They say people like me will come up with any excuses to explain away the bad bowel issues and its utter rubbish too but if people want to discuss my bowels they ought to bear in mind how it is developed and what the purpose of the insults and abuses associated with it is and of course ultimately what they are hoping would be the result. I can only say it’s always been an issue where all that nonsense about what they can do to me because if push came to shove they would be better off is built on the same tale of a lack of respect for other people’s personal and thinking space which is endemic in the UK – we already have a history on it where their Politicians had to stop me until I dropped out of University and smelled of what I ate all the time, so I don’t suppose they are strangers to what might be the result if they found it so difficult to keep their mouth shut anyway. It goes without saying they do need to keep the Popular and Celebrity culture away from me as I will certainly destroy it if I get my hands on the way that it works. The Americans help them by making these statements on the insults my state provided security throw at them naturally and I understand but if those do not stop talking nonsense at me and do not keep off my Books soon enough, they will get an opportunity to prove it too. I mean in their case the nightmare is that there is a big Celebrity market in the US which has facilitated their need to attack an Arch Prince all the time, so we should be clear that they had better kept it in the US and stopped bothering me as I have said my piece on the matter, made it clear I am fed up tolerating it. other facts would include perversion of security where those cracked up out of my league idiots are always blabbing nonsense of my personality and what it can be used for to create them fame and fortune, who never stop stealing things while the bigger ones build me publicity which suggest I am the one stealing from them, to garnish that nonsense where they need to make statements that suggest they had business with me and I took all the proceeds for myself with a big mouth, meaning stranger tended up show up in public places to make statements that communities which are helping them run me down understood better than I did but I bore all the consequences, if it blabs at me one more time when I am not addressing its stupidities, I will put myself on a timeline on its account. I mean the Public matters are that over 50 million conscripted army personnel died in the second world war and it was more than three times that number of civilians; when you get involved with people pointing out some racist characters, telling you the parents knew each other and know the children are familiar with each other over racial gimmicks, such sacrifices are never good enough and should never be respected, always found talking nonsense at me about people at the Monarchy tackling their need to steal things and claim I am the one doing the stealing all the time while it has not yet figured out the problem it was asked to on the matter altogether. We can see it develop into a case where I want to see how they will set me up in obscurity and get off to make riches and fame on my public image and the personality we hear them blab about all the time, should it be that they were mad enough as it were – otherwise it is quite clear random black people showing up to screw with my concerns like we knew each other or we were relatives adds up to a process of shutting down my Bookshop which is the only thing their stupidities actually can achieve as it were – they can blab at me when I am addressing them and if they do not want to complain about State provided security because their Country is really big, give me my space and shut the hell up.

It’s the good old Americans and their Girls who wish to ensure I understood that with the kind of men that back them up, I am apparently unaware they can take anything they want from me but there is nothing wrong with keeping the Big Celebrity market in the US as one more case of blabbing at me will also see me put myself on a timeline to find out what they are made of too as it were. I mean they say I bring it on myself because I get involved with Celebrities regardless but it’s an example of what I have to explain around here all the time – that these are characters that have been removed from their academic pursuits because of their talents and they had a limited time to express it, it’s impossible to make show business products around my Public life and public work to support other young people at school for more than 10 years and this should be the lifespan of the career for every Celebrity that gets involved, either way which it should never affect my academic work or career since it has nothing to do with a Royal Hermitage as such, where we have found these fools invite their stupid selves on to churn out new music on an Arch Prince’s concern every single month, imagining that every 3 year old that gets support from one show business products will draw that support for another 18 years at least, I imagine the people that draw support from this nonsense will be doing so into their 60s, as stupidly as possible. They say my hate for Celebrities is deep but there is no such thing; if they are selling show business products and it’s based on drawing from Government Operatives Public life, bearing in mind every child who has drawn support from it will still be doing so for another 20 years, how many do they need each month? Besides which they have not yet stated if it was necessary to set out the idea that I wanted to rub shoulders with them while criminals were buying the products and were therefore far superior and better human beings. All I really want is to run this Hermitage according to my own schedule, the fact I have ignored them because it tends to get worse the more people struggle with it, has left me with a three year mess to add to a five year history of insults built for my Books before then, which was built because they actually needed a copy of it – thus everything that happens because of this as we can see, can be easily avoided. Should I get my hands on the fulcrum that actually decides how the Industry works, it will be a nice substitute for the process of planning a career and a family in a way that beats them down for beating me down with Publicity each time I step outside of my door and I will never stop trying to get my hands on it anyway.

I have been informed the big problem is that I had fallen behind everybody which is utter nonsense – I am now studying for my career again after sweet revenge for the vandalism brought upon me by those who thought I needed to get a real Mans job while those who were a plaything for women got to chase money around me, I would really want to get the Books off the shelves but the business of stopping the very simple practical joke of getting involved with it and spending time passing around abuses in public places that turns off public interest in it like it was a tap, simply because people had a problem with commitment and fooling with my Books gets then tangled up with it either way that they hated it anyway and I don’t remember that I did sign a contract with them that says they can handle it anyway. The rest of the time, they say I was invited into peoples lives and have spent my time abusing it which has no basis on reality as I am no longer actually able to recognise any persons that show up all over my Court these days; so I have substituted a Court in my subconscious which I built to help women who were looking like targets for serial killer benefits thing, for a bunch of characters that spend time bullying me until they churned my tummy perpetually, so, the quantity of times I have spent abusing their hospitality has not yet been cleared up either. They claim everything I do is a process of fighting for a life and career all together but its another example of how wasting my time gets reciprocate responses; what happens instead is that I actually tend to speak of what I have written because it runs through the corrupt private security Industry where culture and society trouble makers access it and find it is only valuable when they are trying to grab the fame from the Celebrities and after sweet revenge for the way they destroyed my studies at University setting me out as one of the inferior members of the Public from whom they get Public sensibility that facilitates their fame, I am now back at college and done tolerating the disturbing of my Books. It is not as complicated as it might seem - the Celebrities and every other goons being seen showing up around the Royal Family to decide which privileges Members of the Royal Family deserve are incredibly stupid activities and if I continued running this Bookshop according to their schedule and not mine, it is not going to end well (I have been told there are underlying issues behind this behaviour but it is likely to be nothing but being seen hanging around the neighbourhoods blabbing about being pampered and taken care of like Royalty, soon after which it needs to turn neighbourhoods on its head and plan a life on my Wallet while the need to get involved with the Royal Family is just something about having some powerful support in the form of friendship that backs them up when they want to walk around the streets telling people to give them the privileges they expect to get in order to get ahead of everybody else).