I Do get told I am not good enough to roll with the Royals  besides which my position is no longer tenable and I could never make it out anyway as it sounds much the same as the case where I could be prevented from doing everything I am doing in a flash if The Queen wanted it and yet people are still making statements about what I handle and will not let go of because I cannot take no for an answer. I understand what the animosity towards me at the Monarchy was all about, I am aware it was all about the fact the men were expecting to build a Man’s world when The Prince of Wales became Monarch and the prospect does not exist anymore because of my actions, which is precisely what the plan I had was. There is no such thing as untenable position, what has been happening has been one of allowing Royals into my life on a relationship basis, they had no regard for me which means every involvement adds up to a process where they took over and then their people and parents had to decide what happened with the relationship based on money, hence the Men had what they wanted and I could be compared to celebrities while they continued to tear up my finances and academic work like they did since the first day other Royals came into my life; now however these Royals have been getting married off, so it means less of a case where my position is not tenable. I am aware I am one of the longer serving and more experienced Royals at the Monarchy, I am aware people want what I have but do not have it, so when they speak of my position it usually means they were talking about Celebrities and the neighbourhood I have chosen to live in could decide if I lost my commission all together. I do not think that it is an issue as a whole; when people do not disturb a Royal Hermit working in his Hermitage for various reasons including these sorts of nonsense associated with people HM wants nothing to do with at the Monarchy, then the probability is that they do not get disturbed by me and a need to work unholy Hours as well and so it does not affect them in a way that makes them a bit gay all together in the same way I am really tired of them too; so they are apparently selling this behaviour, they have not deployed it at Government Office to run Public business the last time we checked now how they a problem with the society they have built and want me to be less happy. They do say they were determined to ensure I was never accepted at the Monarchy but it’s an old tale, a tale that changes nothing about the fact when I assess matters about what I am doing and how to improve on weaknesses it concerns a Royal Hermitage and this is something they have not got the power to change or even handle, all they will therefore show up to do is conduct interference that ensures when the Queen expects something from my work it is not there to serve. Otherwise I am just a hermit for those of them who claim I am pillaging Russian culture – I am just a Hermit and there are lots of those in the Vatican and the Anglican Communion, I am just a Royal one with an Estate and Public Office of my own, so I spend all day praying and working the Bible to get support for the fact they are always involved in some form of society to build pressure for my head and chest and tummy and bottom all day long, then move it off from there to seek out a means of making such a position into Public life for everybody. An example of these matters happening at the core will be when I got a Private security Industry job; my entire time at that job was then spent on a collection of goons who did nothing else save wanting to see some security developed for well to do villains, which has in turn eventually facilitated their new connections in the Arab World and the reasons they will have the world of Men when The Prince of Wales is Monarch is that which will happen in hell – the rest of the time its media and busy body cowards that cannot let people breathe with the blackmail of knowing about people’s setbacks and weaknesses, which makes me take a stand that offers up a realty that if they get away with such things nobody with a responsibility, a setback or a weakness is safe and women will not be safe – so when people do not disturb me while I operating at this Hermitage, the probability of disturbing them while they are working the jobs that get to their heads is non-existent. They do boast all the time about damaging my Books while I did nothing about it which is not really the case – there is actually no link between being happy while at Industry and damaging my Books save narcissism; they have progressed from justifying themselves on the basis of existing matters concerning consenting Adults to a point of bold and abusive distant violence because they think their position as bullies has been cemented. So there is always the sense that when people support me they got nothing but we all know it’s a matter of whether I want to make a decision on damage done to my Literary empire to preserve their dominance at the market place being paid for or whether with respect to the sexual aspects of their stupidities getting involved with my concerns, they really do have a type; so it comes to a matter of damage and how much they will pay for it if they are unable to let me get as normal.

I understand the story about a need to see me show bravery all of the time but it’s never really an emotive matter as such; we all know they are in love with their obscurities but are rather convinced the government should pay the bills when the fact somebody has a big bum generally means they smell like their loo because idiots cannot have enough and then drop out of University, cannot get the job and then become benefit scroungers; what they do not fancy then being the bills and even the process where they have to handle National threats for everybody – so we find that it is the business people who get them all the time by making them do something brave to earn a living like we know everybody they had taken advantage of was taken advantage of because they were doing something brave to earn a living: I do not live like they do and therefore am I required to do something brave all the time or lose an income, so their need to throw it at me endlessly has created this response and is starting to annoy me too. I mean it feeds into the stupid comments we see them make about fat people, I mean I would do it as well if fat people didn’t for instance in the Fashion industry, work so hard on community security so they might sit behind the scenes sewing up the designer clothes, which when I start to pay attention to wider public interest matters leads me down the street alleyways and the Restaurants, which then shows why what they think we should accept as a form of social wellbeing is actually an incredible degree of insolence and cynicism that they were better off spending with their own fucking mates – I mean what the corporate identity of my Hermitage is doing on the internet is to adorn some stupid skimpily dressed girl after cracked up out of my league has sex with her for instance and each time I securitise old stupidities new ones emerge with threats attached. So not passing insults at fat people allows me to see this obviously, therefore works for me and we can all become incredibly irresponsible if we wanted. The first time their insanity had an impact on me was when I was pushed out of University and it was the same chasing my bottom and then building up what was left of the years of academic work which has now ended without a University qualification as at atmosphere their children can access to become something important in society – it got me preparing for the fall out, so that once I was left responding to their stupidities at the culture and society every day, they became more aware of the damage I had done to it while I was at University in preparation for such times. What we are doing now is more a matter of the fact I grew fatter and got a tummy, so everything I do with my academic work adds up to stealing future from their children, talking nonsense about bravery even when it knows that if I were to get onto its case it will end up being an extremist once the absurdities had taken proper hold as it were. So I do get asked why I never saved the academic work instead but we see these all the time and so I had to do my academic work when I wanted to do it, the more pressing matter became the part where we had the power to decide what society to live in but chose to invent excuses and reasons to do something else that produces a detrimental effect – so I prepared for the times when I was stuck reacting to their absurdities at culture and society once I had dropped out of University and not the process of saving the academic work, now we know that like women spend time looking beautiful and then get set a task to see how far their beauty can go like their big mouths have suggested, so it never pays the bills until it has been sexually assaulted that popular culture might be possible, they are now seeing how far they can go on my case as wellbeing they cannot keep off. I do get told I protect them while they enjoy harming me which I don’t and they never harm me either; just does what it does best i.e. showed up at University after travelling to Africa to gather up some trouble makers and then made out a case of a problem it had which solution it was about to create I was going to gain from, by the time it has finished which my academic work lay in a wreck, it had graduated and gone off to get a good job spending its time on nothing else save issuing threats at me on the basis of the damage its stupidities have already done and how any rash actions on my part will lead to more of it, meanwhile left its goons at the high streets passing about blame culture, then the Europe loving bits, then the German Influence bits and so on but the facts of the matter being still that they are not in charge, I am, thus the problem I would gain from if they solved was the biggest gimmick of them all. I do get told I make a mess of everything and that I am making the mess on behalf of the Queen but there is really no such thing – the reality is more a case of the fact Politicians have made a mess of the civil service and Public Policy, what we have seen them spend most of their time on is rather a matter of getting people to give up trade secrets at Industry and since they will not be convinced Public Government is separate from Corporate Government, first the bottom must hurt because of Party whip and then after that because of Fat Cat Panels.