I mean if you were a criminal or an idiot with a criminal record that ended up passing exams in school and got enough money to buy cocaine and regularly uses it, what would you do for the drug lords to feed your habits? I expect nice behaviour from the media because I am being as obnoxious as their insults and I think mine is more real as well.

Its like the claim I do not wish stoop down to shame myself with their crap by talking about Syria for example because of course when I do, I will have been doing their stuff for them as well on that insolent media. I should like I always approach those sort of address, say therefore that it is not essentially what we want to hear, the idea that the Syrian Regime killed some rebels here and there. Of course they love to tell us that we refuse to mention the fact that before there were protests on the streets of Syria people had already gathered and bought arms for themselves but in a place like Syria with enough high street armed robbery and kidnapping for ransom that are not unconnected with government funding which go unreported for the most part because its just a dangerous country and people have to live in it, at some point the acquisition of arms for self defence become institutional and then the Assad regime spikes it by becoming completely determined to speak to those who leads because he can send out snipers to shoot them instead so that they might never protest and run home if attacked for it.

There is as such the sense that somebody has a grudge against a group of people, maybe some way they voted in an election which got to mean that his grand father did not have as rounded a control of the country as he would have wanted for example and so that means they are determined to kill them all, which then blows open what we are supposed to think about those people gather arms for themselves at the stage they did before the protests. It is therefore absolutely nothing like media white trash and American office trash and their friends around the world have continued to report it, alongside claims it has something to do with me. So of course they report it in that way in order that they might be able to tell me like the Syrian regime where people have no shame for killing rebels in this circumstances they tell me I am in danger of the same thing i.e. if I am a preacher, I am a preacher but loath the idea of standing on a pulpit to speak to those I lead, I loath the idea of appointments they make to come to my office to have a conversation, I mean what kind of leadership is that anyway, the weak leading the strong? I am not in any danger of such things in anyway; what really happens mostly is that one moment we hear them speak of how I am the baby hero who is trying to get rich from things they should be getting rich with and then the next we find out they have realised that most of the things I do like asking a Prince to do violence or he will never earn from his work which is why they got on media to control his book sales for narcissistic fun are things I do to create the fights in which there is only pain and violence and no benefits whatsoever for fun and thereafter having decided that they need to report news about how some of the things I do to ask help from the daddies when there is no danger is not fun in their books and in their scheme of things, the next moment they decide I am in danger of allowing them manipulate me to a point of making public property out of my personal property which is simply a form of incompetence when in actual fact I can always prevent them from doing that so they can come round for a personal fight if they want a piece of me after making it up on hat stupid media and trying to live up to what they have made up of course, hoping to have conversations about some existent political instability. I mean if you are an idiot with a criminal record who ended up passing exams in school to earn enough money to buy cocaine, it is not surprising that you will feel you have hit rock bottom and need to settle a case by violence against somebody who can easily get hold of you and manage that stupid life of yours to share with the rest of the world things you do for power and therefore is a really bad idea to provoke him in order to enjoy narcissistic violence with his flesh.
The whole thing about the problem of the vandalism associated with their interests is simply a factor of middle eastern and Asia Pacific public media vandalism which can be curtailed simply by making the economy confident enough to ignore them; I just do not like it when people do my stuff speaking about such things in repetition of what public servants say about it with no guarantee on that insolent and silly media of theirs that Politicians will comply or indeed doing any of the work associated with ripping up my work to mention it.

With respect to supporting the government on matters of economic recovery; the real issue is that they are brave when it comes to bullying important young persons like myself but completely loose it when it comes to handling the interests of the country. They think that if the US or South Africa or Zimbabwe had the same National interest frontier as the UK does they would be apologetic to the UK for it each time they speak of economic issues, besides which there is the question of the leaders of all these countries becoming a problem because they are envious which no body knows exactly when it became an issue or a question at all.

A single person will be worth 200 billion pounds, I am imagining it is assumed he does not know he has enough money to feed a small country, we are talking about an entire country here not how much people have or indeed what I say or do which are a function of owning over 90% of the planets economic intellectual property and the real problem with my earnings being get rich quick and fame and fortune idiots who have no respect or regard for what you think about what should happen to your personal and private property and hence means you can never keep your affairs private because they want money and only they do which is not surprising because it is a better alternative to right wing gangs that shoot them all the time but of course is a problem none the less that must be taken care of.

When they are finished you hear them complain of a few percentage of the Population that own all its wealth but they do so much with their time for it of course; all I know is that their insults lead to a process where every thing that you should do in private with Governments and Companies are blown up in the open to be used by them to get rich and famous, followed on with abusive bragging and drugs, after the behaviour costs me my finances and that is always before they complain.