It is possible I assume, that people who work on Media are intelligent enough to make sense of the fact if I am a writer, then I must have created some products and that there are things I must do to give up the product to the Consumers and things I must to do to set out an arrangement that allows me to provide a service – it’s impossible to make sense of the fact I am tolerating this nonsense bottoming out my finances after I have already put up with its misogynistic effects for 12 years so far.

Now it is said there isn’t a sense of conclusion to anything that I do but there is; what we have is the fact that some people really need to stop being so stupid as to spend more of my time after spending a decade of it insisting that I did the best work for my career somewhere separate from the Bookshop and Royal Hermitage which is the highlight of it, it needs reminding that they had to show up here in order to buy Books and not make a mess like that all of the time. The other smaller facts include the reality that 90% of the damage that is done to this Bookshop is done by Celebrities, which is fast developing into a clash that will tend to end very well indeed too. The rest are just idiots we are familiar with going through the circles of their insanity – that what I have prepared myself for gets run down and destroyed and then it’s a war waged to protect what they have gained from the one they were prepared for from me but either way I take damage anyway and then wait until they damaged something important to respond and make it look like a proper phenomenon of a lifetime, as stupidly as possible. So the racism and gangs bit is usually the part where people get killed if you had decided that you wanted to get prepared for what they were prepared for and to best them at gaining from it as well, so it is not to say that the whole thing has no history of becoming deadly dangerous.

The society people like to say that I have ended up in that situation because I believe I can mess with them and get away with it but the last time we checked my response drove them to National service where they hurt themselves and made a mess of everything around here with the support that Armed Forces Operatives would normally have expected – I don’t know why they say this anyway but we know another gimmick they have gotten accustomed to is stupid black men leading the way in blabbing insults that they run off as a phenomenon, that I am a character whose bottom they whipped, looking for more of what their stupidities were complaining about and will not stop if they have not yet earned a response for it. I mean the threat the posed to me included their access to private security services Industry where they kept an eye on me, grabbed any part of my career that was safe from media idiots and got off fooling around with the CIA and FBI, which does not stop me from waiting for them at the Shops where I will put to the test their ideas on what adds up to theft too – this they say they have had covered, hence I am always asking the question of whether they have yet supplied a response for the reasons we have to live in such an evil society that they tended to advance homosexuality on people randomly on the streets, people they will never want to get into homosexual relationships with for that matter and then leave it hanging around for pubescent idiots with a terrible history and attitude to fool around with, hence clearly have really had it covered. Their fellow fools in the USA like to say that this sort of statement erodes the ability of the FBI and CIA to do their jobs but what we know about their Country is that over 30% of the Population are people who are always talking about making money and spending it to Countries where others who are like them lived, on account it is a multicultural society, hence that the USA is the world’s Police is not actually without Merit. We find that I could have made a public statement that adds up to a social inventory of what Celebrities have been doing with my person and my work and that it would easily have solved these sorts of problems, except that the entire Democratic Party thinks that my Livelihood is a Toy and this was the only thing making the statement time and time again, that a Bookshop I own does not actually have a purpose, especially becoming so damaging when the process of running off Publicity which suggest that I am supposed to be doing the best work for my Career where they are most comfortable is added to it; they dream of nothing else all of the time i.e. wishing I gave up all I had achieved in order to eliminate everything that prevents the ability to take advantage of me and it becomes so destructive, I then have to show the achievements were not the reasons they did not take advantage of me and it started getting increasingly serious from there.

So in the end they say it’s not actually clear what I want as well and it has always been; I write Books for my living as well and the best work I have done with my career to make everybody who gets involved with me comfortable with where I fit into daily living will not be located outside of the contents of my Books – I am pretty sure they are old enough and educated enough to understand that if I am running a Bookshop, a Bookshop has a purpose; all I am asking for is legitimate purchases, legitimate reading and legitimate review of my Books, not the insanity of ending up somewhere thinking that I had written a Book that was too complicated for me to manage or set out the business in a way that was too much work and then when I get through hell and waste Hours of my time going over it, I find that I could not have made it any simpler if I decided I wanted to make it simple as a specific project in its own right. It feeds into the other part about the relationships being a matter of the fact Celebrities find my Books restrictive and yes they do because they have no sense of direction where commitments are concerned – I am the opposite of this and the problem is that they are now so keen to tell me how I must exist, that they are deciding if I had the right to sit down somewhere and provide a service for the Books or not, which now needs to stop. It feeds into the other story where people want more information on the Political situation associated with all these, which is really that the queer goons who love their Mums very much, have now met with the other mainland USA goons who really have nothing in this world to live for and both were set on me by the Obama’s who are very superior but socially stuck. My part of the story is that I have always found myself attracted to women who are older than I am as such; now that they have decided this needs to change, they must also live with the fact that I can only get on with options they have imposed on me, when all ties with Celebrity and popular culture and severed, which really tends to make sense of the fact that I don’t walk about with glazed eyes seeking some big bodies to play with as they had suggested – so we can see it’s a story behind that gimmick where they now know how I do it and why I needed to stop doing it which is all very good, as long as none is helping their colleagues who have to deal with deadly stalkers, while they invaded the only source of support being the Court I built for the women and got about issuing the stupid threats at me all the time when their bottom hurt for it, while what the Police said about their attitude was not worth the attention it really deserved – it therefore goes without saying that it’s all good the blabbing but the next time they made a mess of my personal life with the corruption of involvement to spend time blabbing rubbish about knowing there are consequences for such behaviour but did not think it will apply to them because they were very important, I will likely take it very personally for my part as well: the details are some typical scenarios being that a Guy has a strong sense of Community ownership but it is not financially viable, then he gets off working on City centre activity and made considerable success but none of the two brought him any satisfaction; then he saw a Woman and when he says Palm Trees by a Beach in my head, who she is explodes juices all over it, when he says off on a low key, easy air holiday what she looks like explodes all over it – simply by describing it, we can see that this is very tempting, even for somebody that is not a psychopath and I am sure they know there are female characters all over the place whose very nature and existence is suggestive of characters that should be killed or seriously harmed to make sense of cult behaviour etc. Am I aware I am vulnerable to such things as well? Of course I am but I do not have an unusual sense of direction when it comes to relationships hence likely to spot a psychopath when I see one wanting a relationship with me, rather than get killed in my Bed because they were making sure another did not have me, much as we see the effect of planning my life in a way which means that the financial commitments will be the responsibility of the female partner – now thinking about changing that and the Celebrities cannot live it but will not stop buying the stupidities of society idiots who spy on me to grab Career and play foolish games with CIA and FBI by, which is going to end very well too.

Now I understand they say I am a typical example of how the Monarchy uses Class Society to give High Office to less worthy people but as I am aware, I got a Royal Commission when I was 21 in my absence and it might be disrespectful to say but their parents didn’t get one either, how unworthy thereof. The theory that there are questions on whether I can stand up for anything which calls to question my ability to get into a relationship or look after a Family is precisely just a theory – what we know is that those I am compatible with always say that whatever I am doing about it is enough and they need to find people in their own lives to socially corrupt and make a mess of as a result of this. The more serious parts will be the one where they now know people may get punished by the Monarchy and find me in a place that allows me ensure they did not sign themselves off the work force for it as well, blabbing like these suggest they want me to find out if I can back up the part where I dished out the punishment myself I suppose. They do say that I really have no way to respond to matters except the violent way which is utter nonsense; what happens is daddy character loves to follow me around, wreck careers and livelihoods to employ criminals in the neighbourhoods, talking nonsense about National service exploits and this had left me with wrecked University studies which consequences of chasing money around me to make that the case, they have built into a global phenomenon as their greatest achievement and now they are just hanging around with tax payer funded support, getting imagination up my bum and running off popularity that makes sense of what I get to lose everyday – sounds like I am being punished for something and no part of this punishment is making me change from doing the wrong things to doing the right things either, it simply stops me in my tracks and leaves people suggesting alternative courses of action and the question has now become that of when indeed I will start punishing their own too in a manner that is counterproductive. I don’t consider it a crisis as such, the result at this stage is that they are clashing with my operations and blabbing off threats because of it all the time, it needs to be clearer than ever, that Daddy characters ought to show up here only to read Books I had written and for no other purpose – it’s not really difficult to play games with their careers and build a leverage at their expense the way they know where my Books are and will use it to control me abusively with a big mouth all the time, speaking of how it is likely to progress from the ideas they have offered. So they have said Daddy character now have the support of the ethnic minorities and I can understand that too but the undercurrent of most of these nonsense is the influence of Far Right groups, which ethnic minorities can support as much as they liked; I have for my part been very clear about the reasons they will be tolerated showing up near my concerns and by the way which they do say I am not harmed by the influences of far right groups and yes I am not because I have a talented ability to get around seeking out bad ideologies that I can handle for the purposes of raising funds to pay my way, so those who practice them usually result to getting imagination up my private part abuses because they think nothing important to them can be hidden while I am about – in much the same way they are aware if this is armed, it can be a great threat to them as well, so these twats need to let them be and keep off my case too. Some say what I have said points to a lot which has shown the support that far right groups have been getting from ethnic minorities and yes it has; we have also come a long way from their stupidities fighting for my civil rights as well since – for them, racism is the prevalent wickedness in the UK which ensures when people worked for money, they abandoned it for and out of fear of those who were stronger.

I have been told this matter is a problem because the USA had decided to become more of a threat and yes I am aware of that but so was the matter concerning the part that involved me all resolved once I had put out Books for people to buy on it – closely related then being the question of my own personal progress which is largely the simple matter of my Bookshop being more user friendly and it’s so difficult to settle that if these goons enjoy getting involved to make my life toxic because it encourages Industry idiots to make them rich for being stupid. What then happens is a simple case of Private Equity Intellectual Property Administration Bookshop setting out clearly that it is able to handle the problems that Clients may have to deal with – I had completed the part on Europe and especially Germany, now it’s the USA and I have completed the part on Celebrities, now it’s the goons in suits who never pay attention to their jobs, if it is better to take the money and spend time showing up all over my concerns and premises to talk thought and massage their ego; the civil service operatives, regulatory body managers and Industry departmental managers are most notorious at this, the latter two always being so quietly confident while at it – it is entirely normal if people stopped making a mess of my Books or showing up to tackle me on grounds they are expecting the best work for my career to show up somewhere and make them comfortable while there are Books laid out for people to enjoy, normal in the sense that we always expect it at Government Office i.e. when they say they don’t like women, it’s usually a prelude to a strike action because they did not get a pay rise and it’s always clearer when they say that kids who are more important than they should be are making a mess of the self-confidence required to get a public service job done. The co-operation with Politicians bit will be the same as it has always been i.e. as long as the level of misogyny we see exhibited towards the female community continues, it will be impossible to sell it at the shop floor of Parliament as far as I am concerned; the part where they got to tell me that handling only the women I am accustomed to handling was the way to go and I found it impossible to believe that is how it worked, soon enough which I will be too unhealthy to put up a fight if anything where to constitute a threat to the Country and my brain will be to fucked to get the academic work done. I have been told this is already happening which is not the case – what is happening is people claiming a personality I cultivated in a Hermitage is rather a consequence of sleeping with peoples wives and the Politicians who put them up to it are now the people paying the highest price for the outcomes – they have done it while being very well aware it will be impossible for me to walk by women on the streets if they did apparently. The theory that I have decided to change and set about caring for poor people before the powers of the USA gets me is all very good - it has always continued since last I got Published online and my whole life was gradually brought to a halt by the sheer quantity of stupidities that American Political junkies could throw at me but it should also either stop interfering and keep its insults to itself or face the fact that I do not normally write facts on idiots getting their community imagination up my anus on my prized websites, unless I am preparing for a near or far future when I will need to make it their Public image in order to set about smashing the Celebrity culture permanently.