I do not have to get worried about my views of homosexuals in anyway whatsoever, I mean people never really pay attention to the kind of evil that homosexuality really is anyway; I mean is it normal for people to think that being wealthy and having all they want is derived from an environment where others have no sense of reality because it means they will be willing to give up possessions on grounds that people have civil rights? It’s always all very well when we hear them speak of having sex with people from the same sex as they do without making trouble for others but besides that there is no evil that they are not involved in, ranging from when politicians force people to be educated before they can get jobs and then ruining the education of some while making conditions so difficult to that effect which in turn creates those who worked hard enough to be educated when they were not set out by the Politicians as the ones that have the right to be, hence educated people without jobs and we all know what kind of evil homosexuals use these for as well and it gets worse – see somebody down to their last £1000 and it is the person that tells you off for doing it or thinking it that causes you to push them over the edge if the entire world wants them to be prostitutes, create a small problem that wastes their last thousand pounds and push them over the edge without reason, it gets better because what is hated about Christians and religious people is that they don’t offend anybody and they should have not expect mercy when others have needs and it can go on endlessly. I for instance was in the University some 9 years ago and that was where they needed to show they were after money but because of me and religion that belongs to me and law that belongs to me they are being distracted, I dropped out, they passed the exams and got off to become escorts, that way their demands on others will intensify, so that it’s when they complain of Police brutality that the whole thing starts to make sense all together but the next time they challenge me over their stupid sexuality and I see them around my Books to that effect it will lead to a fight. This is not a matter of refusing to accept what has been done to me is bad and violent – nothing has been done to me, only their stupidities; wrecked the academic work and now after the books, so have a job but it is still somebody else’s plaything at the moment and if I see that stupid culture I will cut it up again as it were; like everything has failed to push you over the edge today hence some gay marriage in play – they do say I push people over the edge in the same way too but it’s all about handling things around here wasting my time which has now ran into 15 years so far for what they have not got a bloody clue what to do with and so need to leave me alone and get off my books so they can avoid being on the edge. It’s all a very well calculated process that produces endless numbers of people to whom justice has been denied – cannot be that bad for them, nobody can take revenge on them for it because they have already hit rock bottom, they are already gay and as for the media, those are the ones that thrive on what gay people do to strip you of your humanity and make you chase your pride like an animal that cannot catch his hunt; are you an animal in the first place at all? They will by the way have been able to re-orientate the way people behave towards you completely for 100% and your real self will be swept aside and misunderstood while people will behave towards you like you are some animal that is supposed to live in the bush or something like that and then gay people will be happy with the society they have created and confident their rights have been respected; they can ask me about their stupid rights again, if they have the guts for it and I would like it if the media clears my space as it were; so it now comes down to the story of what I say and how it makes people feel and how they have a need to shut me up permanently, it is obviously something they feel that they are gay enough for and I recognise that behaviour from a previous encounter involving the disruption of criminal violence, so clearly they will not come to any harm and it is clearly not hurting badly enough yet; you tolerate that nonsense from them take medicine to feel better every day and as a result of which you can never ever, ever feel good and now you have to deal with the destruction of your academic work and finances and whole they are after your livelihood inform you these statements people make which offend same sex communities will one day face a reckoning with a big mouth. They speak of the damage I have done to their lifestyle of course and yes I have done the damage as it were, it means I get to find a cause I chase to my death so others can get rich because I look the part as it were; besides which they can pirate the career of Royalty as it were, they will brainwash all those who know of what belongs to him in order to do that and they had better died trying than do nothing at all – so of course they can turn up here and shut me up if they are gay enough for that too but they will never ever see that stupid culture again; they do say I pretend it does not make sense to have same sex relationships but it does – it makes sense if you are the kind of person that thinks of nothing but a culture state of affairs in which women and children were an unacceptable sight because you want to harness available resources and centralise wealth in your age or sex group only due to the appetite of your own greed which is simply beyond human measurement basically, so homosexuality makes sense for that and I don’t want to see the exhibition of any of that stupid culture around my concerns anymore – yet they will never ever see it ever again. The story of somebody killing homosexuals for me is very well understood but what it means is that I said something and somebody shot somebody else, for people would shoot people because somebody said something over there as it were – I am not trying to help with their stupidities here it has to be seen but to make it clear people have sound reasons behind their actions. Just like the case here; I may have an obligation to ensure they do not create their stupid wars by provoking people to that extent while politicians give them enough rights to ensure people can only sort it out through organised violence that claims the lives of innocents as well and then they tell me about comments that may have offended their same sex communities as well – so this is where a line has to be drawn and the next time they bring it up there will be consequences; after all if you go from writing books inspired by the Holy Spirit to writing books inspired by the holy spirit but to save people from the evil activities of others who want to be able to control your mind, hurt others to get your attention and cannot say anything they want to say to the world unless they are saying it around you to extricate the most amount of perversion they claim is power, especially when it is same sex spoken from a religion disposition for instance, then you can have any opinion about them and it will always only be just an opinion – they engineered it not me, I don’t know them, we are not related. Its important people do think about it carefully the next time they wish to table their same sex nonsense at me; I have had enough. I mean if I saw wife and husband converse with each other in difficult times, would I want to make it into some alternative lifestyle that I can enjoy as spare privilege? Considering more so that any two persons in a relationship save the friends they have are actually on their own – nobody helps a man with the task of being a Father and nobody helps a women even their own partner with the task of being a Mother, so would I want to do it; I am not friends with these idiots and seriously have a problem with having to think about the fact they exist in any given 24 hours and it is time they got that straight as well. I am fed up with putting any one of my 24 hours at their disposal.

So I ruin the things people do to defend themselves in a dangerous world then get about complaining and yes of course I did, the existence of those things general mean I am always getting checked out; maybe I am writing books about a Politicians, making money with the use of another person’s public office without getting permission first but anything they find in my life is theirs due to the fact they have media and its already been done; so I am fed up – they need to disappear and not take up anymore of my hours. I have done all I can to show them there is no way they can steal my career especially for the media ones who like to make out I am the person who shows I enjoy responsibilities being placed on me no matter how heavy and so on looking for trouble and I have made it clear they need to clear my space as well but I know everything about them and I know everything about their country, stealing my career will never happen in this life or the next and there isn’t a world in which they can do it. I don’t believe it is unusual; the same persons are usually supposed to be evil beyond my imagination, so they are here because they are fanatics of power and if I tell them they don’t control me they will beg to differ on account they have media and have dreams of what they could have done if they were in my position and that is why I can never ever feel good on account I am not doing those things so they can have things, and of course if I tell them to keep off my books they will rather dream of what they can do by controlling me through my finances instead. It’s not true that I must learn my place when it comes to what their needs are where my possessions are concerned – I mean if you look at Hollywood and banana lifestyle and the decadence of the 90s and so on and the fact they don’t pay attention when you remind them their Politicians are not doing public work free of charge and handling the alternative opinions organised criminals have about my work will lead to consequences, it is a story of a lifestyle that has been all but decimated and I am only getting warmed up; I have to put up with all these nonsense because this lifestyle exists and regularly furnishes them evidence with which to tell me there is a saying in places where they spend most of their time that sounds like ‘its already been done’, the homo lifestyles and the partying and the clubbing and all worth not and the stubbornness and the disobedience and I don’t see their mates around here for my part either  – they need to get off my books to prevent it. You can spend 3o minutes preaching one thing and if they have a 5 hour party that does the opposite, it can easy happen to you because it’s all your fault unless those parties vanish into your faith, it will never stop – so I don’t see their mates around here, controlling me by my finances on plans they have got if they had my office. Where on earth I wonder people suppose the fact I have come from anyway; facts about handling peoples possessions to play communist territory and keep it permanently, facts about messing people up in order to get hurt by US security and make out a position that is exclusively for those the US does not protect with super power status, facts about those who want to be society men and America’s big stick doing things to others that people have expressly shown displeasure for, facts about selling state secrets etc – an inability to tolerate the popular and homosexual cultures and its various out puts especially those that target me with direct financial threats and insults? I mean they do say I am overdue to get married and settle down but do not wish to be chased around by homosexuals for my part as well and it depends on whether or not their activities are counterproductive such as my temperaments being secure and not allowing them break through, so in order to get to me they need to explain it away as something that is born out of sleeping with peoples wives, so the level of pressure and violence I suffer will make that possible – it’s not their lives you see, they can always move on. It’s more like when they play their games with terrorists; news causes pain and I am a journalist and I have a camera and that means I can screw with you, reason being if they die then they die on my Royal Estate and it was worth it, so whenever I mention such things they like to say I indulge my cowardice but I am only taking it away from them every time they die as it were, so we can find out if the world really works the way they like to claim it does. I understand in light of which I say things that cause the American Politicians in government to take the other route and go another way; does not make sense to me either – all I know is that they are dealing with a British man and not an American one and I am unlikely to wear baggy shorts and white trainers and party all day thinking it is trendy to live like that but for them there is no listening so it gets to a point where it is abusive and hurtful. There is no truth to those stories of being vulnerable to Mr Obama as such, none whatsoever; I mean if you do take these men and their secret societies of power from the ones that are forged when they go for a drink to highly organised and financially deuced ones and the problems they allow feminist to cause you and match it to their bragging regularly you will end up creating a problem for the planet of your own – having said so it’s a matter of other peoples time given to Mr Obama which he has clearly not paid for and so his fellow idiots have come to think they will never pay for it eventually, hence I am having to deal with a process where they cannot rip up my career so they need to handle the products at the most opportune time which I never signed a contract with them that says they can and turn out to expect to be criminals at the White House that are much more than lame duck leaders and want to be it at my expense; we Christians have always been aware of people that can attack and murder us to grab things we have which they don’t and it seems the murdering is all they can do as well; so for Mr Obama he got my time and misused it and abused me as well and has not paid for it, now he wants me to allow him commit intellectual property crimes against me and remain thereafter something more than just a lame duck leader and it is not clear if he intends to pay for that too, yet again he is confident he never will eventually as it were.

It’s nothing unusual; American Policy does not generally set out that British sovereignty should be deployed to deal with US problems and Saudi Problems and Iraqi problems and so on – just the Barrack Obama corner – that said they tell their tales all the time but this is the sort of thing the land of the free is vulnerable to since everybody wants to do it as well and we can understand as such why they do those things they do to Police the world but they don’t threaten me without consequences. The popular culture idiots can handle my Royal Estate if they want but at some stage I will travel to the US as well to see how they are doing it; I mean we all try not to become fundamentally offended by everything concerning popular culture no matter how hard they try to make us feel that way but sometimes, some things really have to be settled; there is no such thing as businesses as usual of the kind of that their big mouth, they will soon make a loss and put their money where their mouth is. I am not a child of war; I was always aware that their need to handle my Royal and privileged war and peace sensibilities bearing in mind their lower class madness means they never speak of themselves and always talk as a group of people at all times endlessly was always going to lead to trouble and so they can always get rich with it, make popular culture, run a business and so on. I mean this is who I was, what I was raised and bred to be – what I love and what I hate changes every second and if I had not paid this much attention to their lives I would never have noticed their own remains the same for as long as they do live, it’s strange to me and maybe mine to them too, so I am sure it’s a big world and enough for all.