I am told that it would be nice if all the hatred and abuses people channel at me was eliminated but I do not think it is that much of a problem, just that people need to support my work if my Books are helping them, not fight my battles and grab my Public image; what happens with Fashion for instance is that a Model may have a racist view but it is the designer who picks up my Asset equities to create an item that she will model on the runway and that will be her punishment for it, such that much as I am happy for a wealthy person to buy that item and deploy it during an important function, it should be noted that such an action adds up to a bidding process at this Hermitage and that I am trying to run a Bookshop. The more extreme ones will be the stock market gits who think that I deserve to have them pillage my market in order to fill in incomes for time periods in every week when they have earned lower than they usually earn which happens in every business, because I was not superior enough to contribute to the building of the modern world which they built – among the ways in which people show up here to abuse me and fill in low income points in their business this is the worst of them all.

The other side of this story is largely that I am caught up in a Class War which I am not; what happens with a Class War is that I am black for instance, so my primary prognosis is that I am aware the way black culture works is a case whereby I am caught up with some ageists who leave subliminal nonsense in the local communities running around on how I am one of their children on whom their popularity future depends, so I am usually obligated to sort out matters of goons who rely on society powers instead of working for money – although white people have similar problems in their society, they usually much prefer to play up homosexuality and run around at popular culture that they will want to have it resolved, the Muslims do as well but they have their ideas about whom they ere superior to, the Asians do as well but they much prefer their homosexuality, passing insults at me over my front porch and backyard and complaining to Politicians about my attitude as insultingly as possible; the point being that Class War usually looks nice but I don’t see that those who want it that much would fancy the reality of it either, they are simply hoping that others were not educated about it most of them which makes it such a worthy activity. That said, I am talking about a situation in which there is no Class war, its just being mentioned and I am talking about the fact those who think it the Bees Knees have not assessed the fact that it will mean a completely different angle to the matter of me warning them about following me around especially at the academic institutions with such nonsense, concerning which I have already once dropped out of University and have made it abundantly clear that I will not tolerate it again. It feeds into the idea I know about Class otherwise I would not be so confident about it and yes I do but my history is that my Parents were divorced and it is still a difficult divorce to this day, my Dad felt he could never live in the UK while it was clear about barely 30 years after the world war claimed millions of lives, people were exhibiting the same behaviour again – the ethnic minorities do it because they claim there is historic injustice that needs to be corrected and once you give them a little way they show you it was a sweet something they wanted to do better, while white people simply own the whole thing in the first place.

In the end, the reality is that these people have a need to get counted into the worlds rich list and what is driving them is not as great as what is driving me to raise funds, find a wife and produce an Heir for this Hermitage; we all know this is very difficult coming on recently because of the actions of women telling me how to exist on Media and the Prime basis has always been something I must do to make them comfortable while they dredge up problems as per I had no choice, eventually culminating in claims I am supposed to support Culture, Theatre, film and sport as Royalty but am doing less than enough, while we know that if a Car Company were to seek my Equity and deploy them to build a car that means somebody can drive it in a bad neighbourhood without attracting the wrong crowds and they wanted to make these things with the same equities, there is no way it would have been so insulting and abusive as to ensure I dropped out of University because I was unable to cope with the torrent of other peoples stupidities; so clearly they would tell me that saying mean cunt is a terrible word but it is only descriptive as they were always aware that for every number of months and years they spend on this nonsense at my expense, even their jobs and families are not affected by their own behaviour. So the Men that are clearly in their league claim I am completely oblivious to what people want from me while reality was rather that they really do need to be supportive of what I am doing if they found it useful or give me my space: the involvement with an author’s concerns while reading Books was almost a taboo will not suffice – they do claim I exhibit the same behaviour with Celebrities and other people’s companies as we know they can never stop telling lies in much the same way I have made it clear and they understand that those who own the Companies they work for and Manage have expressed their willingness to go along with my Intellectual Property Administration business almost every day for the last 13 years, while they have continued to invent excuses and abuses that add to a process of stealing my property basically with the use of popular culture, stock markets and political busy body corruption that makes it appear the age of 50 was a luxury, pillaging my profit margins and breaching my patents with abandon, while their Celebrities grab any income margins they liked.