There is that case of how these problems are a problem that is too much for me and I am being asked by people who know better to handle it when I have not got a chance; the truth of course is that it’s not a problem for me in anyway whatsoever – what happens is that they feel people’s lives should be run on the basis of the connections people have and when interpreted they have only got 3 to 5 bedroom flat and mid-range saloon car connections, so it amounts to a witchcraft of wanting something from people you feel you just have to abuse, when interpreted on the other side it becomes a peddling of wealth inequality since those who have proper connections will have right to abuse and ensure people live by it all the time. So what they do is show up here to mess up everything I do and brag about me starting wars with people I cannot fight while struggling for their lives because I never get emotional about music is my friend got killed and so on: the reason for this in itself being that somebody will regularly show up to pretend your livelihood is a toy, if he has to complain that the fact he showed up around it way to often cost him his job, another that he has been bullying will then show up to intimate you as to where the real issue lie and that is making a mess of everything including your health because he is bigger and more physical endowed and such behaviour is just something his size gives him as privilege – so I am not the one who has an entire community complaining here, they are. What they have done is push up my agenda, I am planning to ensure this story of people complaining that they lost jobs on account they were seen around my Books for unacceptable reasons again will become a clearly identified phenomenon all over the world by July and if not felt that way by such a date, I will ensure it is by the first two weeks of August. We see it all the time, it wears suits and has no respect for others and I am a particular target since the last time I was pointed out as the guy that gives the respect that children of today are too modern and equal to give, which then progressed to a tale of being informed that older people deserved jobs better than I did because they were closer to retirement from the work force, of which their children were not supposed to go through the same process and now it has reached a point where it knows where my anus is and everybody wants to discipline me thereof; I mean I am not asking them for any respect as such but it is taking up my time building its own version of me with my public image and blasting its commoners insults at me and especially so with media all the time, no matter how many times I get its stupidities complaining about me, never mind the fact if I continue to call them stupid I will get into trouble but we all know that even in terms of popularity culture, when you find yourself working with those who are handling nostalgia champions on the right and self-seeking goons on the left they will show up and do their own with your life and later tell you it’s a matter of power they have got – very, very, very stupid and wants you to let it pour your life down the drain by getting emotional if it gets killed in the process and makes a song about it too. They do claim I am weak and that most of their activities are meant to make me spill the beans on what I am doing of course – utter rubbish, since none of it was actually a secret when we do see them complain and blow off roofs about it on such a regular basis: the bit where I am always taking something that belongs to them as per a service they are offering to businesses that involves sleeping with girls and chewing snacks and making people think they really need to take the issue of watching their backs very seriously and it takes up my time, so I am going to take away from them those businesses and then the celebrities and then the Fashion models too; if they are bothered they will see we are not mates and keep off. I mean I am regularly expected to just get off and get into a fight with them where work and academic pursuits are concerned as if that is what it is paid for and when I do not do it, they build some sensation of victory and power from it but I have been doing things for long enough not to get into any trouble all together as it were; I mean it’s bigger than me but not bigger than me to stay up all night and study and pass the exams, it is bigger than me for spending school time on peer pressure nonsense and then showing up at popular culture to screw with my academics and livelihood and build its own version of me for itself because it has a problem with the idea it has to show any form of respect or decorum in my direction, taking up my time; so the criminals are in prison because they have their excuses, I want to know what excuse these scumbags have, it’s not a problem that people should be wiser about burdening me with, there isn’t a thing in the whole world that they can do; it’s never going to buy my Books anyway, so I had better taken the fact it is so evil that when it knows it cannot take you on, it will resort to fighting you with your own weaknesses, the weaknesses that you apparently created for its stupidity and insanity that is thereof, as such which it really enjoys getting involved with me and its stupid women really enjoy having a dream of seeing me get into a fight over some stupid freedom that they deserve as punishment for their predicament in general but before then it was all fun the same corruptions of involvement where I need to mind my racism business while they screw with anything I do, so that I might soon find myself trying to survive in a neighbourhood. It pours your own down the drain and flushes your life down the loo only when you get emotional about the fact it was raised in drugs infested neighbourhood and music is my friend got killed etc, it’s not a problem that I must deal with and there are no secrets here either, we hear them complain about me every day churning my tummy upside down since their stupidities was what I were fed by. They do say people like me really enjoy messing up people’s lives but we all know what happens is that Company A employs them and then gets involved with somebody else which is normal except when the media has an alternate opinion about it since it is the media that makes up their minds for them as it were – that I am blamed for the outcome is astounding too. Of course they want to hear the Political side, so they can get a high power to act on me but we all know that involves that good old body type story – where even when I have written Books it’s the process of handling me like that blabbing about my body type to put me into the same conditions of the pressures they have to deal with, so that they can steal the ideas when I am trying to get out just to exist because it cannot relate with people in any other way and does not read Books: the big picture they say involved the way people at the Monarchy chase financial matters by making sure hurting bottom stuff does not affect the general public but then set out to ensure those allied to Politicians have the hardest and most difficult issues wedged on them which makes them go potty whenever they are pressured but a little bit, which then justifies the behaviour aforementioned but we all know it is probably just tired of setting up prepubescent goons that ensure you cannot keep a factory job making stupid comments around my finances and Book sales at popularity culture canopies to sell music CDs because it cannot relate with people in any other way. It’s never a difficult matter we all know when people screw with me it is likely about my academics or my Books i.e. the environment in the Office of a writer that they can seek conveniences and fulfil dreams by, which takes the whole thing way past that need to take out that stupid self confidence that lets them approach rich people and more so at your expense and beating it down seriously, into one about getting the community croons and the society goons and the twerps at popularity canopies complaining about the unfairness of losing a career and a job and a lifestyle so as to ensure the whole business of playing with my livelihood makes sense all together, considering the part where they need keep off my concerns since we were mates as it were had long become a sermon in its own right. It is usually said I leave it too long which is not really the case; what happens is the number of times and years Politicians spend tax payers time and funds giving them money while wrecking my finances to make comparisons that will eventually make them feel superior and since the whole processes of academics and career need to be kept separate from them, everybody can see I have tried to ensure the way out is on schedule but it has taken 11 years – an old story where as soon as a Politician realises every corruption he dreamt of is now aligned with the will of the people contained in a manifesto by some crooked way of interpreting facts, then the whole of existence will mean hell for those who never liked their plan and the air will not be free. It is not something that is specific to a particular party – the Blair government had their own when there was an agreement between socialist corruption and a landslide victory against Margaret Thatcher and the Conservatives – the Conservative one is the agreement between what must be done with Brexit and a process where they look after their personal interests and the borders of the Country; once these kinds of disposition exist, everything that Politicians do will be all about punishing people because there is popular support for their actions and so when it threatens me like it has become quite fond of recently, living that dream where my empire was broken up and spread around to create new markets they can sell things by and get rich enough to employ people in order to bring about economic recovery, I want to break it too. In the end it is said that I put myself through these things when I do not actually have to but I am not putting myself through anything  - what happens goes beyond the needs of their insanity controlling me to fulfil their dreams by corrupting and taking the gloss off every new thing I do, to be used for other broader purposes, it develops into one about stupid ageist goons who think most people are deceived when they say it is the jobs and careers everybody is talking about that they are interested in, showing up here to make a mess of absolutely everything I do and drive it right up to the Monarchy so it can get off telling me frequently that it has the power to hurt people I care about. So, on the other hand I ensure my information always ends up at Culture and Society because there are people there who will pick it up to streamline the civil and public services, while helping me liaise with Fashion Models and Celebrities I have at my Estate Court systems operating at public image. It’s a simple case of picking a secluded spot in a dilapidated neighbourhood where people will not notice me, to sit around writing my Books in peace being taken from me and an outcome where I have made my own too – half the time it’s about connections of which they have not got any meaningful ones, the other half the time it’s about accusations of rich people showing up to study the lives of poorer people for future oppression which then gives rise to outcomes whereby peoples livelihoods are a toy (it really tells when they say I never spend time in my own social class which of course I am as there is no literary agent that can help peddle Private equity developed from a Royal Estate, so I have to be my own Literary agent and the only reasons that I am having trouble selling Books from an already existing business empire is because of them – half the time people are out to study the poor so they can oppress in their view, the other half the time and peoples livelihoods are toys). So they say The Queen stuck Her neck out for me during the 2017 Queen’s Speech, which technically is not the case as a whole; what really happened was not Queen constitutionally sticking her neck out for me as such, it was a statement they made about a bad smell epidemic I had caused and The Queen protecting me and reminding them how much of a mess parliament has made of everything in the couple of years past; in the end my work on the Common wealth is impeccable, becoming  stage by which we may decide to develop our hospitality with respect to relations with the US, I am so good at it I am picking up Industrial and Charity liaisons on the Internet which is where I have decided to work and has not gone unnoticed by the security services for obvious reasons. They speak of some administration waywardness, of which there is only controversy that I am prepared to cut down if the meaningless discipline popular culture idiots profit from is toned down too and we have seen that first hand when I got off cutting down over half when I thought it was in the Interest of the Princess of York to do so; this is not to say I have been going around explaining the actions of the Crown in service of a few boffins in Parliament, some might take it as an explanation but there is a lot of bragging involved too, since it is clear that people just don’t want to broaden their minds, have become quite fond of making the rest of us deals with the apparatus of parliament to claim I am the one causing bad smells and even when the Queen opens the Monarchy to embrace more people from around the world and I take steps to keep out the bad ones, it’s the parliament that brings the bad ones into our lives and blames me for bad smells etc – hence rather than say they are unable to keep up with The Queen at Asia and Europe and South America and Africa, so as to consolidate the position of National Government and secure its interests, they say the Queen has humiliated Parliament. They love to tell me I do not have control of these people I have picked up on social media but we all know it’s a matter of signals I have sent them and ones they have sent me but most times people say I do not have control its usually transitional period where a designer wants to build a collection on what we are doing and what places they have taken at the Estate – so that I can prevent people doing fashion on my Public image while they are able to design our way out of social crisis if they wanted to i.e. we do not like Terrorism for instance we design expensive clothes for celebrities and bring them onboard, get it under control. So, they do say people should not be too excited about what I get up to since it is clear I am actually having fun but I am having fun at this stage because it is all the process of shutting down that means by which idiots especially the power mad American scumbags get off making fame and fortune on my public image which causes me to drop out of University, what I really now wish to do is complete my academic work and return to the things I really want to do. It thus becomes obvious what my problem with popularity culture is, as we can see that it will get into an academic institution to rip up your academics and pass its exams because you are not making trouble for them as well, only to return to the popular culture they do not need it for and leave you finding hell they can dish every day because you are chasing careers that should be the reserve of those that have had their dreams taken from them, for which Obama was a genius as it were. I mean I am not saying it’s a crisis, it becomes a question of the more acceptable option compared to being intimated about the reasons that the murders and manslaughter happen and it involved taking over that stupid reggae and popular culture and media for the purpose of my Office and Public image and doing it for them that way to ensure they go away and shut down all that nonsense that lets people pass abusive insults at me and seek my public image they love to play around with and issue threats everywhere by especially when I share an apparently accursed skin colour with them and they have got a big mouth.