It appears that prevalent conversation has now turned to one of me having a lot of problems which I chose to blame on other people – I could never make sense of it anyway since we are dealing with people that do not allow me to blame my problems on myself all together as it were. I do not however have any problems save their need to rip up my academic work by distracting me from everything I do with Politics, a hatred for my thought pattern and a need to lean on my personality for the purpose of feeling good which can be passed off later as a means to popularity and the main problem here is that I have been unable to put out one credible word in 10 years that shows clearly that this is what they are doing, not some problem I am blaming them for when we have never met and they do not even know what my name really is.

Its never really a complicated matter as such even though they think it makes all the difference they need, I have been clear the next time they follow me around when I attend an academic institution, those stupid communities of ageist goons with violent lasciviousness who are the basis of their ability to rip up the academic work and finances and get me responding to their mental illness of what passes on their left and right hand side all the time will not be enough to save them from a case where I have been provoked beyond all these media and social media nonsense that play off at Celebrity and popular culture for their stupidities to get around with all together and I can promise I will definitely give them the trouble they seek should it happen again as it were.

The part about their hurting bottoms being something I am responsible for is nothing new, after all they know I am not their sexual alternative first of all and that my size and physical attributes do not support such a theory either to say the least and of course they have a history of consequences for moving into my right hand, being that they never listen to what other people are saying to them all together. I would fancy their stupidities had stopped addressing me and had stopped blowing off the big mouth blabbing all sorts of nonsense such as these – I am not necessarily a separate entity from the Arch Prince’s Office, the consequences of their insults are not that which others are responsible for too, in the same way that there are signs we are about to see more and not less of what they are complaining about since an imagination that goes up my anus alongside political gimmicks and a community of lascivious idiots who have ideas about things they can do to me has not abated to say the least, it will not stop on my part unless their stupidities had stopped this first of all as it were. Its like they say I am an enemy of US Democrats while what the fools always want to do is get about exploiting peoples weaknesses and then when people have none, want to practically obtain permission to create one and exploit it and this is the same sort of nonsense we have seen the Labour Party show up here to exhibit for the last decade and a half around all my concerns; we hear them claim its about business, while the case of establishing their relationship with consumers is what they are unable to do, still each time the consumers are allowed to get involved with industry and experiment, so if they are good at it they keep going and if not they get a job, these fools will then have a problem with the whole process and start to award people money as though people were successful for causing me a lot of distress – usually which I do not mind too much since I already have a history of letting girl get involved with their popular culture studios to make money and support people at school, by setting out those equities their insanity cannot resist or refuse for it, I usually love to make out that this was the one that involved employers and business managers who trade at the stock markets, hence should not be such a nightmare but if we are dealing with managers and traders who will deploy the money to harm me in the future then we have a problem obviously, just like we do with the Celebrities presently.

The goons that love to blab on media when they know nothing about me, even so such nonsense as mentioned above about problems I have which I blame on others for instance, to become important at my expense, claim it is something I said or did that gets them targeting me but the Empire is mine and I broke it up to broker equities with other companies, they did not, the last thing I will be willing to tolerate is their stupidities hanging around my work and property to ensure it ends up in their heads, so they might do what I am doing as well and kill off a nagging feeling of inequality and absence of wealth distribution all together. I am still wondering at this stage whether not handling me, keeping off my Books and not following me around is the difficult bit in all this, bearing in mind they can never let people be as it were and it starting to annoy me beyond social media, celebrity and media gimmicks all together, starting to get real and organic. Each time they are not telling those lies we find them claim that detaching from me makes living impossible even when they know the point of their involvement with me is practically torture to extract secretes that will make them social equals but it is never going to work either as this is a capitalist economy and we need to live in a world where their silly jobs is all they do for a living as it were or the economy will never stop experimenting on itself as stupidly as possible – never mind the other Brexit gimmicks full of their fellow idiots from the ethnic minorities clinging to my Estate and earning margins ripping up the health and academic work to talk nonsense alongside communities of lascivious idiots that back them up, about who was here first; I do not have a problem let alone one that I am blaming people for but then again in like manner the idiots will never tell people it is what they are doing and I cannot get a credible word out either with that big mouth showing up on media every day. We even hear their stupidities claim that I disturb the neighbourhoods when what they do is get around gathering up these sorts of nonsense from the market places to blab about some guy in the neighbourhoods whose personality they love to abuse and have successfully convinced people exist because he sleeps with peoples wives, leaving their community croons to engage themselves in creating the sense I am mentally disturbed by interfering with every personal growth and to express a personal issue with my thought pattern as embarrassingly and stupidly as possible every single moment – the outcome is that I am always tired and therefore tend to do my work in the night, which is not very good for the fact it is a time they are supposed to get their beauty sleep from my personality and talk nonsense about beating me up because I smell with that big mouth on and on for years without end, it is terrible for the scum who share the same building with me and live downstairs, they always tend to remember that it is the wrong thing to do going off to find violent ageist lasciviousness at the market place and bring it home to make a mess of my personality when finished and have to return home and live with me downstairs.

In the end this whole business of not being able to relax started when the Politicians began a story about how they make the decisions that affect the lives of criminals and should be owning my personality – I want to get back to my sense of relaxation and if their stupidities are complaining about problems I have which I blame others for a hate for introverted people for some strange reason, where they tell me had I described them as a bunch of fucking idiots I would get into trouble and anything that stands in the way of that just as they tend to show that they understand the importance of being able to relax when I have work for them concerning the wars and the crimes, will be removed and I am never going to get away with it as it were. They raised this issue that I had not gone along with the fact The Queen has called for National Unity because they did not imagine that I would have considered it to be a trap they had walked into. What these fools do is ruin peoples lives and then sell people products they claim will help people get on with what is left of it and then they do not have to work for their money but its really difficult being that they are paying for it, that people decrying endlessly for instance the fact that I had said something about behaviour issues that help people avoid such problems, adds up to the fact they want to buy and read a Book I had written – so difficult to sell people Books that help people catch on as it were. They always eventually claim that I would not let them be in their Communities and yes, I will not because I want them out there bugging their stupid Celebrities and beating up the ones that refuse to co-operate; this is what they are supposed to be doing as far as I am concerned. I mean the warning signs are there – the women who can never stop abusing me are now complaining at the background of Public living like all women do, except they are complaining about me which is pretty much the same as complaining about somebody else anyway, the Celebrities are about to complain about me a punishment for my religion that they have come to enjoy like a toy their stupidities were attached to over female liberation all day long as well, about to complain on media about wealth and social inequality, while they are stuck with the problems associated with the wars and the crimes because they cannot keep their hands off my body parts and their imagination is always in my personal space, blabbing rubbish about being punished by my bum and will not give me my space – I have not yet set them a position that makes them worse off than everybody else in general public living just yet as it were, so it is looking very likely all together. It beats my imagination every time that it is difficult for people to see how stupid this stuff is, what they do instead is tell me it needs to be resolved by violent means about which I am not doing any of their stupid violence – what is happening is that these guys are now getting money rewards from their tribalism raid industry goons over tackling me because they have no wish to work for their money and causing me distress for it is the reasons what they will complaining about will never stop – it will never stop until that part stops first as well as I am prepared to make arrangements with those who wish to ensure when they are given some money it is gone for good where those who give it are concerned. I mean what suffers is my academic work not their own, what suffers is my Office, work and Public image not their own, the only thing that is suffering just a little bit at this stage of course is their hurting bottoms as well, the behaviour unbecoming of people with children and grand children and a populist stupidities at the work place talking nonsense about the things kids who do not co-operate deserve and yet they have waited long enough to jump the gun and start blabbing about problems I have which I blame on others, the same way the Industry ones have waited and waited for people to own my equities so they might collect it later, jumped the queue leaving us with endless ageist professional bullying performed by motorists all day long but I will never stop until those stupidities about communities that will do things to me had insultingly stopped first of all as it were - first it was the way that I pick up what is required of me at the Monarchy, now its my academic work and the year indeed that it will be completed, garnished by badly behaved Royalty that have no hang of what to do with themselves and like to show up here with the sense they are in charge even though we find them complain later on endlessly about possibility of instability at the same - rather impossible to nurse a sense of regard for people who are not getting along with me on the basis of a reciprocate respect for what I do.