There is that idea of course that I am one of those people that are really keen on living in the UK and it is utter rubbish of course because it was first of all supposed to have been done with the claim that in Africa they would have people like me without any questions being raised but here in the UK after years of seeking Asylum they now exist in a world where there is too much freedom for me, not to mention the fact I lived in Africa longer than I have in the UK and at a much younger age than I am now and they had nothing. The main issue is always the simple fact that if they hypothetically get into positions of government and completely damage the society and economy of the UK for example and some far right group takes up power and asks all none whites to leave the country and there is some mass exodus, the fact of the matter is that once we get to African it will turn out that they found it funny and will never stop boasting about it as well. This is the main issue and has nothing to do with the idea somebody had the UK hinged to him when he was born. Its all some stupid and insolent game they play on ground politicians find it powerful and will ensure I hand over all I own to them and nothing else other than that and no body would hold it against you if you stopped on the road when they approach you like they normally do which is intimidating and abusive to cause that bad day you have for the fun of it 24/7 rubbish and beat the hell out of them for the sake of it as well. The only thing that really stops you is that you need to get to an office ten minutes before the time in which you will be deemed to have arrived late but of course it means they have got a lot of power and so have the Politicians which is where the real problem then begins too. That big fat mouth always of course claiming they are evil people and the world’s worst envy freaks and never goes away. I am not suggesting it is a difficult problem, its just the way people want to live – the blacks think that a croon that walks up to you on the road like you know her to show you a thing or two is a good thing because they hate religious people and so want somebody else to take responsibility for it while they have hate figures to get rich and will not attend school unless they have one so that somebody can wait for them at the employment market as well, so politicians can become more powerful by helping them to the civil bloody service to cover their tracks which is winding me up as well. Then there are the rest who think that it is some kind of check and balance for extremism, whereas no body has ever established a link between a process where they abuse people with their cultural violence filth in order to get and the actual process of having money, in the end of which the power is supposed to exist in the fact that you loose in the end because they cause you pain and you get nothing for it and then they get on Public media to imagine having things you have refused to give them until they make it up anyway and you feel so abused and angry and that those who buy those things they put up when they do those activities do it because they can buy anything and not because they want to be where the power is. Misogynist


I can recruit my child to ensure they do not get on stock markets and media to use his stuff, so it is not a difficult thing for me to do either it’s the violence that is the main issue these days. The fact is that they are too lazy and tell too many lies and talk too much rubbish and when coupled with their laziness, unless you get hold of them especially Mr Older than you and tell them to keep their middle class filth on that stupid left and do their riches and fame with it and leave you alone, so that when they die because you have it will be their problem, there will be no lines drawn and they will continue to think that you are their mate or something. So for now that is not happening so their friends from overseas are having a go as well. Then they will claim the problem I never make mention of is that I sponge off peoples Mums but in actual fact I had made it clear that the real problem is that they like to make out all their parents do is correct even if it hurts them and soon want a hate figure before they attend school with a big mouth etc. Like the old stuff when they wonder why and how people like me exist when I don’t do their left hand side and right hand side of society but this is not their own lives or their social class and there is every reason therefore why I can and should exist. I do not think that it is a major problem as such, its a simple fact that the only way to end up with only 50% of energy you should spend to achieve a thing is spent to do so which means you have bag log left to convert a process of having the right to earn a living into a health safety and well being issue for other people but if I work and enforce such things they will claim it is because people like me love to oppress others. I never said I was innocent in the matter, I only said unless the violence moves them to that middle class left hand side and out of my life there will be no lines drawn between their stupid lives and mine.


In the end for all of them, all the way to those who get themselves shot by Police officers by overdoing it, to those who think Police officers do not understand basic issues about the fact if you drive Mr A 3000 miles to where Mr B lives, that it is he who pulls the trigger that kills Mr B not you, unless you did it. The fact of the matter remains that I do not feel about them half the way they think I do; I mean an idiot will play football and earn a millions pounds with which he buys an expensive car but all of a sudden wants more respect from my company for the equities brokered with the company from which he bought the car and when you tell him his football does really wind you up he talks even more rubbish as such as well. Then there are the other ones that like to think they are violently tricky i.e. Mr A owns a shop and because he has some cousins and brothers and it is always a party at his place at the weekends a community emerges where they think they are animals and have located me as a the carcass and so we end up with the other part where the main problem is the parting shots. A typical example of this matter is waking up 6am in the morning to a body that hurts like hell because of the neighbourhood you live in and idiots in it that are such bullies they want to be young again on you which is where the football scum get their power too by the way and then you wonder where it all started and of course remember that you actually woke at 5am and that it was fine at that time but it was when you snoozed off till 6am that you woke with your body hurting all over and people asking if they can have a go with doing it as well to feel beautiful and famous and then it become clear that it was sometime between 5am and 6am that an idiot blasted off the incitement for it showing affinity with his secrete society and targeting you specifically because it is what works with his News and this happens like this every single day of course.Hence when I am asked about the more important stuff, I am still doing other higher levels of my academic work and will be done by next year as it were and the equities and securities firm has got its web presence, so all that need to be underway are but it is still really difficult to understand why the other stuff is taking up my time and this is where and why I want to take up their time as well.


In the end their case always for controversy and insults that create money violence boils down to questions about my Court which each time I make it clear all people have as a link to those women is the fact they are famous TV faces, have families they support and sometimes find it tough but have to love it which they think means an atmosphere created whereby they can confiscate all I own with their back stage TV dream world. So in the end it applies that each time they get on the main screen bearing in mind we have a career system that we share, somebody goes through their computers at their desks and that is how some of the problems they create shows up in public but then again the managers of these women will make out I am the nice guy that looks into it then attack my work and earnings as well. I do not believe it is a serious issue as a want nothing from them and the relationship they have with my Court is much the same as that of those their stupid Pop stars, celebrities that are friends of mine i.e. the News reporters and celebrities that have no respect for my fame and reputation and anything I want to do with it i.e. the pop stars they control and in either case while both are famous, the only connection they have with them is that their camera and other management stuff and therefore should never get to ensure their fame is entangled with mine since they are not my managers as well. I never say a thing about my Court because I am explaining myself to them, I say those things because they should not have no right to bring up stories about me or my Court, as it is not my sort of Crowd. Now the idea that it is all smooth and okay is not really true; the atmosphere is as toxic as ever possibly imaginable; these women have adopted a process of making out they are cheating on me with them all the time and even if I know they are not, I always end up going with instinct and feeling, so there is nothing nice about the atmosphere they claim is perfectly calm while they do whatever they like with us. Now they say the Court is supposed to do their fame and public life work on the left, to which I don’t mind very much because it is rather easy to find them those slim ones that their lesbians claim are really wankable, those will happily move left for them as it were and some things I write about my books and on my sites will make so much sense thereof. As for the football people, for the women part the last thing you hear from them is how they provoke people by telling a Prince they have got millions and he has got nothing when they know that going off to bully his customers in order to take their income over a different products they have created from handling his products is a vandalism of his business that need reckoning as well to protect the property, for of course the customers did say they needed the products and that was why it was created and stocked, for the male side of them, the last thing you hear insolent football idiots tell you about their flash lives and community based search for seniority is that when they see peoples children they set them up to do whatever knick knack paddy wag give a dog a bone old men want because they have a lot of football money to throw around and choose absolutely anybody for it to go on and on about it until a sense that it has happened that way is created on public media before they give it a break. So they have millions and are important while I have nothing and like to insult them is one way to go and it is perfectly okay to carry on like that too and we are not talking about the them reference in everything I say is similar to what far right people get up to yet as it were, they always like to exceed themselves all the time for their part as far as I am concerned. I just want them to get off it, everything everybody does whenever and wherever to look after a crowd for me that is, especially the one my working Court does because they tend to everyday and hence I should have no financial problems because of that no matter what they get up to backstage as people like to claim they do in order to hurt my work and hurt my finances and hurt me or at some stage I have millions and an Arch Prince has nothing will mean their village and where they come from will become something I don’t want mentioned at me like the idiots they are and all that rubbish about looking like we all come from the Netherlands and feel we can take down anybody with our flash behaviour, bless the Dutch, will not be enough to save them.


Worth mentioning therefore that it is said I am a threat to other peoples civil rights but actually I personally find nothing of civil rights that authorises them to be the incredibly destructive vandals that they are; whether with respect to civil rights concerned with people a person with good liberalism around whom people gather or with respect to going out to serve people. It has gone from corruptions of involvement and the vandalism of my personal life that will end me up in a fight I will loose because Politicians are not moral people, to career and financial vandalism of that kind and it conjures up that question of who the hell they think they are as well. I intend to destroy those their lives and stupid civil rights too; for now I think making sure that when people see the copyright sign on a piece of work it is respected and more so as the margins of a source of income for the owner as well and in order to do that step one will have to be brainwashing and then step two will have to be censorship and then I will be trigger happy when they are the ones that take it to the Law Courts as well. it is rather easier than they think it is, I only have to build around this and I still have a secure career. I do not see anybody’s civil rights half the way they think I see it, they are normally divided into two camps one thinks you should make yourself available so they can hurt you and then hurt you badly but do not get any reaction from you because you are a kind and loving person and they wish to feel as though they are babies. The other are a bit difficult to describe because they are a handful of really stupid buffoons that have an I ask and you give me social policy and of course want to know about and ask for absolutely everything. Now I do need their help on the matter maybe, perhaps there is more I need to know about the civil rights as such but these facts I know to be certain and do not view it half the way they think I do it. If I must be helpful they are a group of goons that happen to see people witness a thing as fact and then set about changing those facts on media and then enforcing the need to believe them which damages peoples minds and puts what people become on my conscience because it tends to happen on account that I had something that they didn’t have as well.