Now on the matter of Politicians and media goons and a daily campaign to stifle my earnings, I do not think it a major issue in a large sense, just that it is really provocative and my reaction of course is as simple as it has always been; starting from gender equality where I will continue to make myself the guy that promises to help women, the result will continue to remain therefore that others can do their stuff for them all the time and to ensure that is happening all they need do is latch onto it and make noise about making sure my finances are nothing to write home about and I end up as a House husband to some rich woman whereby I can pay for what I promised and they can turn up to claim it. The part about racism is very well understood, it seems people cannot exist unless I do something about racism and I have no idea how I am supposed to carry on with those sort of nonsense on my head either, nor am I concerned about it since I know black idiots have a culture and that culture has a system of seniority and that it will never let me be and that I have put a warning about my plans to use them as a talisman for wealth and glory for those insults, having declared them a professional abominations that need to stay off my public life and public work and so it is a simple case of the fact I have put up all these warnings on a website and since I expect them to keep stalking me then I assume they must have read it and do not care if they have either; it has been an 11 years of tolerating them so any fair minded person would assume they have had enough and need to make way. I have never done anything therefore that has not received the consent of The Queen, their only relevance to my affairs is with regards to the question of whether what I do is so important that The Queen does not have a choice about changing her mind and to it they are here to ensure that The Queen changes her mind and that the result becomes that I have no right to earn a living, looking for trouble all the time. Just like that old story of getting Politicians to collect my work for them to make a living with apart from which they will not exist; I don’t think it is a major issue either since it has no meaning or reason or purpose and if the Politicians are happy to be accomplices to whatever wickedness they all plan black and none black alike then so be it and they can blow my top with that too but the only way it would affect me financially would be if each time the Politicians do they attack and damage my work in order to make them feel good and yes they are wondering when they do, the what is happening with their Politics and Political offices and power therefore as a result are they not and those they do it for are wondering equally why their side of society is being used to create wealth inequality yet. Those stupid powerful useless lives and we are not talking about a living wage but a very powerful infantile need to be rich and famous, so we are talking about millions at your expense and they can come and get it if they want, so will I become more and more intolerant of that stupid Popular culture to ensure that is the case. I have warned them to no avail about those stupid media and glossy magazines and the popular culture insults after they make those Music CDs to peddle my company in their names and want me to behave in a way that keeps the social idea going that it is something they have the right to do; like evil children with a control of their fathers money and so what I will do to that Popular culture will ensure they come round and get it in person, until then they can get all the Politicians in the world that they want so we can find out down that route as well. They say there have always been women who take a look at a man and want to make him a bum because they have determined he is not a real man or it is some kind of interest they have made up to make him less of a man for a higher cause or benefit but that is precisely my point; we will get to the bottom of why they are a threat to the idea I might have money to buy anything I want or need, a threat to the idea that I might go out and return home without having anything about my person changed, a threat to the idea I might have a right to leave my property somewhere and return to find it as I did leave it, a threat to my personal freedom as a person in general because they would be rich and famous if they controlled my commitments. I mean what is that s tuff they said again? Oh I get it, gender inequality in the work place issues. Its just my view and opinion and outlook about things and I think it is what people negate which causes them to take these incredible risks with me that they take; I mean they consider themselves to be something that is really difficult for people to deal with and I am asked to simplify what I say all the time but of course in my view they are simply twisted evil people that are not friends of mine and so I have no need to be accountable to them and have no need to have them be accountable to me, unless they mess up something of mine or provoke me as such but where it really applies is that what they are saying when they do these things is that I am all over the place about the little wickedness they practice on me whereas they are capable of much more than that and I am of course not interested and need them off my book sales in the instant at all times. I know when women work in the secret service the purpose of their stupid lives automatically becomes keeping their eyes firmly fixed on my penis and the rest will likely work in the city centre with men and the purpose of their lives is to ensure the penises of those men are available to be looked at by those in the secret services and so they complain of sexual harassment at the work place and gender inequalities because it is a backup plan for some wickedness they want to get away with, making live really difficult for other women that their men love to take advantage of. So this is where I stand on the matter to make it simpler and provided they stay off my books and off my finances and off my people they should have no problems, especially their stupid Nationalists and most applicable to those of them that are business world goons; of course chiefly of whom are Americans that seem to be the most confident idiots in the world when it comes to the existence of media meaning that others do not own what already belongs to them.