Now the idea it is never really clear what I am saying is a very well understood point, the reality of that is rather that it is difficult to work out which exasperates people the most, the shame of the fact Politicians and Television faces that are very well paid at their jobs cannot buy my books to get involved with it that they want it so badly they get involved with me to get the benefit of the books or indeed the very fact that they are doing it which creates financial problems for me. So eventually it is the part about Ministers slashing welfare budgets and needing my equities while they spend public funds on construction industries to build the economy of the future that does get to kick it off – I am not passing it up again; people should get involved with the books and not with me. Of course they ask why it happens as it were but that is not a real issue on the other hand as everybody knows about middle class con artists as it were; what they want is to be able to ensure I like being them more than I like being me and in order to make that happen they must be able to add some of mine to their own to create such an effect and more so using media bullying of which I do imagine what I would want to do with publicity for my part is to make use of peoples products without buying them as a TV Presenter or TV Host or even a Politician; so I am not saying I am innocent in the matter either because I did handle them there and they now hate my guts and talk nonsense about owning all I have as well which leads to the other story about how I steal their culture, whereas what happens is that since they know where my books are the process of being royalty as well to bring about social equality and then make sure I never get it back too in the end has become the answer to everything for them in their lives and it is a sign to me they do that civil rights nonsense way to often and have therefore become convinced they can do it to absolutely everybody and I have warned them they are not royalty and if they were are not me. Hence the financial problems they get off to create for me on media and with their stupid trends everyday and then blow off dirty talk about how all I own will be made by them to pass on to somebody else is to me just something they do in order to find out how badly I will beat them and beat it down low enough to make it a matter of opinion – for now I will wipe them out all the way to homosexual communities where nobody prevents them from enjoying their high life but they regularly turn up to seek privileges of being able to do things to people that they are not allowed to by the rules in order to push boundaries of liberties they can take hence the newest one being homosexual marriages. It’s the old story of how I get to criticise the actions of the Prince of Wales, where they do that foolish popular culture at me endlessly when I have never struck a conversation with them before and do not intend to anyway but it seems the process of their Popular culture works on the basis of ladies in waiting for Monarchs all over the world or indeed men they have hurt or indeed men that work with them, so that one of these reasons is always a viable disposition for an idiot to sing my intellectual property for a living and then regularly play their music tracks on their media over my profit margins each time I work for it as well, especially the part where ladies in waiting hurt certain men who now feel they need to do such things to get back at the women involved etc and I am gathering facts it is really all about an idiot that does a lot of activities in the Gymnasium, wears sunshades all the time and carries a camera or works back stage and thinks he is really tough and when my fact gather had crystallised and they are still around those book sales, they will kick it off here as well and we will play it out all the way to an end that also involves playing out whatever their problems is in the United States of America too. All I am saying is that I am a writer and people need to buy the books to get involved period; they can understand that at least. They cannot stay by themselves you see, cannot stop touching others and cannot stop leaning on others violently too and like to claim it is a process of applying throes of poverty at me to bring about equality looking for some of mine when I need to make it a matter of opinion as well; it is just their really vile, nasty and despicable nature and I will tolerate no more of that stupid fame and fortune around me my livelihood too.It runs through to matters such as Syria where they love their stories on their media that I like to keep Syrians at an Arms Length when in actual fact people there did clearly tell them they want the entire world to be involved in their war so it might be the only thing they are remembered for as it were - theirs is screwed you see and I can testify to that because I did it and I bet they want other peoples own screwed too.


There is really never any such thing as women who have me wrapped around their little finger or so, what there are is a collection of twisted women that bring home point at the Gospel of Christ all the time to talk nonsense on media, in any case of which I still fancy older women and they can want a relationship with their worst nightmare here as well for it; it is one of those old issues about whether you will disobey the Laws of God to your detriment by taking pity on the fact she suffered at the hands of men, knowing even so she is angry and out of control and wants somebody to take it out on as well and of course what the truth is along such circumstances; it is true the Bible says 'suffer not a witch to live' - when you afflict them, you should never do it as though you expect them to come through it alive. 
I hear that talk all the time that my thing with my evil birth mother will one day eventually lead to a process where I become a high profile criminal, murderer or even terrorist but of course nothing will lead to any such thing since I am aware that I would never on any occasion wreck my own child’s career while he lives with me on account I want him to be a plaything for an evil world on grounds he has decided to forego all opportunity available to him in an advanced country such as the UK and opted instead for becoming a Christian. I would never therefore find people that can help me deal with him or follow him around town when he had left home to enforce personal finance crisis until such a thing is the result, so in the same way people do expect me to set up a big building in the city first before they understand that their attitude can only continue to an ending where their business disappears and mine stays, since it is therefore clear absolutely everybody wants to be taken advantage of by an evil world. Now I know saying such things makes me vulnerable to black people but such things are utter nonsense too in any case as the reality is rather that I keep away from black people so that that stuff they do that provokes racists even when they are doing it to other people can finally pay dividends and yes they know chasing me around causes it to get worse and worse and worse since it seems they cannot leave people alone and other people have tempers that they cannot get rid of either; so maybe such nonsense are said when they find other means of making sense of any process by which they wonder why others are bothered about what they do to me when they are doing it to me and not them anyway, but will not be caught dead stopping if a certain form of activity tends to provoke people at large as it were, so good luck to them and I am moving on. The part about the Princess of York however is the one where I will soon have to set out some Americans I intend to teach a lesson that they will never forget since she is not yet anybody’s fiancé but I have lost everything already for the self advancement of stupid yanks who have no respect for anything in their lives and so it has been set and matched as it were and some Americans who get married into the royal family should do nothing about it and get them off my public work and royal property and book sales as it were and then blow off their mouths about their money regularly too to find out if I am not going to fix it for them as well. Where there is talk I need to get involved with the Queen as well is the bees knees too – in any case of which I am game since things I have done to ensure HM is never kept in the ‘not know’ about anything is not hurting badly enough; I always like to say this is not the right place from which to get involved with a Monarch and hence it is not that I am fundamentally afraid of the Queen but that I am just too busy, so that I can also have the means to work out if idiots in this country do have jobs to spend their time on or not. As for my views and opinions causing people trouble; we have always lived in a world where they enjoy locating people to take out on anything that has happened to them in their lives and I will not be informed about the effects of my actions and views and opinions by any idiot that needs to live with the consequences of that too - those who have had their lives and finances wrecked by it over a period of five years and then finances wrecked after that over a period of four years and now book sales under attack for three years so far, where if fun is not added to ensure people get away with it, such activities will become criminal, are likely to be very unhappy about it. That the way I handle my affairs does not do anything for my progress however is not true; popular assumption is largely that there is no elitism involved in my deeds but there are heavily – such statements as the fact I will not be informed by any fool that needs to live with the consequences of his actions in a world we have created for ourselves where people take their problems out on others in order to handle it rather than deal with it themselves does get to enhance that anyway and some Politicians should always endeavour to give people anything they want as it were too.