Now I do not have full facts on what is happening in Egypt, however what we have seen in public suggests that the constitution that has been created there has been made as one which deals with only one side of the three main areas of society that have emerged from the revolution i.e. the right wing and the Islamic extremism; so it is assumed that the other two of the middle ground and the other side will be codified through legislation and Parliamentary politics; however concern for all remaining that if the approach is that the constitution needs to be enforced against these other two areas, then of course it has become ultra-vires. Then again also, if this is not the path that is being chosen i.e. that the purpose of a constitution is to set out for a people something that they should never get to repeat and to entrench for them their demands of a free society with an independent Judiciary and an operating Parliament with an opposition with full powers and a free Press, then it is no constitution at all – so these are inner internal affairs of the country itself but the concerns are due in the circumstances.


Now popular idea is that an Islamist constitution is something that has popular support in Middle Eastern Countries but we now all know that the real issue lies at the heart of the fact Muslims seem to find it very difficult and impossible to respect the cultures and histories of others. Hence we speak of daft constitutions for Islamic Law in places like Egypt for example when the period in which Islam took sway of society in the country exists only within recent contemporary history and not older.