They do say I have no wish to acknowledge what I am dealing with is racism but of course there is no such racism going on here, only some high grade robbery; I mean it is racism only when somebody gets up on media to tell people he hates me because I am not white and then there will be racism, otherwise it is okay for me to travel to the UK and dress in rags but not okay if I am found to be of serious mind after all. So if an idiot has a few cousins moving in and out of prison and some 15 girls in the family extended and happens to sit in front of an magazine editing computer in an office in a large media establishment hence regularly feels he needs to deploy his girls to steal my income on a daily basis, he will likely think he is racist. But there is nothing new about it as Politicians have always had this habit of engineering migration so that they bring into this country the idiots that behave like them and get killed by them so they can feel there is absolutely no way whatsoever that a black person could possibly harm them and these fools are rather happy to get killed by them as well if it means everybody thinks that is what black people are like. It’s like the old case of homosexuality that they deploy for cover up when their rudeness gets to mean the question of which one they are presenting; the bottom of the news bearing in mind their jobs are to present on media as it were – in terms of which they say when they are homosexual they can fancy any man they like no matter what his religious persuasion is but now have to live up to their story about consenting adults as well as it were and that part of course is not my problem, only the part where they need to keep their hands off my possessions and not touch me, keep their hands off my anus and penis and ask those who want to have sex with fellow men like them, since I have been clear about what my persuasion is. There is nothing unusual about it; same old story about these secret groups and secret societies of idiots who teach themselves the various arts of going out to grab what they want from the big wide world; they can simply get off and demand Politicians collect my temperaments and aura for them and then complain when I fundamentally raze their own as well right across Europe and into Asia and Russia as well so they can get on that media endlessly. We all know they say I think I can take them on but cannot but I know I can the cowards they were scared of that they are not anymore as it were, the nepotism that are necessary for their health and well being as it were – of course it is always possible to perforate their own and drag it outside and make a mess of it before we slug it out as well. They do say I like to speak of white racism and not Islamic terrorism because white racism will make me famous and will make me look important but of course we all know it is the same story as anti-Semitism; so that an Islamic Terrorist will say he has people in his possession and will kill them to hurt you if you offend him in a certain way and you have seen him do it before but will claim you value human life while you get off and offend him in that way, knowing he knows he has committed crimes and that he will one day answer for them anyway and that he knows that too while on the other hand we are looking at white people and the fact you cannot start a conversation with somebody that is a threat to your life and is also fundamentally superior to you as well and so it goes beyond whether or not they are your boss at work which they will find a way to become because their insults know no limits as well. In terms of anti-Semitism – they like their secret groups where they plan and show themselves how to grab what they want from the big wide world but not long after they want the aura of a Christian and their mothers his personal life for beauty sleep and it becomes more important than their binging and smoking and drinking and drugs and various other vices they engage themselves in like their lives depend on it then the results are other people fault and they are anti-Semitic with a big mouth.

They do say if I discuss matters extensively these issues can be dealt with and averted but of course this is not a disposition on which to discuss anything extensively – that somebody will get off on media and say he is racist and that it is all about you which means he can kill you and yet you cannot have a conversation with him due to the fact you are fundamentally inferior to him; so it must mean they think it is that cheap as it were. Just like the case of the way I handle my work and how careless I am about it leading to such outcomes as people deploying it against my own but of course I have developed equities and securities from a position of being a Christian, if deployed by racists or people that are anti-Semitic, it is a whole new lifestyle choice, like the old story of the bugs that are not used anymore because the Police couldn’t get to their targets before lobotomy did – point is I behave the way I do because when people get off to say they are racist and it’s about me, they know what they are doing contrary to what the Politicians tell us. It’s the issue with the city you see, it is so diverse that we tend to think we know people, that false sense of security that we know what people are after and what they are about which allows women to turn up and make millions from our earnings and wreck everything then tell lies that allow them to seek more self improvements from it because a man has female friends and so on but of course I for my part am not interested in their celebrity first of all and they cannot work out what it is that way apparently yet as it were and of course have real problems remembering names because the reality is that most of them actually do not matter. Hence the big question concerning me and the Royal Family; ah ha – so which are the only group of people that get to use that demagogue anyway then; the one about doing your stuff, or somebody else will do it instead and so on – the media, the Politicians, black people, white people, celebrities? Who the hell are those anyway? Pardon me, it’s an old tale.

They do say I set a high standard which is not actually true since we can see for example that they want to solve the problem of terrorism but are not interested in handling female issues properly i.e. that lady that wears knickers and covers herself in glitter who is loyal to me and does circus in Cyprus for example while there is some wealthy person in her family that owns an internationally renowned restaurant in some cases, I mean as in a typical example of the matters around when people are loyal to me and so on i.e. there is some guy at the corner preferably the right hand side, he thinks he is top predator and likes to play Mr Violence, he has his own ideas about how he should dress and what he should do to get out of bed every day to get his daily dose of basking in fame – in fact when others are dealing with those issues, it is usually the point at which Politicians want to find out what their privileged places in the Industries were all along. There is no reality around those claims they are superior to me in anyway – what happens is the popular culture that is built up around the evils that surround my half priest office and knock and knock looking for trophy power of wickedness which is largely a matter of how provocative they can be since it is not clear why they would want that from religious activity anyway and then a measure of some power gleaned from some short coming I may have had being something they are trying to preserve by showing themselves off at popularity which means that when I address it they tell tales of civil rights about how that was their idea and try to foster their own sense of oppressing me as well; so when I do begin to say to them that the Industries and fashion and media are actually about me and not them then the whole thing tends to burst and fizzle away, hence all they really have is this need to be superior to me like some kind of a drug that means if they don’t have it their money madness and immorality cannot function and more so in a financial way which I don’t want it to because that can only happen on my public work and finances which is really not prove the devil is powerful as it were – they need to go to hell and leave me alone. The other side of their story is the old matter about Politicians of course which is a simple case of the fact that these Politicians no longer have families that they run because other families are affected, what they have is the Politics of helping every scum in the land to a small business and so on and it will be very difficult to pull off a majority and hence working government with it; they do mention something about what I have done to harm their evil culture of course, which is not a new story in anyway; it’s a matter of what if our outlook was developed towards twisted idiots like these who always have an abusive and violent way of getting things from us that others have to pay good money for instead of the big companies in high rise buildings and the lifestyle of their owners; so I wrote the books as a means of managing my private equity intellectual property administration business and all they had left was insults and jeering and mocking that they think they can make physical with a big mouth but is only annoying to a point of desperation if I allow it and then again if I allow it knowing I have it does not count anyway because I will always recover, hence the whole idea of building them up so popular culture idiots tend to find the community croons chasing their anus and penis and so on instead – while my problem now seems to be that of the number of times that I must tell them to keep off the book sales. It’s a matter of being the guy that shows potential that millionaires who existed had shown when they were not rich yet, the guy who must be made an example of, so that even when I am on benefits they are turning up to attack me violently over wealth and social equality and hence gamble that their civil rights nonsense in such ways all the time and complain about the results and I have no plans to make myself an exception to those complains too.

Being threatened by African idiots is nothing unusual; as I said I never speak of it because it is a matter of fundamental wickedness, it complains about its culture and society being damaged but the only way that happens is when I spend time praying while they spend time conducting some ritual that will help them serve evil better and when we are outside they are more interested in some Christian to sell out to industry people so they can get money off them than they are in anything else. Besides which everything else is all about why and how they need to get off my books as we can all see the only way serving the devil is powerful is if it works around earning the perks of my job, earning my income and usurping my public life and I don’t want them to do it because I am much too busy serving God for my own as well. The part about calling me flesh man and getting after my anus will end when this whole process of watching them destroy my literary empire and talk nonsense about wealth inequality which means they need wealth but destroy it to create a sense of wastefulness that allows economies of leisure that the rich can enjoy where they live and so on and then confiscating it will result in one of those stories of hatred for the developed economies and so on, so that it will likely end in one of those occasions where getting near flesh man is his ultimate fear and shooting their toughness will tend to solve a problem. As for the story of the Royalty that steal the careers of democratic people in order to preserve the British Monarchy, I don’t have that much of a problem with a matter that is easily settled around the fact that if the Politicians responsible do not bleed for it, it will never stop, this whole process of regularly setting out pivotal points at which to wrangle out some accusation and have free paedophilia practiced on me – it is an old tale of how the Tyrant Royalty and the democratic people get to clash and this is their last warning as well; they know they are evil people who are Satanists and I am a Christian and that it has nothing to do with democracy as everybody does understand that if their stupidity took a position on class A drugs and the illegal trade in it and did the job they were elected to do, they would have been seen as economic geniuses by now; this is their last warning on this matter, the last time they make an excuse to get some free paedophilia off me; there is no power sharing here, it’s all mine and they need to keep of my income, keep off my books; attacking and dominating these democratic scum is becoming a real option here with regards to getting things done – they were elected and I am blown away, so this is their last warning, fabulous ending for democracy day UK here.