They do say most of what I complain about are orchestrated by Islamists of course; utter nonsense because they are by Muslims that are bullies and like to think some kid isn’t going to become a Royal Prince over them that shows his face in public. So it just means that on one hand they complain that some Christians here in the UK are likely to put themselves in a position where they encourage violence against other religious groups and on the other they see you hard at trying to sell your products and turn up to pretend you are a stray dog from which they get self improvements of the proportion of going places at the end which they claim aids their Muslims superiority; so it beats me all the time when they pretend the only experience of Muslims I have is them whereas there are in Africa tribes and tribes of people and in each tribe you can easily find all the various sections of Muslims, Sunni, Shia and everything else you can imagine, hence none of it has anything to do with all that violence they mess about with – which is usually where I am told I am denying Islam is violent and misogynistic which I am not; only the part of Islam that encourages violence is pointless and if you weigh the reasons as well you will see that attacking a religion is pointless too and not just in terms of ruining other peoples normalcy which is a problem that has no name, in terms of our time in the world – so when people do it and a Muslim attacks them violently as well it is based on sound judgement not some strange madness. But for these other trouble makers however the reality has still been that one moment you look like the kind of Christian that can turn the Country against other ethnic groups and the next they complain about the UK no longer being a comfortable place for Muslims because they never pay attention to the fact that such Christians can easily be inextricably linked to the Establishment – they are rather more interested in kids that cannot tell them what to do while they have bigger kids and so on.

So the question they bring up is that of why we Christians never do the violence concerning which there is no point i.e. when I wind them up as well they become so detached from the powers of their wickedness and start to target me in a physical way all the time and those their wives and daughters that put them up to it end up with problems – so that is good enough; they rather will do all the violence for us Christians as it were. These matters have never really been a problem, its only the reality of it that must be readdressed, where they say what I do is clear indication I am a subservient power for example which makes no sense whatsoever since they do have their own societies but because they want it to be dominant have spent all their time getting out of bed to rip up major religions in the world and so currently they want to live in my life and make me deal with the problems and the way to do that is seek my finances and academic work which the Politicians like to help them to all the time – none of which solves problems associated with their homosexual communities as it were, what they do with that instead is set out that those who simply want to have homosexual sex without creating communities that engage in any of these attacks are the moderate version of their own society but having said so we see them all the time in public places with a story about something I did thinking nobody will ever find out but their master the devil knows and it isn’t what I should be doing as a Christian and all the financial benefits of it belongs to them because they are the ones that found out and so their master the devil revealed it to them for a reason and all that stems from all those fake nonsense they build up for themselves about what I am really like as well that emboldens them more and more and more so they can claim it is all freedom and democracy. I for my part do not do Gods work for him because he is capable of doing his own work by himself, they however do not wish to stop taking upon themselves the devils work by their own hands and realising they need my earnings and the perks of my job because they forgot to plan for their own and it is all my fault for provoking them. So that in terms of subordinate power the reality is still that of them thinking they are dealing with the underdogs i.e. if I don’t want the US President to build up an atmosphere of the most powerful man in the world that they can dominate me with he will not get to, is so amazing the threat of having a normalcy I was not born with does not do anything to deter them from being seen around my concerns; it’s the new confiscating privacies and getting out of bed to get rid of major religions and the things they wear and believe in winding up kids at the civil service with compulsive liars moderating meetings organised by government for unemployed people whose finances they have no plans to let be that has brought it on – so the US President can get to see what he is doing properly. They don’t get to threaten me without consequences – I have had enough of them; they don’t see it this either I have to confess, they say that individuals like me who always lose their temper and get off to do anything they want to do without being stopped or questioned and are later required to explain themselves could never take them on but likes to think he can do and undo and it makes you wonder if these kids still remember when they sat for their GCSEs for instance or whether they did pass all the subjects and what their state of mind with regards to it really is and why they are so terribly convinced they will be the ones to fire the first shot even at this point.

So they say my actions are unbecoming of a Christian but having said so I can explain i.e. if somebody is pornographer for 20 years, they must still be able to decide to attend Church one day without problems; they had their fun deploying government structures and offices to wreck my finances and grab my literary empire to get around the world pervading it in order to make their societies into dominant force, so they are in no position to expect others to understand their complains. So that when somebody has been a pornographer they own them and due to their insults in my direction I know what that feels like and have no plans to put up with any more of their stupid questions. They speak of freedom and democracy and all those things we hear from them all the time but that is what it is, what it does not tell them to do is get off to grab my work and toss it to the dogs and then turn out in public to do all the things I would have done to handle it without doing gang fights and violence – if we try to explain that incessant and very widespread behaviour we are dealing with here on a daily basis, it should be that they do it because they seek power but are complaining because they have no plans to deal with the consequences if those they envy can be made to take care of it instead and then we hear them say that they act like they do because these bad things have happened to them before and they don’t want it to happen again creating these questions concerning how well they know what they are doing then for their part and by that I mean that they have never before done anything they know or listened to anything those who know what they are doing say but have always believed they are good looking and are supposed to find their way deep into people’s personal lives so that when they make a mess those people cannot escape making the choice of dealing with their mess as well. Their Politicians complain but were there during the early days when the consequences was about encouraging organised crime and allowing extremists to feel somebody has things he cannot protect which will allow them to get involved with City Centres and major industries stock markets, they were there when these fools spoke of a bug that could  be crushed which means the market system where they use my work to get rich and leave me to go my way while they go theirs does not to that effect work for them – the Politicians have been there for the past decade and half and have no excuses that I will ever listen to for my part either; I simply had a need to make them take things seriously in their stupid lives.  I understand it is a matter of matter me take things easy; rubbish – I mean I have written books that work in service of the Church and the State and now I am discussing the sales with people that have seen millionaires with their bare eyes and have a need to be one by locating loopholes in the market to make a quick genius product and get rich fast with while my literary empire is where their girls lay a pipeline to wealth and glory as protected by them and they say I need to take that easy; I was never published on Television in the first place it should be noted.  In terms of betrayal however, the reality is still that they know where my book are and will use that to control me so we are only just beginning i.e. they regularly feel like grabbing my work and tossing the profit margins to the dogs among other things, in order to freedom and democracy appear on public places to do all the things I should have done to handle them that does not involve gang fights as their own legacy and we are only starting to explore what it takes for me to be flustered enough to become a target for peoples nepotism that they find is good for their health and wellbeing. They do complain the problem is that when they have cliques I feel I can get involved with it at will from a distance without facing consequences but of course the reality about their cliques is not just one concerning the use of my Royal order to fight for their corner in life with honour and glory hence I am supposed to be stuck somewhere getting old and rusty while the future belongs to them, it goes even further to the part where they want my earnings to depend on them, the bit where they now claim I wrote my books for them and until I comply with their demands I will not earn from it and that they know it because they know me and put everything that lurks in my heart where it is and can claim whatever they like of what becomes of it too, so it’s when they ruin my cliques as well we are talking about here. So the general idea now is that they used to have this connections and that connections with large firms and get around its backyard making money which I have taken from them but nobody told them to handle the products and squeeze it and mess it up to enforce their need to control my finances because they think I am Royalty while they are better than me as human beings, I have to think about those who get to pay for it as it were. There is nothing to over think about it – it’s all bad company like we have never seen them before and the results speak for itself; it does not necessarily imply when they are whites their behaviour must be allowed – it’s the sort of thing you get involved with if you want to be unsuccessful and destroy your business and academic work and finances and so on and they do ask how I lead without getting involved with them but of course it’s largely a matter of who is in government and who isn’t, who is in leadership and who isn’t, so that those who force them on me with government business want a piece of me which they like to complain about all the time but have no plans to end their behaviour; they do ask what the difference is between me and them and its always been simple – I don’t vandalise peoples offices, steal their finances, damage their business, seek to sleep with their wives and so on, with that stupid media – so that is the fucking difference if they need to know – I can see when I respond to fundamental difference between me and them questions the damage of my finances and work pays off and the idiots at the heart of it get on media to feel more important than I am which is as they have always wanted and so you get the sense if they get away with it they can only improve on it. I have never thought it difficult; it’s just when I respond to such things they tend to feel their actions are right because it is making them feel they are more important, making me respond to them and not them answering to me or something like that etc, so it’s one of those issues at the heart of their media insults and the destruction by which to make themselves more important than others which is never a good enough excuse to guarantee a getting away with it. So in terms of the betrayal of democracy and freedom nobody told them to turn up here and make a tortured soul out of me with that stupid media then pretend they don’t have to discuss how important they are to me as everybody can see it, now they are the ones complaining while they know where my book are and have excuses on hand to handle them that is based and developed on their pure evil nature, which they find partly amusing too and helps them stabilise emotionally to get rich and climb social ladders – same case with being threatened by sexual abuse victims; so that I am all beaten up and messed up is utter nonsense – it’s all bad company you can ruin your life with and those who push them on me from government offices must be doing so because the only think about government is guaranteed salary that ensure you are above it while you dip your hands in as far as it goes. They always say the guaranteed salary comes on by magic but I got a Royal commission to work for at 20, they wrecked my academic work and are still here saying such things as well and I intend to kick them until we have an understanding before I return to it to ensure it does not happen again from the highest levels of government more so as well as before: it’s the subtle racism thing where that boy needs a beating and that boy needs to be subdued and subtle nepotism where that boy needs to be killed and they have all these feelings and are just looking for somebody that will be easy to hate and it can be because of being a religious person or because of simply having things that you didn’t take permission from them before you had – so I reckon if I kill people over Politics and society and culture which is the basis of all these things I don’t want to think about in my bed and in my office and in a University lecture room I will solve a problem – so these are middle class buffoons that are convinced about their ability to handle everybody and to me are simply bad company that are convinced they can always turn up to eclipse everything else I have going on with friends and allies. Its remarkable how much energy they put into it; this person is feeling among, that person is rubbing shoulders, that person has gotten involved and all these minor stuff bearing in mind how evil they are in the first place is to be handled by somebody they suck up to with intense violence – then they damage mine and middle classes idiots rub it in my face and carry on that way for another couple years everyday on media without being provoked – why did I always get a feeling they were going to anyway? It does not mean I have trouble getting along with the Middle classes when doing so with the lower classes is actually so much trouble – I know what people are like generally, these are just some really twisted and evil versions who want to handle my work and when I determine how much they spend of it, I make them so provoked they want to determine how I sleep with peoples wives and in that way do my stuff for me as well; I mean I know what the roses are like but it is not to say I am stupid, I am one of them so I should. These are all what the facts are if I handle the issue of their turning up to damage everything without telling them to go get their Politicians first when they brag and start, hence looking into it directly I suppose; the black ones because I am black and the white ones I will not take nonsense from as well in equal measure – so that the part where I ruin cultures and societies and cliques becomes the bit where I am a genius.