The issue of Arms in Syria and what I think about the various ideas on what to do about the conflict there is rather a simple one I do suppose so anyway i.e. just a simple process where we try to understand how people actually live there since the revolution began and of course do so bearing in mind that it is changes to the way they live which led to the revolution in the first place. What images this conjures up is that of the fact that the only problem that the country has is the Assad Regime; in the sense that if we were to imagine that the revolution ended and what was happening there turned up less and less in the eyes of the world, would those who took part in the revolution have a better life or improve on themselves or have the freedom to think about these two issues and act on it? So this is not a diplomacy issue where there is risk that if you do not check your passion, there is a real chance that you may lose what you are working for - this is a clear and straight forward conflict diplomacy i.e. if Assad were to find a way to round up everybody that does not agree with him or took part in the uprising and killed them and Syria became the Nation of Assad's children would that bring stability to the region, is it in our interest to let him do so? I do not personally think that I would bring about any form of stability however, it would rather only make things worse, which brings us to the other matter of Islamic extremism, concerning which I find it difficult to ascertain why people love to mention or bring it into view most of the time, when it is simply something we are aware happens to every country and serves to remind people that social and political instability is not a pleasant thing. 


What I am saying is that there is a difference between what President Assad has worked for along with his friends, what he owns and what is actually creating the conflict, which is that the President in Syria thinks that Syria is his personal and private property but the problem with that is that he believes that the country exists in peace and Unity when no body knows that thus once it has been exposed, there needs to be a conflict and then a reinstating of his current position; so this is not a matter of what he stands to lose on grounds somebody has pushed him to achieve much for his country and then brought up a trick to get rid of him and take it in the name of revolution just because a country can never be a persons private property. This is about the fact what President Assad does not want the rest of the world to know about him and what he and his forces are doing in Syria is that he thinks that the Country is his property, the fact that he is not yet ready to make that the case and needs time and needs this war to buy him that time instead of resign on seeing that he is the only reason people are killing each other in the Country is what the rebels are fighting to preserve, so they are really not making enough progress to stand toe to toe against the Assad commandeered National Military like we think it is when we talk about it from outside of Syria and of course we know they have declared that they will never stop until Assad is not in office anymore. So place this matter alongside the question of Islamic extremism which is simply a sign of the fact every country needs a moral position from where things are done and that in Muslim countries that happens to be Islam and then say 'Islam in, Assad out' - by any means, peaceful means preferred and we will have a Syria where there is an end to the killing. The part where a large portion of my problems being that far from a near institutional process of being abused in a sexual context by stupid women that want to get rich from it, is rather that Popular culture people will do anything to get me off their business is very well recognised. What is really happening however is that I am a writer and I wrote my books and a Literary empire emerged from it and ever since they found the books right up to the present stage they have continued to make songs and fame and fortune out of the Intellectual property of my company as well as my personality and now I cannot even get off to an office to work like they have got the privilege to because they want to keep the property and my company for themselves and so it has now reached a stage where they go out to find disgusting and traumatic things and idiots from poorer countries to make me ill with, in order to locate personality comparisons and extricate privileges based on that with which to interpret my livelihood, so it has come down at this point to weaning me off it and it will continue to degenerate into a point of pure attrition as well. So the women make out it is because they have found somebody 'in whose heart' to dump their wickedness and anger which will allow them to be beautiful and the rest will not have made capital out of it claiming to take things from me from the heart of where I keep it, which means that when I do not hurt from a process where they handle my income it therefore indicates that they are still inferior to me because they have not reached the heart of it; hardly activities people should be famous with of course and the fools who buy those products and stupid music CDs of abuse can buy anything as well as it were.