Now there is this twin talk of how the violence in the Middle East is turning on Christian communities of course, as well as that of how we cannot put the forces of democracy and freedom on the same par as forces or terror and persecution and torture etc. With respect to the former it seems the forces of socialism and democracy have done their best to turn the wars on Christian communities hence fair to say they can either keep their cameras out of the Middle East or keep them away from me or I will get worse. The other is a lot more complicated for them apparently i.e. that if somebody puts some supplies on a camel and travels into the dessert leaving normal life behind in service of his God and you follow him around to whack him over with women’s whiles on account you believe he is becoming more and more like you while you have the money he does not and are out of his league, it is fair to conclude that he will kill you one day. Therefore I have never really said those who were killed on 9/11 are the same as those who carried out 9/11 but if I did I would not be wrong in anyway whatsoever, first of all I am not a commoner and am not obliged to do any fools civil rights and if I did decide to would be something I chose to do but more importantly, just because Americans are insolent is not to say they can gag me as well. The reality is a simple case of women who think they hate men like me because we never get into a fight so women can feel like women and another group of idiots on the other side of the sex spectrum who think they want to own all that belongs to me and cannot tolerate my success and hence all I say and do are for the purposes I have stated clearly unless people want to exasperate me and get me to bend them over as well as painfully as possible to find out what becomes of that democracy – hence an explanation of how the way they attack me is different from the way they attack others i.e. why they think I need to explain the reasons I exist and I think they will sleep and shit and live with the anarchy of the Crowd that makes them such a problem, especially when they are Politicians.

My point is that it is not that easy to simply decide one side is barbarism and the other is democracy; maybe there is the argument that saying what I have said does not take into account the needs of women but the truth as we all know is that it is women that help criminals remove the institutional limits that society places on the actions of everybody i.e. for example I enjoy wrecking Mr Johns Finances, at some stage the rules of means and ends says that I will reach a point where it is no longer profitable and then lay off but if women take away institutional limits like such rules of legitimate means to ends, then you can do it forever and hence make no sense when they complain and it is not so clear cut to suggest Muslims that like to abuse them and keep them from jobs and education are barbaric in their actions either – not that simple. In the end the reality of what they do has more to offer to a process where they are arranging some kind of a fight between you and somebody to whom they intend to ensure you lose the fight because they want to be able to be given somebody they can dominate in their lives for pleasure as well, like men do but such persons would be men too on the other hand which sets the stage for the corruption of society and institutional limits on simple morals like thinking of another human being as a person with feelings that can be hurt and the possibility of people having relationships that grow into a bond and instead of tiresome homosexual nonsense that institutionalises the idea that you must exist to see others fail. It is women that remove these limits and there are some that outrage the general population as well like say a 19 year old acting on a daily basis in ways which is to help a Politicians remove institutional limits to his behaviour towards the treasury, which gives her nothing and nobody will ever understand but she knows she has planned her own investment in herself with respect to what she wants to do with her life and the lives of those around here; so you cannot say the Muslim who keeps her from an education and from money is barbaric while those who do not are democratic, it is not that simple, not that cheap.

The part about how I never listen to what others say is largely a matter of nonsense they blast off all over the place which has no sense of respect for what I am and what I do for a living and hence the seemingly important need to tell them to stay off the book sales unless they are looking for real trouble and tell them not to exasperate me over what I say and do the purposes of which I have clearly stated if they don’t want me to bend them and their freedom over the other way as well. In the end it is the same old outcome heroes like me who think of new products and the need to provide my customers with clout and freedom when I sell it to them, villains who want to own it and peddle it and Industry where lazy idiots have money to lay one period of time over the other to serve consumers and get rich, hence there is a lot of delusion out there about what I am really worried about when I say and do anything I may have said and done. Another example is the way I live i.e. people hear them speak all the time of how I and big problems in the military do not really mix but all there is over there is people who are familiar with violence and death who actually like me as a person, which is many times so much better than being provoked by democratic idiots every single day. So it is not so simple to say that the various reaction to provocation is barbaric, some of which may be barbaric in nature, while they are democratic and that both cannot be tabled and looked at within the same par. And as for women, it does not make any sense who would be the monumental idiot that locates women who gets into trouble because they do not show any respect for successful versions of their own sex and then set out to help them dominate men as well but in the spirit of this matter in itself, never clear what he who thinks both cannot be discussed at the same level mean. I am not saying I myself do not take away institutional limits to the actions that people may take in any case; I do i.e. people wreck my finances and handle my property and expect me to ignore the crime with a big mouth about what I cannot do about it and concentrate on whether or not they are making fame and fortune from it which I will certainly lose so they can have everything and a good feeling with doing so and I must mark out the time in which they can do that; four years will mean if they stop I will recover and they will have their pleasure of seeing what people look like when finances are wrecked and I will recover my finances and everybody will be okay, five years and we are looking at some emotional consequence for me, so I know they will want to stop somewhere in the middle of the fifth year in order to keep themselves liked by the Public so I take that decision for them and build it up for them in public somewhere around the beginning of the fifth year in order to ensure there is every possibility that they can go home. In terms of the Americans I know my books are things people will not like to make their own publicity for, so I handle the product as something I select publicity for with my own hands and carefully, hence right from day one three years ago when everything I do turns up scandalously on Television these American idiots have continued to exist of the opinion no body has been offended and we are not talking about that desire they have to dissect and study what makes Royalty what they are in order to absorb and peddle it which leads to a lot of flattery for top royals and bullying for middle and lower royals yet, just the books and the fact if they want that stupid society back they can come around here and get it too.


Now it is said the actions I take about these matters is still lack lustre but I have always maintained that it is the same old kinds of provocation and abuse i.e. black women never listen and travel to the UK because they think it is a place where they can treat men the same way men treat them, so if you get involved you will be punished by white women who think you interfere with their fight and it is the same thing going on in black and white male communities as well - the reality of which is that I do not want to play with any of them or even those that are my age mates, while they think they are being racist and the blacks think they will never tolerate any kind of financial success that I may have, so it is a matter that ends up in the far west and the US where they think there are enough people to hate my guts regularly; playing with them or allowing them anything they want to do for pleasure or any other purpose bring not just financial failure but failure in every thing else, all the way to an ability to get employment from those that are actually willing to give it to me and they do not understand at all what I mean what I say I do not want to play with them because they do not see any what I can do about it anyway, so it remains as it stands and they will continue to complain since in my eyes they are not racist and if they were I do not care, all I know is that they think themselves the worlds worst envy freaks who can handle the property of anybody and nothing they have will ever be enough. Hence to answer the question direction of how lack lustre my response is; I am waiting for the Politicians who think attacking and intimidating me might as well have had a reason whenever it does not to actually point a finger and identify me and set me out to tell people I am not allowed to get a job and those who give me one will get into trouble with them, so that I can find out if they have got enough in them to get the Western and European Frontier that I will never let them have unless they give me back the equities of my company and stay out of it and keep themselves far away from my book sales (or continue to assume Americans can do whatever they like with anybody they want to and that a bigger Army will get around killing anybody it wants as well like it does in the Middle East so they can tell us we cannot talk about the people who carried out 9/11 attacks and those who were victims as though they were the same thing, when we know they were) - hence cannot make out why these tiny tyrants cannot find their level anyway.