banged around like ping pong between them and the conservatives. It’s like to tales they tell of a Country that has lost its religion of National identity according to surveys and so on which makes no sense but will not be put down by the media until they find themselves in a place where they tell people they like classical music and that their National religion is gone and then it’s the homosexuals that challenge them over it pointing to the number of times they pray when they come into difficult situations and then it will go away.

I understand the tale of my view on the UK Union and that I think it is set in stone but I don’t; it’s just simply unworkable to get off and hijack a process where Westminster feels Scotland is big enough to handle itself Politically but does not get about discussing it because that would amount to interference, to play a Nationalist game that leads to the same outcome of every goon that wants to be the boss getting involved with government while you want to get things done dancing around the prognosis of the fact they think they are the boss when you really are. It was all an entirely predictable outcome and I don’t know why people do it anyway. For my part they say I am the one that caused them to get out of hand and become a problem for everybody which is not actually true; what is true is that there is a flavour of normalcy attached to a process where it is made to return to the way it was concerning me and them, my way and not according to what makes them comfortable and I need to breathe. They do speak of a what if the Labour party decided the same with me as well which I would be very comfortable with too anyway provided there was no item in it saying their perspective for me or else – there is no such thing except on the day they are able to enforce it – they do these games all the time and when they lose it leads to civil rights movements but when they win they have somebody to dominate – they believe their time should be used in such ways and are not in any position to use mine as well. Their foolish women do mention a case of when I am going to stop using the security systems in people’s homes to send my messages as such but of course I too believe it can be stopped – after all when you rent homes and pay people for it you should have no privacy whatsoever, the small business you own will be completely destroyed because everything you write on your organiser will end up on media where the idiots are doing it first and with the Labour Party where they can get protection while at it and it gets better because using peoples security systems to send messages can always be stopped when foolish black women keep their hands off my penis and fingers off my loving bottom as it were and their insults concerning the part where they want to play the role of my mother handling my income is my personal bit as well while the threats that are possible because of their tiny soldiers will get them into trouble before it stops – they clearly don’t want people sending messages as it were for it was her own to decide whether or not other people’s children are having sex and getting socially and morally corrupted as it were and she will do anything to keep you off jobs on account of dreams she would have had if she was as good looking and the sheer fact she is a bully as well with civil rights to show for it.

There is talk of government instability of course but the Labour Party is where a Prime Minister takes advantage of a student and curses them by leaving them to be used by his lesser MPs as well and the reason you would not make deals with those lesser MPs to punish him for it is because he is more important than God in his view; so at the moment they have been bribing popular culture idiots and having made them rich means the badly behaved goons can never be wrong on one hand or vote for a different party on the other, so with power comes responsibility. I am a main player in the picture of UK government instability but there are factors as to how they got there in the first place. I have been rewarded for the part where I did not get around making deals with his lesser MPs to spin off social issues and get the bastard impeached as much as I can of course and it now means they have tasted blood and will have nothing else, so the Labour Party can do whatever it likes while its leaders rely on the destruction of the lives and futures of a selected younger person to hold their party together with promises and leadership and their need to target me all the time means it will end badly as well. The Politicians like to say that the instability is something that needs to be resolved in the interest of all but I have no idea how they hope to make that happen when they continue to rip up my book sales just because they have an ego and it has been a one same problem for a decade so far on a daily basis while they then get off to pretend things will be resolved if I back down for them knowing perfectly that such a thing is never going to happen. Its better understood when their stupid black women mention something about my sense of whom I can make friends with whereas the reality is that they are so dumb they have a real problem locating when they are putting others on the edge and have a need to spend peoples possessions on their deviance as a result which cannot be measured; I do not need any friends and there is an important reality around this prognosis which means that people are allowed to see what the real me actually looks like. Their case of course is largely developed around the things I do concerning celebrities but it is an old story where celebrities get involved and clog up everything when they have not got a clue what they claim they are involved with me for and every time they are asked to show up they fail in every way and start to pretend what I do to manage the situation belongs to them while their media idiots make out I have a mental complex, so it amounts to a state of affairs that will remain the day they are able to back it up as well. It’s not an emotive issue as such mostly, it’s a case of get somebody to locate a market and some products that can be sold in it to make you rich and famous and then in order to appear to have worked for it you must now work on the person you have taken advantage of and I don’t want their stupidities working on me anymore, all I handle them to do belongs to me, no complexes involved – mental or not.

and famous and then in order to appear to have worked for it you must now work on the person you have taken advantage of and I don’t want their stupidities working on me anymore, all I handle them to do belongs to me, no complexes involved – mental or not; obviously a Court of female Politicians would be a lot more stable but it will never pay off at the Bottom line and their problem at Parliament is not my concern, so that is now officially cleared up.