There is endless talk all the time that the way Public matters are handled does not favour the Media and the Famous and those who are contributing more to the economy but it is always utter nonsense, like we know their personal decisions are responsible for their problems but it is the attitude of how they decide the way in which completely innocent and unconnected persons are made to suffer the consequences of those decisions, which really set the stage for an understanding of the attitudes that created them the problems we hear them complain about and at the heart of it naturally is this story that never seems to abate, that the State had provoked them and they had made me into a punching bag with a big mouth. So it is usually said that my work is dirty which is good as we can clearly see it is possible for to keep an eye on the destruction around here which aims at the one single purpose of telling me I may do what I wish about those who harm me but cannot stop the Girls taking whatever they want from me, whereby if I got physical it may get worse, which their American Counterparts love so much – it’s really difficult to locate what their problem is when considering such matters, especially when the idea of people beating me up to make women happy was supposed to have been an insignificant matter, even when they now find it impossible to run their lives because I want them to take full responsibility for the lives of the people who were meant to do it. The choices go on and on – like Celebrities who sit on their big bedroom mirror to devise makeup that I can clearly see should have been worn by somebody close to me in order to run around Town making a mess of my Bookshop, Public image and personal life, just so they might be financially comfortable and we know that it is completely detached from show business as a business itself like we hear them blab of a lack of respect on my part for what is an industry that contributes huge amounts towards taxes but is really a process of looking for lots of trouble which gets me wishing they were not so disobedient. The choices go on and on with their need to fool about with State control measures that gets the state reprimanding them and how I get hit because the State provoked them, like how I bring these matters on myself while a typical scenario of doing so would have been a case of walking into a Gay bar attended by homosexuals who antagonise me all the time with my Church Clothes and my Bible in hand, which would certainly have gotten me physical attacked, thereby perhaps making it possible for them to keep their big mouths shut when they have no idea what they are talking about. I mean I personally understand most of these matters, and more so concerning the business of being reprimanded by the State for instance, to be something of a process where I am detached from what I am doing and then I am detached from mechanisms that allow me to catch up but unlike most people who are affected by the bad things that happen to them because of the bad decisions they have made, mine is mostly a case of being affected by the good things I started which I have not yet finished, still it clearly would have made sense that taking it out on others whenever I have my experiences was the wrong thing to do. This has never really been a problem for me as such; I only needed to build some sort of control mechanism which ensured that although they could do some damage and it made them better off, it would not stop me getting on with my own concerns too but I was stopped by the Politicians until I dropped out of University, only to find the same Politicians hang around at Parliament complaining of the same problem at my expense until it was impossible to secure a job, the history of being talked to by these gits within the process of getting work or securing my business, now meaning that they have built themselves a Public condition to ensure they shared societal existence. The others at the Monarchy have now played up their gimmicks concerning the vandalism and destruction meant to allow girls do whatever they liked with my work, property and person has reached a peak, showing all its nature, content and context in the process – all of it to ensure I don’t get to stop the Girls.

They do speak of the reasons they hate me being a deeply felt matter but I understand that it is as well but the reality has always been that there is always a link between a process where they faced extreme poverty and a process where we operated with a sense of social stability but because I am a progressive person, I put together mechanisms which ensured they spent their time doing something to be up standing members of society as well, so I am expecting the point of detachment to be the stage at which I was informed of which one was my size and league to exert my leadership at but until then the hate for the fact they are past it will continue to be the main source of deterrence for their need to handle me. They do claim I talk like so but do not tend to make any progress with myself, like the Celebrities apply makeup and dress themselves in order to demand affection from random crowds, so as to make themselves financially comfortable on my earning margins and Public image but it is utter nonsense – what we are dealing with here is apparently government and is as serious an issue as they come i.e. I devised the structure in the first place; the part where they put up this behaviour until it becomes an issue and when their relatives had enough, joined the armed forces to solve some of the problems, they escalated those problems and ensured soldiers who gave their lives never achieved much, same as we find, speaking of personal decisions, when those soldiers return they tend to chase the bottom of badly behaved Celebrities who show up to make my concerns toxic, such that when I do support them if they felt so deeply about solving the problem, it is usually a good time to start doing sex work all over me – I devised the structure to ensure they understood I am an Arch Prince that will never get into a fight on their behalf, it was possible for them to live with that or get the fighting done themselves, so I might continue to progress the matter where there is a real prospect of being the tyrants of the future who attack their fellow civil rights goons – otherwise it is government and as serious as it comes. The story of not making any progress is not an emotive one – especially as over time we have seen the main business of the Men was to ensure the Girls were running around my Public image getting money and affection from random crowds, supported by some American trouble makers but the Book was completed in 2009, I retouched it in 2011 and we are now living in the year 2019, so it is pretty much still the same job of making sure the Celebrities no longer showed up to extract money from my Public image and Bookshop income margins while the insults and abuses of the young people will brew me a Publicity and keep me from spending money on advertisement – this job was finished a decade ago but since then even my Publishers have had to defend their corner and ensure people did not damage the business. I do get told I have behaved in a way which encourages it which I have not – we found that entertainment Industry businesses could not have enough of random young people getting all over them for an opportunity due to the kinds of equities I had put out from the Office and since then its been a war waged by these idiots and now that they are in control we have seen only one talent and skill which involved nothing else but making people feel like vomiting and smelling of what they ate 24/7.

Half the time they say the Muslim world is gathering information through me on how we get about killing their people, the rest of the time they say my relatives are doing the same as the relatives of Celebrities – both are utter nonsense naturally, as in for the former, its about my Mum who has always cared for their luvvies, since my parents were divorced when I was about 5, she has never been around, so knowing it will likely come up as an issue when her really disturbing selfishness started to show forth, she had to devise a way to ensure it was seen as a process of doing her best with dissatisfied children, never really been a gimmick I want to play along with save the Labour Party is in love with it and I can say I am not the one paying the price for the despondence at the polls as well for my part. In terms of the latter however, its an old case of buying things from Islamic people on the street to find the whole process of doing so had reverberated all the way to the developing economies where the products were created and sourced, some sort of lot casting to see if I can do something about it as a practical joke, until it ends up on a website because I am very controlling too: we see them hard at work at it all the time and I have begun to get some feed back from South American Interests, the difficulty of concentrating on academic pursuits among other things because of the abusive behaviour of the silent hoodlum millionaires, while it had become clear they were ripping up my property to make money and spread their influence around the world but having realised I am likely to act in a way that goes towards controlling the problem and recovering it, the story changes to one of Developing Economy power and a process of giving me a subordinate disposition, like it is a really difficult task for them to hide their nepotism.