Its not the end of the world at all, I mean its the outcome of behaviour such as my name is Tony Blair, I want to mess with your life to a state where we live in the same family and I am the head of that family and my Children have preferential treatment over you and then when you decide that is what he wants to do with his time, every tom dick and harry can have a go and celebrate the history his greatness has created for them to better their lives with. Its much the same as media which I control of course not the other way round i.e.  I say the things I say because if they don’t report the news the way I want it somebody else will steal the headlines and so I need to update the state of affairs everyday to that effect too and for good measure I say it to the hearing of poor trouble makers to ensure their stupid women can turn up here in expensive clothes and accessories whereby they pretend they are my wives to pillage my work and get rich and famous, so that when they do have the money they have found somebody they like to bully because his very nature rubs shoulders. It has never really been an issue for me, a simple matter of the fact I must manage these things to write my books and of course those books will get sold too – regardless of whether or not they have set themselves up to bully me when I do: It has always been a matter of what people say as statement of intent, every single one of them wants to be able to have somebody on whom they can express a desire to become intolerant and they really enjoy doing me because of what they can get from my personal life and it goes back to that sense their very nature is about provoking people and so when they had done it and people had settled on what they call home powers of majority population kicks in; so the media does its part by hounding me over a decade to cash into what they can get out of it should they say things to me concerning how I need to bring my life to serve them so they can be where they planned to be in their sordid existence and that means if they make my career a point of conversation in certain parts of societies and communities and it becomes part of peoples lives every single thing I do with it will provoke people to a point where they want to harm me and then they will be able to do whatever they liked with it too, so that they have now reached a stage where they are telling me there is no way I can resolve the issue which indicates they think I have written my books for the fun of it – I mean I would like to sell them books my way but we can always sell it their way as well anyway and yes what I am saying is that ending a condition where I am always being bullied by journalists and celebrities is not difficult or impossible. We hear it all the time that all these journalists and celebrities once had a history of getting in and out of prison but clearly that is where they expected to meet people like me as well in their view as it were. So the reality here is that you can say people have your career apparently and you are scared of them and hence cannot get it back so they will deploy it to their own ends if they have the guts for that too but the reality behind this position is civil unrest which is usually the only way to stop being bullied by journalists and celebrities and there must be other ways of getting over yourself morally thereof. so these are clear set out facts that determine that these sort of issues are not as big and tiresome a task as most people like to think it weighs me down for – these guys like to ensure peoples hands are full so that they might bully them and we all know the way out if civil unrest, that is all I am saying , however which I want to sell my books and they need to keep off it and not threaten me as well.

These matters are not a complicated task, there are facts and figures behind why I can handle them; facts like how the big church programme of piety against civil rights populous vandalism was designed so they might have a rival but since I happen to have won on that front I better build on it – so it means I have a corner of my personal life for evil idiots with a need to have revenge on account somebody wrecked the state of affairs that helps develop their evils because they will not keep it away from him, community croons that are really fast and very destructive and Media and Celebrity vandals as well, so when I say or write what I do there is a viable source based on facts and figures nothing like the magic we also hear them claim it is – that is only desperation as a result of what has become of those whose home they love to abuse in order to make their fame and fortune as it were since they expect others to come through to offer them privileges of injustice thereof. Its the great old story that somewhere in the middle of homosexual society where people are homosexual but have no plans to look into the problems that emerge as a result of the society that has come forth from their lifestyle like twisted stupid mentally disturbed women chasing peoples anus and penis for instance saying they expect others to do it while they save their energy to chase money with and we see them walk around like most idiots of these kind do with a body language that is all about their position concerning younger people with a big mouth all the time that cannot do anything anywhere else except that media – having said that, we all know there is an idiot in the middle of it with a talent for corruption as it were, these are the kinds of fools that say we all have weaknesses and mine is my religion while theirs is their greed for example and if they wind me up I will fire a shot at them first for my part – its nothing new to us Christians, their wives always fancy us and want to have sex with a preacher boy to get him into trouble with a twisted evil husband and confiscate a personal life that will make sex better and we all know when they attack there is never a reason for it, that is made up as we go along and their lies are all over parliament these days while they believe that even I the victim think those lies have become reality too. I hear they even say I am scared of the crowd because I was publicly humiliated by my Mum and so on – its utter nonsense, I am not scared of the Crowd, the reality is that if these fools know what I know, entire Nations will burn and that is the extent of their stupidity; so if people lose jobs when they are not doing it or are incompetent, top government operatives by being impeached and Royals through revolution, these are the kind of idiots who need to remove good governments and have bad ones that will make news for them until it blows up, these are the kind of idiots that can make Royals incompetent and then marshal revolution against them, so they need to leave me alone and stay off my personal space and it is the same old case i.e. so now my career is in their hands and they can use it too if they have the guts for that, then I can be in a place where I will not be able to put myself to another use if I lose a Royal Estate on account they confiscated that too with a big mouth and a stupid media – speaking of which they say my prognosis for re-invention of the Royal family was wrong whereas this is how you get your justice as a Royal personage for an abuse of your human rights and for me this is just the start of it. Their Politicians have aided them alright by wrecking finances here and placing me on benefits then giving them regular updates thereafter too, now they have built that up as a fear that I have of them that anything else they want to do can be founded on and this is what they mean when they say I have a fear of the crowd due to public humiliation I am being inflicted with all the time. We do hear I have done or said nothing to address my infidelity of course but that has never been a new thing; only when they want another man’s possessions, they set their society idiots on an incentive, handle it and start a campaign of infidelity claims, an example is how they establish Churches but want to run it on my morals to save their energy for money for instance, it’s like a page taken straight out of the Bible concerning how the Pharisees and Sadducees were with Christ. It leads to that story of how the biggest problem the Church faces these days is because of me so these fools can have a blame by which to spend my personal life selling things to get rich quick on media but apart from the consequence of blame, it is a question that needs to be answered when these fools claim they are evil because evil is powerful and always has the effrontery to force society to do its bidding because of its bad nature and the fact it takes any risk whatsoever when those who work it want things and so because of that they have a need to push it into my personal life and when I grab and smash it publicly somebody who thought it was their business has a problem and somebody who thought he needed to fund their activities has a problem too and this is the question that needs to be answered i.e. whether this is their own lives or any part of these things actually concern them but then again I have had my day with the Politicians so if the Church wants some of mine it can have it too. We now live in a country where vast numbers of people think it is in their interest that I am not employed because that will mean automatic money to sell my books which will easily drive vast numbers of them into mental illness yet they cannot leave me and my great personal life alone they cannot stay away from handling my books, they still think I am meat and they are animals so when I write books they get their share from the horses lips among other forms of abuse used to share things I own and as I mentioned the personal diaries are full and none will be written any further too. If their evil was as powerful as they say it was I should not have been able to stand up somewhere public to smash it to pieces for my part too anyway and anybody who wants to can be party to flushing my life down the toilet for it, its the complains about my actions we do not wish to put up with as well and now a prancing fool can create problems he cannot handle and provoke people that are too big for him as it were; they even believe I created the problem for good measure obviously. There is nothing new of it, its a matter of a certain group of white men that like to create these issues, they hate my guts for instance because we have never really gotten along; the society ones say I am the kind of kid that must be dominated first before I am allowed to complete my academic work and the development of my intolerance and prejudices for socialism has proven to be the least of their worries so far since there are others in the pipeline like their need to be seen around employment services and civil service where they can ensure large numbers of young people are in a social and financial crisis by destroying available jobs until a quantity exists that they are happy with, that led to the state that their society is in today in any case and now they are still doing it, the part where they press on in order to ensure ;people like me are suffering to show problems that they can have Political conversations to solve and I will be waiting for them at their retirement for it too where they will be like me at this stage i.e. out of the work force while I am still in it probably one of the oldest age groups in it at that stage too. Its never been an issue, its like when they say if I say such things bearing in mind the black ones do what they do because they are allies of the US President for instance that I am alienated white communities which makes no sense whatsoever – all those brave old men fighting for our civil rights while they get shot by the Police making trouble because it would have been better if racists or gangs were shooting people instead, I mean they deserved nothing whatsoever as it were and idiots can turn up and wreck mine to show me how civil rights in done so they can feel superior and there will be no problems, for none of us knows tyrants have white allies and white friends and white relatives. In actual fact I am not being antagonised by the Church as such and I know it, I am simply not going to tolerate any nonsense from white fat boys sitting beside a priest to chase my anus and penis and tell me what I am supposed to do about black people and what people said which affects them and all that nonsense – if they have ended up in Church to hear sermons then so be it, the rest stays out; so I understand people are lost as per a sense of direction of where I am heading which is not complicated, Tyrants have white relatives too and we can see that most of what the blacks do is based on a simulation of the advantages that racial discrimination gives to the whites and that is why media is so important to them i.e. the damages will be done, fare done before I am caught out and that is such an incentive for an evil that never rests technically.