I hear it is said I never really wish to pay attention to the fact women are the biggest problem I have no matter what it might do to me but that is a completely irrelevant preoccupation for people most of the time; I mean I am aware the journalist ones like to address me as boy and ask me for some entertainment when bored and the ones that do business like to do the same in terms of a culture thing that must say something or do something to lift their spirits and it does seem to change anything the number of times they find it damages my business but have no wish to stop addressing me or change the way that they do anyway. I don’t have a problem with it either, they do it most of the time out of sheer pleasure of narcissism but most other times do because they want to deploy my business to make some little plan they have come up with to make a nice little earner profitable and the case promise is usually that they can support or connect me with people that will sell my books for me in a jiffy but I have no idea what on earth makes them think I need it from them anyway – so that leaves only the part where they see their addressing me and the manner they do is causing damage but will not change or stop it; for this I will rip things up the way that only I can, since the reality is that I do have a job but they are the ones messing up the finances in this way and there is no way student loans and a completed academic work or a manual labour job and a savings will resolve that issue either.

I Understand they say it is what I say and where I say it which causes the main problems by making the lives of journalists and business people very difficult but I find it difficult to understand that too since the whole process of going off to seek out the worst neighbourhoods and then getting on media to link them with me and exasperate me for a living was adopted by them some time ago without plans to let go at any stage whatsoever. I want them off those bad neighbourhoods and I do not care how they do it for my part, so I will say whatever I like whenever I want. The case here is simple fact that the lower classes are not bad people as such but the middle and upper classes are full of people that really take the work of abusing them to another level and this is what my understanding of what the purpose of journalism really is and that is because I created my Court of Female Journalists for such a purpose, so when I do people when they abuse my own it can become a global issue in all those places where they go to pay for extra privileges by buying products. I mean the fact I maintain this relationship with society so I can get support for what I need to do from time to time since my stepping out of my door is not the same as that of most people and those things that happen are important enough for me to think about putting a face and a name to it hence never signed a contract that means people can deploy them either which is another way they provoke me with their media endlessly, it does not mean they can do it as well – to which as I have mentioned before the only thing I have to say to it is the question of whether they can do older man sodomy. So it is still all together the same issue; they can see the manner the chose to address me and the frequency of it means that people run away from my books while they complain about where I say what I say but have no wish to change it or stop it.

I am not bottom of the pile trying to fight my way back to the top in anyway; this is all some massive history with popular culture and during that time I have been forced to clean toilets to get by and I have been forced to work in factories to get by and so on and at the same time we have not really been free from their story of how less of morals and religion society actually needs; I am an example of the case they have made on the matter of morals and religion as it were of course, targeted by them because they see me attend church and knew there was no chance I will hurt them before their purpose was actualised. I am aware women are generally uncomfortable with the relationship I have with journalists but the journalists are here to serve administration matters only i.e. for example young lady works for a big company, is loyal to me and has to manage this disposition between work and the community where she belongs, I don’t have to hear something was said at Pornography to know that is happening first of all and secondly when the companies cash into her side of society, somebody can have their own equities taken up and given away as well by female journalists – it’s as I said, the part of society that people like to abuse and knowing what is happening there in case people do my own as well looking for trouble is what journalism is to me. It’s always fun and games with them Industry goons, they think economic crisis is a play thing and when wars are breaking out it is even more funny and have no plans to clean up their own mess if they can claim what I bequeath my own people instead and that leads to violence and sexual impropriety which is then measured against their need to appoint themselves judge, jury and executioner over other peoples successes unless it is their own claiming wealth inequality to be the reason and excuse, tempered with the fact they create and then abuse poor people and talk nonsense about revolutions that will never happen, so that they are traders but think they are Royal Princes until it reaches the point where their possessions must be confiscated to serve the National cause which is concerned with blowing up an enemy and then it will be a sad time in history. It’s like this other story about how I never pay attention to how much of my behaviour I need to modify to suit Politicians and members of the Royal family which makes no sense to me and is so extremely disingenuous – I mean it’s okay when I am involved with people from all over the world and Politicians do the government bit, that is official work and nothing personal but when they say such things it makes me wonder what relationship we have here that is amicable to that extent; in essence the goons can now spend time on the jobs they are elected to do as it were, so I win again. So they do say if I carry on like that nobody will employ anybody that is associated with me but that depends too – they are competition and need to be kept out of my personal life, enough of that financial squander trust nonsense. So it isn’t true at all that I am detached from the upper class and this is the part about the Politicians; the journalists love to wreck the finances and complain about where I say what I say and how it makes their lives and work tough, these guys however like to ensure there is a sense all over the world I am trodden on and trampled upon in the UK and that has the effect of driving people off my business as well, followed only by abuses that only corrupt black idiots can come up with, then we hear them talk about an attempt at business connections with those that will help them tell me how to behave to suit their purposes, so I can do their own too to a point where Africans can turn up and do as well.

Now I am aware of the claim I spend my time like a freak taking pride in dealing with really difficult matters that reduce my standing all the time but there are really no such matters around here as it were – just the fact if somebody has had his whole life destroyed by journalists for example the question is that of what Politicians can say to him or her that they think will improve situations. So that it does come down to the fact that it took some time before these journalists were able to destroy the life they built throughout their teenage years and into their 20s hence with their wealth of experience the one thing that will make the most sense to them will be if somebody gave them a break from Politics and media for a while – this is what Politicians have no plans to balance alongside their careers as it were because they rather prefer appointing spin doctors to bully people into line with media on one hand, then go out and demand peopled career to make their banker friends and oil industry friends richer with claiming it will create jobs of which demanding from me is become more and more of an attrition of a struggle as it were especially from them stupid Tories. My point is simply that they are not an issue, they are all competition; industries and media and politics and what have you and this story about trust needs to end so they can stay off my personal life and keep things at business level only – there isn’t a process of getting my career anyway or making up a fantasy version that will be allowed to exist by me. Mostly my people are sorted now, and the more people I keep off getting involved to benefit from our world is the more profitable what I have bequeathed them will be which is why I need all these administration as it were; it’s the corruptions and power you see that these goons enjoyed in the 70s and then the 80s and then the 90s and then the early part of the 20th century as well – it has come to a head with all these wars and crisis and whenever they create them like that attitude about others dealing with their responsibilities for them or the part where they have such ugly history people are chasing them all over the place so they want another person’s life that the person will not have anymore and thus get off on media to seek and demand it for example or indeed when they have small businesses in which celebrities are customers and it means they can touch peoples penis and people anus, fantasise to intensely that it becomes real to them and their target person considering we are all adults and never really have the time to do absolutely everything we need to all of the time, so I am aware my actions have led to an outcome of having them replaced but still it really does mean that a line needs to be set out whereby they are made to clean up their own mess at all times – so for me it is not a matter of sensibility keeping them out and leaving the administration of that to the people, it’s a matter of necessity.