The media wars themselves will lead to something really serious before they move somewhere else or the situation improves either way. I mean media goons are having revenge with National Interest because I said something they do not like. Not only is it a matter of how I am the boy whose life they can get involved with if they want to have access to things they can destroy if I refuse to co-operate with them but it seems they have not learned enough of the lessons yet either. Everything I do as it stands already is about punishing them, all the way to the Politicians and any leaders as may be needed, especially black people and Africans and their desire for money over that thing about messing up my life and making any existing problems worse so that they can get on media to goad me to satisfy every single desire they might have in their hearts. The African ones never ever – ever learn of course, so I am not thinking I am the first to have done it either. They live here now; this is their own lives apparently, especially the 'I don't like you' which I doubt but is about damaging me to ensure others do not have me as well. It will be soon that people begin to see me do things that lead to media firms becoming smaller and smaller and it is not mystery who will loose jobs in the process because I am fed up with it absolutely.

Those that wish to discuss yesterday when I mentioned at the adjacent page in a nutshell the importance of not wrecking other peoples things because somebody else might like t if you don’t can live in yesterday if they want, I am not in the mood anymore.
It plays out the same way on the international scene; where I get asked about the killings in Syria about which the facts are figures are generally telling a completely different story from what they suppose I should say i.e. the three factors in play in that conflict are the Assad Regime, the Militia and the Rebels; for the Assad Regime they went about murdering people because like all tyrants they think people should live out all their lives in a day for them to do what they like with, for the Militia it was about taking advantage of the status-quo to tell people they will have their lives reported to the government if they refuse to co-operate with what others want and soon it became a gossip and then a sub culture and then something else, for the Rebels it was violent gossips and then it became violent revolution and then it became violent resistance. So it was the Assad Regime and the Militia that started the killings. I mean when it was time to talk he will never do so, what he will do instead is suppose that the best thing he can do is play the Communism/Democracy card, so it applies that when you speak to people about issues and what really matters, what they are most interested in is the dusts and sands of war, like the other crazy arrangement around the corner as well i.e. Iran: no body knows what those are doing with Nuclear capabilities, we simply know it is a another new player in our lives and will be that way until it goes horribly wrong too.
For the media ones here in the UK and their choice of friends for whatever purpose; they love to claim I am responsible for the problems because I talk the way I do and absolutely everywhere too but in actual fact they do nothing with their time but snoop around peoples companies with their celebrity sons and daughters and a vandalism of my property and earnings to get involved with jobs that they know absolutely nothing about all over the world and stretch my own for me every single second and with the use of their really stupid and insolent media. It is important that they stay away from the Literary Empire, the Empire trust held by Firms and Enterprises and the Emporium in which I manage those Equities and stay away from the books and the market place, it is a persons property and not something they can do whatever they like with whenever they feel as though they want to own the world or find some boy on whom to play their lucrative skin colour entrapment and insolent seniority. They have taken away all the silent and quiet dealings I should have had with the rest of the world and its leaders and economies and Nations and blown them off with their insolent familiarity informed Popular culture getting rich and famous and I rely on them to shut it otherwise they too will find out it is not the way I wanted it and we are not talking about the part where having a life encroaches on their stupid matured businesses, so that whenever I settle up on my own book sale market they do not understand why and what I mean when they need to get off the sales.