Now there is this story about me not taking seriously threats pertaining to my person because I think I can handle it on the go while reality is that each time I pay attention to any of it we still come back to the stage where Politicians have thought government buildings a place where they can do whatever they like, so they set up a young person for circumstances they would consider unthinkable to befall an adult, the result was an ability to tell me I need to keep my mouth shut as I have been licked and ever since I realised that they will not let me keep any jobs I had and were after my Books as well, they have been the ones that have started keeping the Mouth shut as well. I mean when the ethnic minority MPs want to talk like me and improve their careers, I small like my loo all day, kept up by public transportation idiots. Exactly the same behaviour that caused me to drop out of University which I will be reprimanded for pointing out again here and yet I have warned them enough times about it while they have rather progressed to tackling my Books instead along the lines of making me out to be this guy that is obsessed with white popular culture and then they will punish any white people who go along with me and make me go along with black popular culture that they already control, all the time pillaging mine to make sales happen – warned them enough times about totally destroying it and pillaging it to create something I can laugh at them for, to make my own sales as well especially on the radios but they do not yet believe it is worth it letting me sell my Books the way that I want to sell it yet so far. They do speak of underlying reasons and an antogonisation of Politicians having led to the problems which is utter nonsenses; Politicians are always in a perpetually state of dreaming of a world where the Monarchy did not exist, so time and again without cause my only dream will be taken up and completely destroyed because when they do it themselves they will compromise their position and lose all the wealth and power that would have come to them if they got rid of the Monarchy, we have now reached a stage where they need to stop threatening me and start to see if they are about to pay for it as well; years ago when they brought up the issue of young people like me courting abuse from popularity because we know too much about our success, such that we are a threat to older people in the same profession, who are actually closer to drawing their pensions than I was, I really did think they were joking even though they had already progressed to getting these popularity fools counting pennies over me until millions had been the result, I really did think a Public Policy where the best minds were destroyed, so idiots might make money would never catch on; now I am being threatened by every fool that has had the finances sorted out by a Politicians and therefore knows he can no longer be conclusively regarded as an idiot and having been this is the kind of Country Politicians want to live in, when their bottom hurts they threaten me with their big mouth, never mind the Media who need to keep their own shut as well (I mean, that journalists are not telling me a writer that my problem was the fact I talked too much, must have already indicated we had come full circle in the first place anyway). We see this nonsense at the work place these days all of the time and there is this drive thereof to get rid of real workers, replace them with goons who want to be free and have children that other men are taking care of, so they might show up to make a mess of company procedures, only getting it right when they have me and my public image to play with after labelling me a hate figure and if I said I will make anybody that wanted to sack me over this nonsense a deal they could not refuse as well, they claim I have not got it but time and again the signs with show up when the whole company is punished because I am working there, when we are labelled lazy because we do not have a thing going for celebrities and the decadence of their popularity culture on account we care about our families and so on; so I have worked out over the years that this process of not acting when I can which means that I see reasons to let go of the job as I am in a better position to find another one was always going to make my life much more difficult than I envisaged, so it has become a thing I must develop now, to work on the issues people who care about me and I get along with at the work place want me to work on, especially on matter of top managerial corruption; so such realities as the lack of respect for other peoples countries while persecuting me for me Books which is exhibited by Liberal America can no longer hide over this matter – so I can make them a deal they will not be able to refuse, to keep a job of mine in a Company they own if I needed to in this Country; unless such actions are taken obviously, we can see this goons will never stop clowning around with peoples lives. Like the issues around Policing that comes into this matter as well; time and again the intelligence gathered is one of undercover Officers being sexually assaulted by criminals which sets out social and political capital for society and culture idiots and celebrities, with regards to which they claim my actions are random and seeking trouble I cannot handle as well, while I am starting to think about destroying it for them completely to put an end to that sense they believe they can invent any stupid thing they want and express it on my life or play around with me as they please. As for the so called lack of respect on my part, it will soon come down to a case where they produce a list that lets me know if they were famous before I was, so we can tell whose money I cannot account for better than they can, showing up all over me to sell cheap music and films and get rich quick all the time on account I am selling a premium product and they are certain they have created a condition in which I had ended up in an environment whereby rules do not apply. Its like when they say it is all an assault on communism which I bet it is too, as we can see that doing normal Christian stuff such as being generous generally means that you steal jobs from their Politicians and considering they have racism in their society and are still performing similar nonsense inventively all the time we can see they are in love with these incredible stupid social experiments as well and we have not even reached the point about teenage idiots with knives and a hatred for religion as well because of what Lenin said about religion hundreds of years ago all together so far and it’s the same with see from their American Counter parts where I had written a Book on the internet and so my social media profiles are always toxic and need to be purged because of it and apparently for as long as they have that celebrity culture to play with; they always say Capitalism wrecked the world while the reality is that every capitalist knows that their employers being the customers will never make more money to pay unless they are shown where more money is located to make all together and in like manner we see it’s the socialists and communists that have gotten involved that always make a mess of it and show them profits that will not lead to a future of posterity. I do not think it is a crisis at this point, it’s the matter of hating my guts because I tend to ensure that they understand what they are doing to others; these nonsense may take 15 years of a persons time, I may not go the full retaliated 15 years as such but somewhere about 9 years to 11 years of their time as well will make my point, this is the reason they think I have put a blockade on their dreams and since apparently I had either way, we can see they have no dreams that can be blockaded, all they are really good at is lots and lots and lots of vandalism. So we see the claim being made that all people see from me is war while reality is more a matter of all I have worked for being factorised by a process where somewhere else was bigger and could have me beaten up – the amount of money they have made so far from that theory that if I do not c-operate with their needs I will get beaten up, right down to the bits about telling them what to do for my part, up to the stage where they want to get violent and then I will really need to tell them but cannot and my tummy is nothing to write home about as a result of it, something about a time they get to pay for it as well: I mean damaging my academic work and finances have nothing to do with the violence itself and I should damage their own as well first and then they really can tell what I am capable of as well, just as we know the violence will lead to more of it in its own right anyway; so unless I had missed something, this is pretty much all of it with respect to threats as pertaining to me; in the end if we said you buy and sell it is written on the tin, they would want the hustling that lets women bump into people then have the women beaten up on my public image to be real Men as well, otherwise if we had an arrangement where the government was enforcing this all together, then the Communist future that is the source of all their treachery and insults would look so bright when it was obvious all women who bumped people were communist and socialist.