Now we will begin with such matters as occasions of sexual assault of women in India; I have no idea why the pressure is largely that I must be seen to have something to say about it but it is no surprise that is the case either. The fact of it is allies I have in India due to my work and the royal family and others that are rather personal and we have been getting along in our work for years now around the world; they have always believed themselves to be the modern part of India on whom the future rests and love to do things they expect people to talk to them about with respect to their attitude when I simply do not want to talk to any idiot about things they do with what belongs to others and more so to the person of others that they have no right to do but of course as soon as they are convinced they can carve out an industry from your life it automatically becomes something they feel they have the right to do, so we get all that rubbish about women that speak of modern women and American friends of theirs and how I need to get along with them a.s.a.p. and none of it fits into the idea of anything that may suggest a modern part of India for example but it is the direct opposite of my existence that deserves to have everything I have in order to make itself a workable one as well and in this they have continued to attack and vilify my allies and friends in India for years but seem to expect me to have something to say about sexual assault happening there because they are convinced it will forge a good platform for me to be roped into accepting behaviours and attitudes and access that they want to my work etc. In the end what they mean modern women I must get along with a.s.a.p is that of women who do not like homosexuals to do their thing for them around here and how I must get out of my life and fit them into somewhere in my life in a condition where they take it over completely and this is clearly not something they have the right to do on account they happen to be money and fame freaks, it’s just that they climb on media and make up the right to do it.  Their friends in the US are just as well, for those everybody except them understand I have been a Christian for a long time and have had all my life to think about the fact the only way they can breathe easy and let people like me exist is if I am crawling on my knees on the streets begging for money and being homeless and of course they will never rest until they are able to do it and or get men that can and will do it for them. Very well of course if they turn up in the UK to take cheap shots at me and travel off to the US to make it up but if I lived in the US there will be another story from it entirely because I would certainly handle them enough for people to get a break and live their lives normally which would mean it would have taken up all my time and people would have helped me financially for it and thereby meaning I would have been paid money for it as well. The trouble with sexual assault is that it causes injury on one hand and the injury is always internal and internal injuries never heal – however that is completely different from the idea these really insolent and abusively violent vandals that seem to demand an ownership of other peoples existence because of their really bad and stubborn upbringing, so they can make money and be famous create when they foster condition that allow innocent women to get sexually abused or push men into being rapists, so I find it really difficult to understand why they would then have become so keen on this idea of a man in the world that gets to talk about their sexual assaults but I do suppose however that it is an escalation of their insolent and abusive provocation with intended eventual results of earn my income and sorting out their stupid lives on my profit margins etc; however it is clearly not yet a case where they present it in that way in the law court and end up with verdicts that tell them they loved it yet.  As I always say, it does not wish to go away and will tend to go away my way too, especially when so many of them have high profile media to play around with; it is the same old lesson of the sexual assaults as it were, where they pick on people and drive them mad without reason, except of course their desire to see men suffer for their pleasure and then one day somebody they abuse in that way decides to take a walk around the neighbourhood and they had unfortunately stayed late at that office where they work to do those their abuses and berating and violence and then the person will want control back in their lives due to the temptation as a result of ending up just the two of them in a place where there are no body else or witnesses at night time etc – it is never something spontaneous and instantaneous and I am not talking about it because I think it has taken up my life either, I have always made it clear I rather fancy women that are older than I am and would not let anybody get away with such rubbish when I have a family; however I am single at the moment and the bench mark is that they will not go away and it will end badly too. I know of promised consequences for any actions I might have taken of course – bloody clowns; it will have gotten me to sack it completely too, of which the earlier I do the more time I have on my hands to plan my pensions. Like they tell me I am meant to stay silent so my business might be successful which is utter rubbish, however which I guess if people are now forcing me to stay silent I have beaten it out of them again; it appears when I talk or suffer it does not create as much controversy that makes idiots rich anymore and so the general idea it seems is that I must stop for a period and then start again with a big mouth. The way it works has always been that the companies create the products which involves equities I may broker in the process and then when finished hand it to the media to do the advertisement but each time it reaches the media, then I have to deal with the media organisations that get the contract and the journalists that plug it in and even down to the popular culture idiots that have been chosen to appear in them and it cannot carry on like that and more so for good as well. Now there is this talk about wealth distribution being the biggest problem I face; utter rubbish of course because I have made myself clear about who are responsible for inequalities in wealth distribution – they always make out its about civil rights and the end product is always to set out clever people and work out how to damage and destroy them, so that the end product will be to force those that are already rich to be even richer with what belongs to those who doing well and then the topping comes when they get into public office and start to deploy the taxes that those rich people pay like it was their money, with which they live up the fact that it was all about rounding up people they felt they would get a lot of pleasure from oppressing, claiming the tax money was their own as well. I believe I have said that civil rights dunces continue to fancy themselves bullies and that it is not cup of tea anyway, so I have no idea why it would be a difficult issue for me to handle wealth distribution chaos when I have also made it clear by the way that, having been they handle people in ways human beings should not be handled and do so with all their time which besets them and makes them poor, what if they did not have my Christianity to play around with in order to be nice to people and sell music CDs, would there have been any stupid revolution then? In the end when I had mentioned facts like these they will make out it is some fun games they play with those they are certain they can have their fun games with and I myself am not having any fun too either way; what is therefore happening is that contrary to this idea they know me and what I am capable of, the fact is that I am not giving back that stupid left hand side and intend to force them to attend church where they will do it properly and make it right, so they can stop talking rubbish about being able to know what I am capable of and what they can do with as they like. I mean when was the last time the fools really got to impress their stupid friends around here anyway, by the way of which I am going to get increasingly worse too? In the end most of their games seem to run along a line which suggests playing around with the reasons I am feared i.e. people do not follow me around like that and I am for them in particular not their mate and will kill them for it too. The black people thing is the black people thing by the way, I mean they expected it anyway but clearly are still making noise having been that I completely destroyed the shrines they pay homage to and worship which was responsible for giving them the money and power by which the best thing in their lives aka coming to the UK happened to them and they understand the reasons to be that for the girls, they had found a man that will get off his Christianity and be homosexual so women can be powerful and for the men my moral disposition means I am always their slave either way they go and they love to get the servitude of their slave each time they meet him on the streets etc; I am not their mate – following me around like that will end their lives. Never clear then therefore why they think the wealth distribution thing is a complicated matter for me to handle when we all know it is a global issue and that when they do their secret societies and damage people’s property, their ministers tell lies and when you try to move on they take it further so you might have to do something about it, which is why when they spend tax payer funds and make out it has to do with what has happened to make them better off than you are, it really kicks off either way it does in a big way or in a small way because we have always known they are evil people who hurt people and then later try to sell them things to make money and that is why they are never rich – that big mouth all the time therefore about what you know you should expect because they belong in secret societies with a big mouth and here in the UK on my account it could have gotten worse, except that they have got media and politics to make it up with, so we are left with the problem of following me around therefore and being surprised by their politicians who think I should be scared they can kill me so they can better try. It’s not a complicated issue for me, I have always said their popular culture arrangements are criminal and people have always tabled that stupid multiculturalism before me, when we all know they are evil criminals and that they use those things to make money at people expense but after all that riches and fame the result always comes through that they fail to go straight all the time and the usual excuse is always that of those who supported the law whom they need to take their revenge on because they are certain of the support of idiots who know how to clash heads in society to ensure people are fighting for and over them to feel as though they were pampered like women, which is why they hate my royal privileges so much too; I suppose when they say wealth distribution is a difficult thing for me, this is what they mean but of course it is not difficult here either, it simply becomes a global thing because it is not long after they become convinced you tolerate their idea of what business is about and consider themselves to be socialists and never listen when you warn them it will cost their lives playing stupid games with you and following you around. For the Politicians, there is rife talk of the good one that is being picked on to pay for what the bad ones do but the way I see it is that I am well inclined to do to them and the idea of politics and what their work puts out in public as they do to my books because it is really expensive and ill-affordable anymore.For Politics as a whole the idea I am the good one that they like to abuse and oppress because somebody must pay for what has happened to them as a whole that is another matter entirely by itself. The first stage has already been done with respect to their evil and inability to control themselves when it comes to money and people to take it out on so nobody gets to notice their greed and therefore do something to stop them from getting close to public property in anyway, the first stage of which is that last we checked being elected was the bees knees until they found they wanted to spend time attacking and oppressing a Christian instead. The second stage has already been done too which of course is their wealth distribution rubbish gone to hell. The third is where I will physically harm them and I bet it will happen over my books as well; they have arguments of course but there are two facts only to all that process of explaining away their stupidities with my work; if we consider it from the point of socialism competing with Christianity because Christianity steals ideas from socialists who speak of wealth distribution etc, what we are left with is the fact that they hurt too many people that they cannot sell things to them and end up trying to create communities they know and sell things to in order to get rich as if everybody is their mate or something, if this has not differentiated them from Christians then of course they are responsible for the consequences that have already gone by and those that will follow as well. You see they are really lazy and useless people who like to find things that will make them important and work out who is meant to be doing it for them and so the idea I have been beaten and am weak and exasperated is built off from this idea of abusive parents they play with access to my work, so that in their view it remains still that when people decide to do things the outcome is always a change to their minds as it were; so especially for the women who are unfathomably insolent, I do not tolerate them half as much as they profess and do not like them half as much as they claim and there is nothing else about them, except I want to mention they explain their stupidities away with my work and that there is reason for it and that the reason is that their party has been painted by me in such bad light around the world it is impossible to make and keep those stupid insolent friends of theirs hence they have resorted to some form of racist insolence of how I must be made to serve Africans which has not served them well either. The bottom line is the same old issue of why I cannot tolerate the idea of them moving into my right hand side i.e. I do not know why anybody would believe such a stupid thing as Christianity, when homosexuality, smoking and drinking rubbish, decadence and money is the most important thing in the world and of course they cannot leave people alone as well, so that when I say the third part where I physically hurt them is underway it becomes really clear it will be about my books and the right they think they have to a condition where what they do at politics does not get disturbed by anybody so they can do as they like. However it is still not possible to take my faith away from me and they are not paying cash for the damages so far and as we go along will become a major consideration too. Naturally there is therefore talk of what I cannot enforce, like that old stuff of security land lords put in their homes being used to make profit off my back when I pay them to rent the homes each time I live in one etc. I mean I cannot enforce what I say alright but at least I can decide what becomes of the fathers who are the only ones that have money now that they have wrecked my finances in a failed bid to take my faith away from me through suffering. As for the part about handling my work to create areas that I should be assured nobody there will be allowed by them to buy my books and I will not be allowed to get near, they are aware it is equity vandalism and they have media and politics and whatever evil business arrangements too and I will handle it and find out if they will not pay for every bit, the other side is that of idiots who think I have answers to questions they should have had answers to 40 years ago and unless those answers are provided in such a condition and they are reborn I will never get a livelihood, about whom I have always been aware that unless I extract money from them for each service they get from me without paying, punishments attached as well, I will never make a living; the fact at present is that I am not yet ready to trade, when I am, I will trade as normal too. I mean it is incredible that I have had my business completely destroyed financially and with that prevented from getting an alternative job by people, not from their own personal effects but government office and government finances and they are still getting off in public places to talk so much rubbish – hence the need to put an end to that rubbish where they explain away their stupidities with my work and settle these facts very clearly, when they start as it were; a decade of spending government funds to ensure women I refuse to have sex with are able to determine the size of my purse, which is nothing new and the American ones will only find me in the US to settle which facts were which ones before their stupidities and a process of getting involved with me either way comes to an end too.I mean they say I act innocent in the matter when I am not which of course is rather that I answered a specific question not pretend or suggest I am innocent, because of course there is now so much love around that they work with republicans in the fame industry and people do not have to turn to crime on account of them anymore, so I know I am not innocent in the matter, it is not what I said. Crime and prisons is not a major win for them like they claim it is too; the fact about that area is that there are crimes that happen as a result of circumstance and you sympathise of course and there are others that happen as a result of the person which you know there is no point to sympathise, however you do not sympathise with people when the law does not sympathise with them; which leaves us with the matter of that evil labour party that seems to be able to create criminals of circumstance – the question of how evil people must be to do such things therefore about which as far as they are concerned there is no problem because they are simply doing their secrete rooms trophy power that gives them political and financial victories and of course the problem is that they cannot leave me alone and like to locate me as the person from whom to extract that power too, hence the things I have done to that effect otherwise I would have been completely unable to control it in anyway whatsoever. In the end they claim it is something they do to deal with the evils that beset government office, of which the idea must be that those evils tell them to start everything with a prognosis of corruption and do everything with a start of immorality and then turn out to lie to us and set out who is responsible for problems to make us vote for them all the time, which of course only they fail to see is utter rubbish because they are elected on the basis of what they can do for people and the way they prove what they can do for people is meet them and their various groups from where they manage these same evils they talk about as it were and then win elections on the basis of what they will use public office to serve them with. What the idiots have done instead is dig up all that shit so to speak and put it in parliament and ensure everybody is having arguments and conversations about it because very few people are able to actually determine what it is, they make out it is some kind of oppression by which they ensure everybody else is dealing with their problems as such, none of which would have come up therefore except that the Labour party leads everybody and there are those media scum too to think about. It comes to the questions I ask pragmatically therefore; the questions of what if sorted out absolutely every bit of their problems and then I dealt with the matter of the wickedness of poor people but incompetently and then prevented them from doing anything about it?