So there is the story of how I like to rub shoulders with those that are more successful and time and again the stories I tell to help me continue to do it fails and I get exposed and it turns out they are more successful and I am not and all I do for a living is latch onto their success and expect them to make way for me; it makes me so angry because of course it’s all a matter of their ego as all I am is a case of my faith while they have gotten on media to build their version of what I am supposed to be and turned up to enforce it with celebrity culture so that it might turn out so that they are more important and I am robbing shoulders because they were celebrities before me but that said if they wind me up it will be that old case again of men with their evil wives being worse off while the women will start to see the ugly side of me over their need to ensure I am as worse off as they are over the hand that life itself has dealt them and then we will put their league which is beyond mine with that old case of dressing in fine cloths to turn out in public to rip up my work and business to the test. There is no rule out there which says I have to get through my time in the world putting up with all kind of nonsense from women and it so gets to a point where it needs to stop.

I mean I take a look at them and the number of times I want nothing to do with them but it does not matter because to me being seen with them will churn my tummy all day long but to them their tummy is already churned all day long and I am the antidote and then we hear them claim it is the things I have done to rip up an area of the world where they can show men where they are the boss by getting them beaten up and so on that causes the surprise attacks and the fact they will never stop hitting me and my livelihood but then again I don’t look like their boyfriend anyway so it was never clear why they applied it on me – having said so if I see it I will rip it up again and if I see them around my Royal Estate and Public work again there will be trouble because there is really no way I can continue like this cleaning up the mess they make here to encourage organised criminals and all sorts of nonsense they should be getting stuck with as celebrities so they don’t get to bother me that much – I do wish they get beaten up by men too for my part and I say so in order to initiate a sense I want them to take on of whether they can rip mine up as well the way I have done theirs which I intend to enjoy a spectacle with as well.

I mean the American ones they say have had a lot of guns around them and are able to use fire arms but I don’t see how being notorious goes hand in hand with being a celebrity for my part either and we can envisage an occasion where you end up telling people the next time you see them around your work there will be bodies, so that they can build their own little army their celebrity money can afford them – otherwise the whole nonsense we see with their industry will continue and they will keep making out they see my friends do it; where they claim my friends are like them and if I get around with female journalists that make my tummy uncomfortable I am fair game but these women are uncomfortable due to their industry and every idiot in it with ideas about how to spend my renaissance getting rich with a stupid girl that wants to be famous and to get them to buy her expensive gifts like cars and department stores and so they tend to view me as an item which can only continue until serious problems emerge from it too – hence it is difficult work handling them in a work court of female journalists for people who actually have families and this is why tummies are uncomfortable not because I am in league with idiots that will have had all their hearts desire met should they have my royal estate thereby putting an end to the existence of homosexuality I guess as a result.  I understand they say I condemn them to a life of distant abuse due to their beauty by attacking and damaging their celebrity culture but it is the same story; I am not their boyfriends and intend to see how they will do mine too – I want them to get seriously beaten up by men. ]

I don’t find it as amusing as they do find it and I have had it with this one issue over their big ego and what it does to my livelihood every single time it wants to show its business ruthlessness of show biz thing and it is not as simple as destroying a Royal Prince’s renaissance, it’s a lot more complicated than that – what they do is spin off criminals and killers who have access to administrative establishments and the end product is always that guaranteeing the civil rights or ordinary people becomes impossible due to the fact the lives of leaders are under threat, it is much more complicated than a fucking celebrity ego practiced by people that are beyond my league and this is the last time I will end up cleaning out the mess, the very last – they are not beyond anybody league whatsoever. It is the last bloody time that I will deal with and clear out an occasion where I am furious beyond measure on one hand and stupid women are able to smile and look after some wealthy guest on the other especially when black and have a compulsion for lying as it were – the very last and I really hope those their rich idiots who buy them expensive gifts and tell them they are famous are not fucking around with my equities to make that stupid money as it were. What they say I do is tackle people from behind and never show up in public but of course if the equities of the Royal Estate of some 34 year old is deployed for some reason that involves them, it makes sense and there is a relevance to a process of dressing up in nice cloths to get up on public places to pass insults and abuses at him while he tries to securitize the problems you create doing so and you become more superior doing it every single time as well – I have picked up twitter profiles that is correct but tackled nobody from behind, obviously of which the ego is going to make a lot of work as it were. I mean they do say they see friends do these things but what they actually see are people playing around to a point where they actually get to reach my feelings and have to deal with those areas where they have a sense that a relationship with me could work, it’s simple reality about people who care about you getting involved to a point where they tread carefully on your feelings not wear nice cloths and get into a habit of extracting pleasure from hurting you completely uninvited in the first place.

So we hear these tales I break rules and get away with it on one hand and on the other a claimed end to the media party which I doubt while there are still so many idiots on the air waves experimenting to see if they can keep people unemployed of which I don’t break any rules whatsoever; the reality being that the insults are so intense and so frequent that it has become difficult to sit in front of somebody and have a conversation about a job while they seek new self improvements on the basis of referring to me as a kid – at the end of the day of which is a fact that everybody is older than somebody somewhere which means all that nonsense I have to put up with makes no sense whatsoever. It has never been a problem for me and it is not what I am suggesting; it’s all persuasive, like homosexuality for example being persuasive and not a matter of what is as God intended or what is natural but a matter of whether or not you have been persuaded by it – so that when I tell people it will do me more harm than good to be homosexual and they have no intentions of listening to that then what they want to hear is what the Bible says about it so they can tell me about the number of people that have been murdered because of what the Bible says about homosexuality and I can draw their attention to the Christians that were murdered by the Romans with scum like them at the heart of it; same old case of what the authorities find fundamentally persuasive and the games they play to find people to sacrifice while they corrupt every single thing they see but eventually there is either over time or by the acts of a person these opening up which allows the end to killing innocent people and a beginning to killing them to occur of which we know the authorities love to pick up on the teaching of the Christian faith often when they had decided an end to their persuasion needs to be begin as it were – this is not something I need to do to them and my faith itself is not responsible, I have only waded in because the claim I break rules in equally very persuasive. There is as such that complain about how I started it first which of course I did for it meant everything I own and my very person can exist in a bubble where there are no rules as they were more determined to do things to me and get away with it because all I can do is set out a big church and teach them my living so they can chose self improvements which they find very amusing and of course are still working hard at keeping some trophy victory from it rather than leave me alone as though we are equals.

They do speak of this great fight they are winning which makes no sense; 12 years ago they set out an entire government as a tool for chasing around a certain 21 year old who then took them into the education system to make them fight for their very lives to ensure he does not get to kick them into his graduation, so they wrecked the academic work and ended up with an enemy anyway, its rather difficult to work out which fights they winning when we all know it is impossible for a Christian to exist in their city without being persecuted by their clubbing and partying and media and Television and Politics and vices and so on for being a Christian, while they get into houses of governments to make laws that govern religious people when they have never been to a Church in their lives as the case may apply to me. I don’t think that it is an issue, it’s just when they bring it up they still owe me my £30,000 in botched academic work anyway and do need to make it less harder than it is at present; it’s the gestures you see, every time they start these fights that shows their master the devil will never let them rest unless they are attacking an innocent Christian while they claim it’s a matter of civil rights and tell those lies all the time, it’s the gestures that mean their lifestyle imposed on me and hence is the worst of all – the biggest problem as it were, their lifestyle not for me and they need t stay outside of my personal life no matter how much good feelings they want from it. The gestures at the heart of the fact every time they had done their worst and the Politicians have realised why they persecute the Christian, they are able to tell lies others get along with and turned out a new provocation about how perverting my faith will allow some new secret society power that will facilitate a process of walking about in frocks pretending they control the cities of Europe and of course which doing them again is where this is leading as it were. It’s like the story about the economy that sounds as though somebody had a savings and it ran out and he got in debt and became bankrupt but on the same day he did so he got a job at last and decided he was going to do the accountants work for him or worrying about the bottom line instead of getting to work, the well meaning are trying to get to the bottom of the problem which is rather counterproductive while these fools are doing it so make power for their money when others have none and you have to handle them when they do it with your possessions and cheapen the process of dealing with it to a state where it is put up on your website. There is that talk of being messed around by black people of course but it’s always insults and abuses from fans of democracy and freedom until you decide their respect and self esteem really belongs to your boss at work or your customer at the shop and they find they cannot learn from their disobedience and listen to what you are saying to them if they can gang up instead which then creates the question of whether it is supposed to be seen as the end or indeed the beginning whenever they do.  The system does not work for them they say; they cannot pillage my life to make riches and fame and walk away they say, I have no right to be furious about how far they take their tale of how they want my life and how I need to die because I keep interfering when people want to use my history to do me favours of making themselves rich they say, there isn’t a single good reason why they should back down for the little bug they can squash they say and this is where we are not as it were and it is bound to get a lot more exciting too.