I am not concerned about any rubbish that has to do with how fools in the UK complain that I endorse the Monarchy and they need to travel over seas to endorse the trouble makers there as well. If white scum in this country do not do my stuff I will not do their own as well. I mean they never run out of the excuses but it does not change the issues which are that they think they are exempt from the things everybody does along with their professional activities to ensure we live in a normal world and like to tell me they want to use mine to get rich and I therefore need to give it up as I do it, so I suppose this is a warning enough bearing in mind that even now we are talking about more of the excuses. As for the black ones, I eventually will get to supervise a process where they serve their community trouble makers myself; so that we can understand my chest and head and tummy is not their property to use as they please for sending me on errands bearing in mind when people tell them they do not like it, then it becomes a pre-occupation for them. The American ones are simply the ones that do not understand you do not wish to be informed when they take drugs and the media ones need to be serving the drug takers as much as the black ones mentioned above, which of course applies in the same way to the media in the UK. Those things not withstanding they are born out of women that try to seduce me and have gone from abuses to make sure they can to being violent all together; have never once influenced, made or changed a decision around me which I am responsible for coming up with because I am a Christian and belief in acting according to the Bible – all it does is annoy me seriously and hurt like hell as well like the idiots they are who simply just like to get used to things. If it does not stop along with the following me around thing I will certainly become the biggest problem their sense of freedom has got on this planet. So the part where they follow me around does not do anything, it is the same old story of what I had said before, I will soon become the means by which every problem they have is something that overcomes them all the time otherwise they can find a way to stop it and get lost, or bring their charity dependants into the game as though what I said excluded those. They always want to feel cool after their wickedness and dabbling into the wrong side of society for power and their means is wallowing all over me and my work as the prince well looked after whom they have got control of to extract such good feelings and when I mention it bring their charity idiots into the picture as though what I mentioned excluded those. The whole process of dabbling into the bad sides of society and returning with power about which they feel bad about themselves or in their bodies, which they off load on a Prince in order to get a good feeling is something that is not permanent to me and can only be if they do it everyday and for each time that they do get on media to make statements on it which will abuse me to the point where I institutionalise with it, so I ought to make it clear there is commercial entertainment in the US and the ones they do with would be rubbish all the time and the way it works is that their filthy old men and women come round to do that stuff of making me ugly and burdening me with fights while they abuse and insult me to make me do things that provide them the best feelings in life and what I am saying is that I want it the way I use their bodies and their lives to do it, when they dump it on me they should understand I am armed in every way and ready and once I start will never look back.
Of course it is the issue with being named lesser children of a greater silence as they have claimed but first of all this is not their own lives and then of course there is the fact that when I provide a service on the matter they will attack my income and if it will stifle my book sales deny that this is the problem.

Being said to be trapped in a condition where I cannot get out of fighting is utter nonsense, I mean if at all I were trapped in such conditions, it does not then get to mean that I have been trapped by black people whose own is always being used to fix mine all the time. The main issue all boils down to that old issue of people wanting to play sexual games with me because they suppose they have driven the small business communities in the UK to a point of pure desperation and like to think it is funny on public television as well as it is a lot of power gained by them. Truth of course is that sexual games with me is really a very dangerous matter for them i.e. their girls walk around as though they breathe insults and I cannot breathe the free air and then they want to destroy every business in town while planning to make friends with city financiers. the good parts about don’t shut it down and absolutely everything you do is being shared, what you say, the way your life feels, everybody is taking part and so on; no sane person thinks they can run a business with them around so I actually do not like to see any traces of them around me, contrary to what they think is how their way or life appeals every body and this is the bottom line i.e. there is nothing I can do about it, which throws down the gauntlet – there is really no such thing as no body has a credible reason for ripping popular music and popular culture to shreds in a popular and legitimate way. So first of all I know that once they want to move into my right to provide a future for their stupid girls by consuming my entire existence, then the next place they will try to make friends is the city and with financiers, so I always tend to go there first before they have and that is the way issues look at the moment. I suppose they think no body can say their activities that are based on helping young people and based on civil rights can ever be an evil thing and so they have planned out how they will ensure I always feel like helping them and then make their own destiny on Public television but I do not see how it will work; I mean my academic work and my accounts books say a very different thing while I should be married where each time I do anything to shut down that lop hole they open it again with public campaigns that are set out at just the right time with the correct pace to achieve their aims of making money by being useless, based on how they want to be me and to do what I do as well and don’t want me telling them it cannot be done, which is where the part where people support them applies; should I be getting used to it they say but should I really? Should I be allowing them to do it and who exactly paid popular culture was not an evil thing the personification of the economic crisis who said so on the basis of the need for people to be successful? My point making clear of a full view they must have of how everything I do to run my livelihood is being copied and played out by people on media who claim I owe them something a means which ensures they are doing something to be successful and useful with their lives on account I am a Christian and how that question of sexual games with me as well will really play out as well. So I have not actually mentioned it openly as such but most people do realise I want to be ready and able to grab that stupid popular culture industry and cut it to pieces for them whenever I need to. So its all very well to do the rock and pop and civil rights and homosexuality and stalking people claiming it is a following to replicate every steps they have taken to keep maintain and work a livelihood and do, so any normal person would see it is reasonable for to shut it down for them since I cannot shut down that loop hole to my business. As I said, favourite part is that they are taking a little, so that they can make their own destiny on media and decide which facts are truth there which results in all that false confidence that leads to bullying as well but do I really want it, did I really allow it in the first place? This is not their own lives and I mean that in the context of ruining peoples business and making friends with city peoples and financiers to own the local business communities. These are the full facts of what sexual games with me really mean and implications of what they really stand for. Hey keep it open, I have put on a flash suit and tie and have appeared on public Television to make This is what I mean the context of ruining peoples businesses in order to keep theirs make friends with city financiers and tell such people they had something inferior all along.
The part about sport being the best I can be etc is not damaged here, the facts about that is that the ill health largely comes from people who have their eyes on other peoples bodies 24/7, so it either starts with or becomes a desire and a desire they desire 24/7 and soon it becomes a fantasy and thereby a fantasy that you feel which becomes power to bully that is above the law. I also get to have my eyes on everything that is important to them, that stupid community and the process of wrecking peoples businesses in order to make friends with city financiers associated with it and so it becomes a desire and soon a fantasy and a fantasy that become real and I have power over it that is above the law as well. Of course they say when I mention and do such things friends in the eastern part of the world will be affected and it has no basis on reality as the connection with the eastern part of the world is third party based and we can see what the connections their own third parties from the East have around here. I am simply making it clear that it is impossible to run a business with them around my work and no body knows why they are always around it as well.

As I said, they play the part all the time; white trash, office trash, wherever trash can be found, alongside their black friends and counterprarts with an obsessive and insolently familiar obsessive respect that has to do with claims of ownership of those who have never been their mates and a broken heart as a result of their desire to please somebody else instead whose existence is not in their interest with those abusive rumour big mouth rubbish as it were, keeping those stupid connections at peoples expense that no body wants to know about with their objects of fanaticism i.e. Americans.