They have this need I can see, to discuss the cost of my Government security and support and I wouldn’t understand anyway as it were – I mean when I say that my work is supposed to pay for itself because I designed it that way it would never have been because I am trying not to depend on the tax payer like other members of the Royal Family but rather because it was the best way to ensure it operates at optimum level, unless they are doing their stuff in which case they pay and not the government and if they want to keep paying need to keep getting involved. I understand their point but I have no idea why they have continued to assume anybody is stupid enough to see that when men are nice they are busy damaging other peoples possessions in order to enhance the importance of their own and then set about building systems that allow people to creatures structures that can foster the means for job creation around them as well at the same time – I mean the Politicians get involved so they can damage and steal and leave me for who will employ but is careful not to take advantage in the first place by the way and get involved everyday so they can do it everyday on account they find it pleasurable to – so yes I do believe I have done a satisfactory job indeed for my part as well. I understand they claim the part about building structures around women is the idea I stole from The Labour Party of course but this is not an emotive issue since we all know that it is the citadel where men take root and group and regroup in order to do all sorts of evils in this country counting centuries back right up to this very moment but the question has always been a simple one i.e. if the rule was that men go out and bread win and women stay at home and home make, how on earth do they explain how the Monarchy is all about men? So that there seems to be so many socialist and male nonsense arguments that can be made around this matter to allow any kind of involvement which is always ultimately to result in the ending of stealing, damage and leaving me to those who would employ but are careful not to take advantage. I understand the claim of how much damage I have done to the world of men which is an example of the reasons they do what they do but I have only one thing to say to it i.e. the academic work is there and they can damage it if they want – after all the last time we checked they had a temper to go with the fact they are block heads.

I mean we hear them say the response to fascism has continued to remain that of silence or blocking like they block my books and leadership of course – which of course is not everybody’s response since some of us known racism is something politicians are supposed to deal with – I mean you do not expect your citizens to get out of bed every day and do the things they need to do to check the media and the civil service and the local communities to ensure people are not messing up what they have done to make themselves employable and to keep the jobs they have found while at the same time pretending that you can have a different Policy towards individuals that have a certain greed that borders on a medical problem which they can deal with those blame culture instead of seeking out medical help. The rest of us know that it is impossible to explain to people how metal tanks that kept getting bigger and bigger blew up the oldest trees in a continent, just so they can drive through to blow up human beings on account their race was superior – therefore it was one big confusion, a breakdown of civility from day one of fascism to the very day that it ended and hence there should be a reason to see it again. Racists are actually very lazy and greedy people that will do anything for money and these idiots are exactly the same thing only that they think the rest of us should make an exception for them especially when they damage our property and pretend to have power over us with media which they cannot make me do because they had started it but are now chicken and had become cowards along the line – not everybody has a block it or shut up Policy about racism – it is always ever so easy to start as it were. I hear what I say is a feeble way of dealing with the issue which solves nothing and that is utter nonsense of course because it does i.e. this is not their Public life, they were not born this way and were not raised this way, need to get off my book sales and nobody is doing my stuff anywhere with that big mouth – I can do equity and Intellectual Property administration for big businesses and declare it in public and still get them to buy the products without any problems whatsoever, this is not their own and they have at my expense done that popular culture and made money from it but we can see it is not enough, so when they are scared of racists we know that the process of bullying them until they become so distracted that neither I nor them nor anybody else sees the need to discuss my finances becomes a less attractive option – however these questions arise due to issues around the blow out that comes with this method of handling the matter. The part where people cannot work out how I found the justification to say such things is very well understood of course but it has been three or four years or so of their parents saying I need to be dominated first before I am allowed to complete an academic work being transferred by them to my books and in this case involves media building up the markets and the business contents of the books for somebody else to claim and now they are sitting around damaging anything that makes money for the business while using media to complete certain things in it that works for the benefits of peoples civil rights in order to be famous and to do my stuff winding me up – so it is the same old case of men and their need to be rich and famous and the criminal things they will do to no known limits to have it and I am saying that if the Politicians do it then the reality is that I am not bullying the Politicians yet hence the reasons they always want to put me in the zone of reaction to the evils of their society, so I am just sitting somewhere expecting the dividends of bullying politicians to turn up around me as if by magic and it is the same with them too, I am not doing it, only sitting somewhere to expect the benefits to happen by magic and to that end they are blabbing as it were making out that their many cover ups have paid off. They do say I have been forced to use my own position and disposition to solve the same problems I created of course but I don’t know if it means the children of disobedience have won a great victory either – if I am doing it of which is because they are stupid and only know how to create the problems they cannot solve and if that is their power I am sure they know they have started again. Yes I understand they are quietly confident they can take me but we all know when I handle them a bit they will get the entire Parliament involved and when the MPs turn up they will be here to ensure that I am not a threat to important and vulnerable people that they are until they get under my skin and when I ask what has been achieved from it after a decade of wasting my time we realise they were powerful and want to be rich after that as well, hence the issue of that parliament having a need to seek people out and join in when others are hurting them as it were, now developing economies are not developing for Industrial extremists - so China-Japan relations reset point being men have lost –i mean for their girls especially the other most popular engagement is the stealing or destruction of other peoples personal lives to feel good with comparative sense of privilege with media – it is how they handle the problems they create and the ones they get themselves into in order to get rich in the first place, simple things like personal happiness being dealt with through problems transfer lest they look like they are not it and it is not hurting badly enough for the ones that happen around here so far yet as it were, they believe they have more threats in store and I will be around for that too for my part.

I am aware of some problematic case of me making racial slurs against white people but of course I am not going to be made to withdraw them either because it depend on their attitude too – I mean its not okay its just depends – like standing on a Bridge in a British suburb to make expressions about a guy from another culture that you keep hearing things about from your fellow idiot knowing he is crossing a danger zone if he messes with your industry connections for example and then the property equity brokered for simple household goods will mean customers cannot have peace of mind looking for peace of me all the time as well – never mind the part where even my friends are a problem and the way they are treated is not okay, it just depends, or the part where I build an empire and get hounded by the parents who must dominate me before I finish my academic work and if they lose a fight get their children involved to express what their view of me is and has resulted in building an empire in which the money has ended up somewhere else so they can always get what they want, this kind of treatment is not okay, it just depends. So I am going to make their own permissible as well so that they can get all over the place covering it up too; just to show it is not everybody that gets to have their minds all fuzzy when they do these things for my part and for their part how much they can give to the frugal if they have got it, like an empire where the money ends up somewhere else, so others can get rich with their majority population with the market and keep the power they will have made in the process for future use as well. They made the money with all that popular culture but it was never enough for apparent reasons and they like to handle my property to act as though they are the only ones that know what money is about – I have therefore to express they cannot do anything mentioned it several times because I am determined to make their own permissive too, worse case is that they have their corner and leave me alone – they are into sales as well and know it is all about numbers. Its not my opinion that it is something we need to discuss again and again and again – I mean if I watch videos of a beheading by an Islamic group in Somalia and it affects me they will pick that up as another gap they can dig for power and perversion in my life an innocent adult that is not covered by child molestation laws and is being abused for a distance which of course is always not okay every time but it depends etc, now as we can see the reality has turned up as expected that what they do with it is my fault and that was entirely an extension of that sense they have all the time that there is nothing I do which slightly tickles them that will ever go without punishment no matter how long it takes and who I am or become with a big mouth. So its nothing to worry about – when I say I will make their own permissive too, its a case of assessing whether the HMRC and the job centre and the entire civil service and even the media and the NHS right down to common agencies of recruitment that give you a job for to do for others so they themselves can be paid their commission have a policy that says the one crime that can never go unpunished is discrimination, so I can build a company in which the property equities and profits end up somewhere else – I mean how does peoples company property equity end up somewhere else anyway? They do need to keep off the book sale market and stop being so stupid – by the time they had done anything about me I would probably have become rich from using racial slurs – so here they are; white trash – niggling nigger – paki – and I will pick them up as I go along as well.