I understand it is said each time I am about to get some help I come up with something really stupid and lose it but of course how that compares with whether or not they keep their problems first of all and whether or not I get a sense of well being by keeping away from black people which they think is not up to me to decide and of course understanding nobody will come to my aid which is the only disposition that allows clarity over anything I do as it were, so I find it difficult to make sense of the complains too.

We all know it is said I play around with the needs of politicians which has no basis on reality as they are playing around with mine i.e. if I were a Politician and Politicians were me, then the way things would have been would mean a case of getting out of bed to freshen up and go off to see the Prime Minister of France and talk to him about how my shares have not been yielding much because they have refused to do what the local hoodlums loyal to our party have told them to do and that they have decided will have to anal bang them and tummy bang them and penis bang them to do what they are doing 24/7 without respite whatsoever and so right down to poverty in poor countries you have that sense of them, some money given to people, those who look like me and think anything should be done the way I think it should being threatened and I standing to be responsible for anything which happens to them and I feel as though you are burgled several times every single day and that is because they are not yet scared of me.

I understand the part where it is said a lot of the things I do are really stupid but of course they are, they are a mirror reflecting those who are the problem I manage thereof, so I still have no idea if they actually expect me to fall flat and wail or lose sleep when they are the ones saying it is stupid.

The point is that I am happy for them and the academic work otherwise we would have bigger problems as a society but it does not necesaryily mean they can shoot off their insults at me like they have become quite fond of doing: I mean if you take a look at them they cannot seem to detach when matters of fame and fortune is happening in the company of people far older than they are and so you understand more so measured by their attitude towards narcotics and drinking that left to them they would wreck everything in no time, so it turns out that in all that they had made time for the academic work and achieved it so it has to be congratulated but it should not be forgotten those who smoke and drink and pipe marijuana and narcotics normally wear rags and end up on the streets which is the lifestyle they fundamentally fit into in the first place. I know of the question of why I am bothered anyway but it is the same old case as it were, the case of the fact it is not somebody else’s responsibility – mean if HM passes away and the Prince of Wales after her they will normally think they rule the roost and hence need to think again as such. Its like the case of my involvement with celebrity and popular culture where they love to take up my public work and do it for me for example especially the part where they protect it from Americans so they can pillage it and make lots of money to chase vices with and so on; I was involved with it because of certain young women in my service and cannot make out what is so difficult to make out about how all she owns is what belongs to her but when she is in my service she is in my service as it were; of course it is open to everybody they say and that can only carry on until I rip it up for them, the confusion about my activities as it were being stupid all the time. Its a lot more serious a matter than that; I mean consider the economy for example, the reality is that when they spend all their time chasing popular culture, what happens is that they are all attitude and their attitude can only make them popular culture income which they are supposed to spend on cocaine and marijuana and other narcotics that have become more sophisticated and diversified and we all know these products cannot be supplied by any other group of traders but organised criminals – so it is only predictable when they are the richest people in town and the companies turn to them somebody will have to push narcotics before they can get a job in the local designers store for example and that would be that future I told them about as it were, never mind the part where the companies think it isn’t safe anymore and leave for somewhere else and it gets much better than ever. Its the Politicians that are making the most trouble on this matter as we all know; I mean I keep myself from looking like I punish people and this is because they will look the part and extremists will feel like having a go but it does not mean that they can get off their parents businesses and get involved with civil rights to turn out and talk nonsense at me all the time finding it really difficult to keep their insults where it should be and hence generally assume they are in charge – and of course the attitude can only continue onto one outcome only i.e. when Dads pocket money is all gone on popular culture for example and that is that future I knew all about as it were.

Its the Politicians with a sense of addressing 20 year olds and 30 year olds with a sense of I want to beat you up thing and so on and even then they have not had their own with the businesses sorted out either for their part as it were; so we regularly see them get around the world thinking that they can take a look at the year and set up a business on the basis of an economic recovery that comes hand in hand with wage rises, for unhappy people create increased productivity as it were which then encourages employers to pay them more thereof hence people can power games pain in the back side and set up businesses in expectation of wage rises as much as they want with abandon but in the end it turns out if they must borrow money from communists then that is what they must do and the question is whether their Politicians have prepared for that or continued to think they will black mail kids to make it work, like we hear I need to reduce information to speed up recovery with their big mouth all over National services and none stop popular culture and popular music as a result of their stupidities as well; I do not need to reduce information for anything – they are the ones with enough money to pay people to make them happy if they need to increase productivity, I am clear about what I want and it is reflected right up to places like Hollywood in the US and the films being made and so on and this is what they need to do, pay people to make them happy and more productive not pin anything on me. Besides which information I give is never actually overbearing for those who read books and they might want to take that as a warning too in case I do their own as well.