I do not believe like it is suggested regularly on media that Military Intervention in Syria will lead to more problems; I mean if we assess the facts the reality is that the Country is more like Libya and not more like Iraq and as such everything in it has been so homogenised that it does not make any sense to anybody how and why anybody would end up being alienated. The suggestion behind why it happens that ways is largely based on claims of personal greed but the reality of course also includes the issue of the nature of the individuals that run the government in that country and these things happen to include desires for power of a spiritual nature which is evil in context. Now this is one part of the story but well explains the reasons they want the world to believe in regional collapse if anything were to happen to them, the reality of what they do at home however is something else i.e. even the rebels alienated and at war with their own country, at a disposition where they owe no body anything do not even recognise a valid place where it can be suggested that the pillars of the Syrian state is placed but those in government recognise this, control it when they should not and now rally around it and place a gun on its heads ready to fire if anything were to happen to them whereas having been they had homogenised the country so much, if they all got together and retired, nothing would have happened which would have thus led to the deaths of people, as it stands of which it is clear they have killed too many people to retire in peace as it were and the nature of the condition in which they have committed this massive mistake involves a process where people who have been homogenised and alienated protest and are shot and killed by snipers, hence the extreme aspects of the violence that is happening there is not entirely unpredictable, I mean the protesters needed to be removed because they were a mortal danger to somebody, a specific person and if they were not removed they would have killed such a person hence the snipers randomly shooting unarmed civilians running for their lives during protest. If we were to grade Syria from Iraq, we would have to do that using Iran in the middle i.e. society is stupid but if you don’t want it somebody else can have it and we all know the reasons we do not get involved with the middle east bearing in mind what we know of history is that Muslims have never really largely been governed by tyrants and terrorists anyway is because of a collection of really evil and devious fools in these societies, just like the public menaces we have in UK Industry, most talked about being the Financial Industry at present and their media games and semantics they think they can blow off at just about anybody in this world because of their activities which also includes things such as feelings of invincibility being responsible for their actions and Iran expresses their activities better than all the others i.e. if Iran were the UK, what would have happened there would seem like a process where the Labour Party won elections one day and observes the people and controls the people thereafter such that if conservative ideologies are needed, they change their cloths during election day smile their faces on posters, tell kids to put themselves down and run elections as conservatives, which applies as well to every other party in the country – so it is these stupid society fools that scare us into avoiding intervention or involvement in or discussion on the middle east – while Iraq was a particular thing, Iran is a higher degree of it and Syria exists in a different league i.e. they are holding the pillars of the state hostage and anything happening to them would mean regional collapse they say but nobody knows what they needed to have done to themselves to hold onto office when they knew they had failed at leadership so badly that people will die if they did but never cared if people died if they did and then of course there is the crucial matter of the fact they do not believe that chemical weapons at this disposal deserves to be treated with the same sense of security restriction which puts the entire world in unpredictable security dangers.


So I am simply assessing what facts we know in public and how it could be the case that intervention in Syria would lead to regional collapse but for the issue of how I advocate these things but become the biggest critique of the US when it happens; the realities are a matter of how it is done of course – Iraq was done to hastily and too brash and completely out of control, Syria was not done at all, so it takes the actions of say North Korea to remind the US government if its small Islands of which rather Ironically in the case of the Middle East unlike North Korea, the small Islands at risk are places like New York which is very important to the US government, hence according to statements of what I advocate but criticise, small Islands are screwed either way if they are US small Islands. My lines have not changed either; for me in any case I will not watch tribal politics take root in the middle east, it does not work; I mean bearing in mind it is a very social arrangement in that part of the world and nothing like a very scary undemocratic existence that the rest of us cannot get along with, the tribalism is necessary, however it does not run a government, it never does and cannot do. In the UK there is talk of course of how when the Home secretary highlights the issue of attacks on Police Officers it means the prioritising of the lives of Police Officers over that of others; I do not care much for those that make such statements although I do care much for those that attack Police officers. I mean in terms of the fact a Police officer will shoot you only after giving you several high tension warnings to desist from an action that could bring it about, so what exactly do those who shoot Police officers have in their repertoire to make a process where they do so a fair one? Hence eventually it is a matter of the fact that when you employ people, you are charged with duty to protect them and the murder of Police Officers creates real risk of an escalation of government retaliation and this is what those who do it do not respect; I mean I can only remind people the government does have a military and the government these days speaking of trends does have drones, yes drones, those do not care for anybody either, they are machines. I mean I could be helpful by mentioning facts behind why Police officers wind people up; the reality of it being that of matters of mentally disturbed croons in the neighbourhood that have a thing for power and sexual violence and criminal activity and believe they rely on young people with the strength to do it, to do such activities for them to feel good with, so that if you do not know what to do to prevent it from getting worse then why not just do nothing and leave it alone as it were - I personally do not know why Police Officers bother anyway especially when people can become so easily wound up as it were with a big mouth; those who do not work with these incredibly stupid women when they were younger, helping them to destroy the lives of single men for power and money, always even when treated unfairly by the Police let it go but it is those that worked with these women and are now paying the Price for their own actions that always feel they are part of some system and no body gets to mess with them as it were; you know when you say such things as government had got drones in case people did not notice when they attack Police Officers. As for me, they say it is difficult to work out how I know these things but of course it is largely assumed and thereby such a myth made out of it, that it is only Men that desire male children as it were.