I have no idea why it is suggested that Syrian Rebels will likely sell their arms or hand their arms to Terrorists anyway; I mean in my view there are categories of people in involved in the conflict and I would use students for example i.e. students that are a threat to the person of President Assad, will now get arms from the International world and hand it over to extremists when they are done and the reasons for this is that they could not ask extremists for arms in the first place instead of asking the International world. So it applies the same to those of them that are traders and others that are professionals and those that are Union leaders etc. However in an ideal world; the reality as I have always said, is a process of removing Assad’s military capabilities to allow the people to replace him with Islam, and why do I say so? It is not just a matter of creating a stand off; some kind of 'do not come any further or I will shoot scenario' on both sides, then they can go into talks, otherwise the side that has all the might will always feel like killing the other. The reality is that the Middle East is built on a foundation of tribalism and tribal Politics and tribal politics does not do government, so the way it works largely is that society is stupid but if you don’t want it somebody else can have it and the end question is always whether society is stupid academically and that you got more straight As for example in your GCSEs when you became president than the Union Leader for example without some form of corruption in the case of countries that are rotten to the core. So if we take a look at people such as President Assad, we see full pure blooded evil people in such individuals and it is much the same with the Iranian leader – they are nothing to be trifled with. The other question that will remove my so called hypocrisy in this matter is first of all the issue of my response to the increase in attacks against Muslims in the UK after the Terror attack that involved the Murder of the Soldier at Woolwich; of which there is no need for one because the real issue continues to remain an inability to walk around the streets like a normal person without having to hold your breath; it is always either you are too big or too small or look like some flesh that must be pressed etc and people normally think they want to stop it in their own time and that it is a perfectly worthy collection of activity to engage in provided they are not killing anybody and we all know the results pay off differently always- worse still of which if you were perfect then nobody would pay attention to you and you will be worse off but if not then your life must be a hell hole ghetto violence experience like they can give to the frugal, ample chance there as such for random attacks to occur apparently and yet when people commit crimes they do mention the big problem to be those who get involved when it has nothing to do with them but still if I did mention what I have, the results will be a new front created which involves attacking me; so we have it the way it is as it were and in my view I like to say there is something wrong with some people and I want to get to the bottom of it too. The other question is that of my refusal to say anything about GTMO in Cuba but of course a little known fact because the Politicians had obscured everything is that Muslims regularly travelled out of the UK to Afghanistan to witness the war; I mean at the time there was a media party, the world trade centre had been destroyed, there was war in Afghanistan – some people just wanted to be at the centre of things happening and that is what they decided to do. Some of them ended up in GTMO and got held there for years and others ended up there for a while, in the end it seems the real issue about it is the human rights issue and that should be handled in the right place. Now with respect to my lack of attention to the problems Americans cause me however, there is no such lack of attention: the reality is that I am not in any way prepared to take any rubbish from them for my part, like that old story of a problem everybody has to deal with because the US is keeping other armed forces under control with the use of some of its most zealous Citizens; we end up with items at Symbol State occasions like Trooping the Colours which is at the very top of State Business finding their way to Video games and not to mention my right of arms doing so anyway, so people can have their fun and Americans can be zealous, so it is usually provocative enough as it were anyway and I will not stomach any more of their media insults hence the actions I have taken as well.


Presently of which the main complaint is that my books beat them up as it were but of course they will never be seen staying away from the books either on the other hand: it’s something about having absolutely no respect for anybody and turning up to do freedom and violence and unpredictability at me and the things I do to take away the freedom to show them how others I lead in the UK live and how it is not to pleasant when I am not that happy about things; so of course their women and foolish girls do speak of wrecking my finances and making me into one of their great servants and those I will kill as well, so they can always blow their top with such activities for the time being. I have been clear about this matter in many way; first my friends and fans had no right to exist and then they got involved with me and had a little something and now others want to take that away and run down the resources so we might depend on them and because they have no respect for anything get after my bank balance too for good measure seeking some of mine as it were, then complain about my actions while they make out they are royalty and that they are me and that they own my royal property and estate and doing such a thing has become their answer to everything when I have also warned them by the way I am not a salesman as it were. So even the prices of my books are crafted to exclude them and they know it, I expect them to stay away from anything that belongs to me and every effect of me; be it gold encrusted property put up at the pinnacle of the Empire State Building or some book carelessly thrown around on the Internet. I am aware when you are a minor royal you put up with all kinds of nonsense from Americans, it is the insults and the verbal abuses and the temerity to address me that is the main issue - they need to stick that, it is never funny.