I hear it is said the reason people hate me so much is that I am big brother incarnate, the ultimate big brother and that it is not something I need any power to do but simply exists in my nature; the reality being that there is no big brother going on here but the simple fact there are no men and there are no black people in my Court and I don’t buy my media equipment so people can get into the temperaments of my Court and talk through to me with it at home as it were – so clearly that God and the Devil do not both exist is something they say because they suppose I am fundamentally interested in what they think.

So that the other side of the story becomes that of Terrorism and how I need to co-operate with them as they do something about it but it has suddenly thus become important, before now I am the Royalty whose office goes as far as what they recognise only, before now there was National outrage over their vandalism of the guy whose own their Politicians get out of bed to spend every day, before now their plans to get rich and famous meant at school the most important thing is teaches penis or breasts and so on because Royalty steals culture that should have been the property of all and before now the title of big brother is what belongs to somebody else even when they see me speak of anus and penis in public office and get away with it comfortably. My point being that there is nothing they can do if I do not co-operate with their need to deal with terrorism and by the way of which their insults noted I did not see them grovel. However I have one thing to say about it i.e. if they want to create a private army that will kill the Muslims that kidnap and kill the idiots who travel around the world making others very uncomfortable in their own homes, then they can do that but if they want the State there are rules and they cannot make me co-operate with anything and need to watch their tongue lest people set out to copy things I say like when I need to see them grovel first for example.

Its not as if the terrorism is magical, it had a prognosis i.e. we went into Iraq and invaded it with an Army that was deployed by two men determined to serve some need to break religion into pieces and institute in its place the ultimate power of politics over the world. So what they did was to invade Iraq and we are there as such to serve the whims of the one wife from each and every Muslim man’s polygamous marriage that has unfavourable views of her Husband, screw with the Imams and create our own idea of democracy, then go home, so considering that those who bombed the twin towers in the US came from Afghanistan, these guys have been shown that mobility is possible not least as a result of insults in my direction and bastardisation of my scared work to make their war and they went into Syria bearing in mind Assad is an idiot and we fell for it hook line and sinker and they got the weapons they needed.

For the government however, this is not necessarily a terribly large Country and if it were, it still operates a cabinet system and we need to see some bish bash bosh good stuff on security which we are yet to experience from idiots that have no plans to follow leaders if they can follow the things leaders do as a result of circumstances that have been imposed on them instead, such as when I am a Christian who masturbates and it is therefore supposed to define me at the hand of their girls and women and so on so they can follow. They were asked to do the terrorism fight the Political way but are still yet to come through for those who put their lives on the line after 10 years – talking nonsense at me from the shop floors of parliament concerning which its always one massive expense after another over their stupidities on this terrorism issue and I am going to stop it as well for my part.

The story of me being detached from the way society and culture really works being very understandable of course since it has always been expressed thus around the savaging of my books over National security matters to talk much nonsense about their people getting the better of me when I am the one taking over peoples cultures and societies because they will behave to suit me not me making compromises whereby they end up somewhere on my right hand side so we might get by. As we then supposed to assume that I think they will not be furious every single time I make them behave such as working for their own money which then means their insults and abuses gets the better of me? For the Politicians themselves, as I mentioned before, I did not see them grovel – their own had to do with criminals redeeming themselves before the authorities by taking out those that are preventing Politicians from having the careers they want to confiscate and they will never see that Public life again, they can always create new ones which I will be keeping an eye on as well in case it is the one I want.

So the part where the way society operates is to apply being first of all that this is my Royal Estate and my renaissance and when they make their own friends and connections nobody deploys them for anything or uses them for anything or does anything to it, except that there is so little respect for me that their money mad idiots at stock markets and banks have real difficulty listening to what I say to them especially so because they have that stupid media to answer back with and have located a history they will peddle to get rich to that effect too. Playing into the bit where HM might have people who love to say the Country is never enough for them on one hand and people who seek Political power on the other and if mentioned means that the same applies to them, which is another example of how I am talking to them when I say anything and how well it will end yet again with that big mouth; after all currently we see that the things people say to them to annoy them to a point of National security includes the fact it does not pay to behave the way they do, to go off to other countries and fail to do a job and return here with problems so people can turn up to bomb buildings and Train stations – their Politicians were asked to do this fight in the Political way and have not yet come through for those who are putting their lives on the line bearing in mind how superior they are and we are not talking about the black ones and the need to have things they do with me in which they are the boss – that would be the same criminal and civil disobedience because they have created poverty and deprivation for themselves; we hear little about their boasting and the problems they deal with at the prison systems for their crimes, what we hear is that soldiers kill people and I want to be one of them so they want to show me what combat illness feels like and that is where they get the better of me.

I understand the case for the things I do with other peoples wives but there are sound processes that led us to this point – one of them is that whether or not I have a relationship with these women, something about me and them will turn up at the pornography Industry because people pair us and make stories they sell up to that Industry with their media and the fact the women will appear on public TV for some reason or the other that is concerned with a job. So its just an extension of the fact that if I see their civil rights I will only try to find those who offended them and set out to adjudicate because the lower classes will never take me in and they know their civil rights being forced on me is a gamble. Same with the markets where they never listen to what you are saying to them, so that peddling peoples public work is something about which they understand the consequences but because the profits are guaranteed they can ignore the fact they are looking for trouble and so cutting out a part of the stock market that is to be my responsibility if not property is what those who do not think is normal think is out of the ordinary but for me its all in a day’s work. Then there is my favourite i.e. modern churches people, whose women can get tired of persecuting me the Christian who controls their hearts while they are trying to club and binge and have sex in the alleyways, which is much the same with their Politicians that usually finish their jobs and get off to a party that most of the time takes the tone of cabaret or fancy dress and so on but nobody really can make out what the point was exactly in which they decided they got more fun from making a vagabond of a Christian so they can move into his right hand – these days they are all not preaching the gospel anymore or doing Politics anymore if they can do me and the fact I have female journalists as well that can strewn their own around as well bearing in mind they do it because they think their women can do anything on account they can take me on. In the end there are those tales told about how my books are not safe where they are which I am perfectly aware of but we all know if they are not safe anywhere they will not have been because of those who like to dominate before people can do their academic work or are allowed to by Politicians; they are only making their own contributions to looking after it as well so they might better dominate – I have never been of the assumption that any of my possessions can be safe in their care let alone my livelihood.

I understand it is said that no matter how low it gets I will pick it up anyway but its the same old case with their clean clear civil rights that accomplishes nothing whatsoever except when it expresses their self seeking nonsense. It isn’t true that I pick things up no matter how low, that idea is a cocoon I have created around me while I am at work and of course those who make publicity for it are looking for trouble – same case of how most people would be crushed if they had to put up with a quarter of what I deal with but I remain unscathed all the time i.e. if people are lying to themselves and then adding the one thing we know always gets added aka a second career that has been stolen from somebody they envy or hate; the lowest thing I have ever done is my involvement with celebrities, the ones I have had to detach from seeking fortune tellers so they can do their services properly and so on among other things: so in the end we have it pretty good from each other and they are the only family I have got besides which they do a service for me too of running around the Royal Estate to bring certain important things to light so I can get to work easier, so we have a good family going on for us; its basically a matter of people who are interested in my office because of the Community and people that are because of the efficacy of it being in their interest and we know both sides have a forceful way of pushing their point.

 So I hear it is said that my position of terrorists killing hostages is unacceptable but it does make me wonder what it is they can do about it anyway: I mean if the matter ends up in a law Court the result will be that the Terrorists can claim diminished responsibility so that means the matter will fall back on what the victims and the Government could have foreseen and did nothing to avoid; so that it is always obvious that if a war happens and you are trapped and need to get out the chances of getting killed are rather slim unless you are caught between fire and so on but not you going into a war zone while the war is still on to do humanitarian, so it turns out they don’t recognise the terrorists and they don’t recognise their cause and do what they do because they don’t even recognise the war the terrorists are fighting, now they are corpses and that adds to the things the rest of us have to worry about and it applies in terms of foreigners turning up to tell them what to do which makes me so angry, since it is difficult to locate how they know which ones are foreigners, not hurting badly enough yet as it were.    Of course they have their own reasons for it showing up on media endlessly and their Politicians cannot find themselves a small army of their own that will answer to them alone and take out terrorists that kill their friends instead of talk nonsense at me all the time, so it is the same old evil and homosexuality and every form of ungodliness story but what they are here to fight for is the need to ensure that the process of damaging my property to torpedo my career and ensure I become a broken man while they watch and mock because some other power has overcome me and they are in it for the trappings hence on the right side does not become a failure – so they complain and I will never stop hitting that popular culture as hard as I can as well for my part, they complain but they continue to pretend these are the things I exist in this world to have all my time spent on with that stupid media, their latest preoccupation being terrorism and deaths I was somehow party to, they are endlessly doing things around me to hurt me and cover their tracks while their Politicians are endlessly doing things around me to ensure I am tired so they can have a discrimination that works and for it the Politicians will never ever see that Public life ever again and can make up new ones I will be watching closely as well but for the rest, they do need to keep fighting, perhaps one day I will be tired enough for a discrimination to pay off but this is not it.

The story about me and men especially on media is not an emotive one – it started off with a case of wanting my career and at the time it was a career that existed in my head only and that progressed straight off to getting into league with gangs that will beat me up if they do not get it, while they turned up on media to instigate reasons by making claims I sleep with peoples wives and the result of that was that they had to travel overseas to seek gangs through international aid and charity work because I took some steps to ensure they understood that when I want to rough them up those gangs will be asleep on that day. It has now progressed to involvement with crime and criminals and prisons and dangerous violent gangs from overseas because if I don’t treat them the same way I treat women, one of these days they will create circumstances that result in my demise; they say the problem runs in my family which is utter nonsense since it does not in anyway run in any family, I mean they do observe the silly things my parents do of course but the truth has always been a matter of which zone you are in i.e. if you are in the one where evil people do evil things and it affects you, then you have to make plans about how to live in it but if you are in another one you have to make plans about how to live in that one as well – here the problem is that I cannot chose because their Politicians want to wreck my finances and academic work and use the benefit system and the civil service to determine how I react and what the public thinks about me to create which zone I am in or interested in while these men on the media are the ones that will savage my book sales by finding something to say for hours on any given day to the tune of lots of damages and when they find it they keep it going for the entire day and come up with a new one the next day claiming it is a matter of planning to sell millions in Music CDs over me only for me to get out and travel to the City centre to attend an interview for example and that it is a sign they are powerful. So its the same old case of Christian and the things others do in his direction when they think they will want to bleed him on claims it would be a release and the actions of these male journalists and Politicians who claim they want good personal life at my expense that determines which zones I am supposed to be in and I will have as much fun as I can have with it all too, considering more so they have claimed it runs in my family and I suppose they have no idea as well. So naturally all of them are evil; the women and girls need to stay off my finances and keep their insults to themselves or the men can continue to play the part of their security and escort while they are at it because they do not expect any consequences and of course they do say I am afraid of them which is utter nonsense – they spend all their time making sure they seek out one destructive privilege to chase after another and settle in on some violent means of begging me not to do anything about it as well that will cause me to lose my taste for fighting and when they build it up on media they can always pass it off as fear, so I become the coward they were afraid of who is now afraid of them; an example is terrorism that they want to get as many people killed by as they possibly can to create collateral damage that will afford them the process of getting away with it. Its the old story of finding out when you are a man by finding out your ability to protect women from children and from other men story behind it at the end of the day; when you are a child you say hold out for me and do not get into trouble I need to finish some things to maintain a statement but when you are a man it becomes I am the boss, I will lay down the law considering the government is not here to do it. Its does not mean I am marking a theme tune, trapped somewhere and unable to do anything about anything either – the twisted nature of these idiots can easily mean money is located in somebody else’s sperm and they need to acquire it if they must use media to bully him until they make it happen or more so extract the essence of it from him if they cannot reach him sexually or make him homosexual and the reason for it is that other peoples world normally revolves around them and their stupidities because they are trying to rich especially the female ones and the blacks for that matter- the reality is that my books are okay and everything else especially the Company is perfectly alright and I have the choice to raise funds from my benefits to market the books because that is my immediate source or hope that I can land a job and raise the funds which will be even better – they on the other hand are now stuck in a place where its my life or their own and the fact they are now facing wars and gang violence in the near future is something they did not actually want but were only pulling my legs which I do not see the same way after 13 years of pulling my legs; I mean people don’t even know what the negative state of affairs built up is about, they don’t even know it is about my books, they just know that it is bad and according to them I can clear it by coming outside so they can move into my history permanently and until then they will keep on showing me what it feels like to plan to get rich at my expense only for me to go off and change something – they do say I do the same as well but of course I do, I mean the whole purpose of their wealth distribution is built around the fact others are supposed to achieve because wealth distribution is how they make their own happen; so that without your achievements you would have been able to feel good at any point in time in your life; so stage one was to force them into achievements and stage two was to write the books and now we are at stage three, the attrition before it is all over when I sell the books and make as much millions as their popular culture idiots have done playing violence on my personal life and faith and then it will be over – when we are children we think like children and when we are men we think like men. We do hear of course that people are tired of buying things like these but of course that would be reference made to the part where they usually have trouble with commitment and when they do even want to express their hatred for other peoples personal commitments in their personal lives more so as well which is what started their own trouble here in the first place. They do say I complicate everything I say and do which is utter nonsense, I don’t, they just have trouble keeping up and like to think that they are in a place where things people do not offend them cannot go without punishment because people are always below them at all times as far as they are concerned hence that tendency to have a feeling that makes them uncomfortable because of their views of what I am about and save it until I turn up in that area again for some distant fascism based violence that will teach me to be respectful; so it translates into the civil service too and when I have lost a job by redundancy in such traumatic circumstances as being chased around along with any firm that employs me, by media channels and radio channels and popular culture channels, I expect to sit down and sort myself out properly, take my time if you like and during that period it will be financially difficult – the part where I find a job and plod on until it is resolved or the part where the government supports me and so in my case its the latter but instead of solving the problems quicker they have come to take longer complemented by their bone headed children turning here to make up their own ideas about what my business is to seek their self improvements that will propel them towards the best jobs in the land, finished off by some need they have to achieve a condition whereby if they are a threat to me it is not a joke with that big mouth. So its never a matter of seeing people get my point and proceeding to complicate things even further; its a simple case of these activities meaning we revert to the part where the question is whether their envy has met my jealousy yet. Of course they do speak of role models but it has never been a major issue – if they have damaged the finances before I had made the money then the worst thing to happen to them would be a condition where I am a role model and if they are still here after that they are looking for attrition, which does indicate they should not be spared any of it; I understand it is said I need the help of the Politicians which is utter nonsense as well, the reality is that the Politicians can do what they think is right, I think it is right to ensure they are always out there doing something useful with their stupid lives instead of the criminal activities and criminalities that are a threat to my health and safety and well being as we have heard them mutter all the time, so that I can have wealth to distribute as well for my part; they never understand until they are in that position as well, if they are not they will continue to target people because of their achievements and cause all these pain that will lead to a very bad living when you do pull through on one hand while they have some on the other and complement that with tales of equality and democracy and freedom and certain wealth having been distributed and of course I have taken this position because even when they do the popular culture and make the millions so, it is not enough because their new need sooner than later becomes that of power. So the story of complicating this is simply a matter of the evils that their wicked cultures teach them to adopt as a lifestyle, it does not make money of course while they always have unprecedented needs and so when you feel their involvement with any thing of yours leads to damage not least because you handled that stupid culture as well due to the first and original provocation built up in public after to determine which zone of good and evil you end up in after which they claim they were pulling your legs and want to kill you first before you kill them and that you want to run their lives for them, they think they are bigger than you, full of problems and there are so many needs there will never be an end to it that when worked with media and civil rights especially you are simply harming yourself and then they will finish you off at the end as well which is what I am putting to the test, for you can always chose the zones you want to be in unless they have media and politics and their civil and criminal disobedience to display on the streets and feel like talking a lot, talking about you and in the direction of your possessions all the time and in a violent way. The part about me being mentally disturbed is utter nonsense, that is largely a matter of the number of times I say something intensely personal and important about my work that the idiots interrupt to talk nonsense about what belongs to them, garnished with terrible insults and a sense of what they want to get used to recently – so it is clear I am justified about my actions because even when they have either damaged the money and started still to make noise about paying their bills being other peoples responsibility or indeed damaged the money but are after the health claiming the personality is still wealth that they want to steal; hence it becomes a question of whether it is about money or not – so they do say here in the UK that I am supposed to protect certain black people from enemies and that is why I am always being attacked violently but there is nothing new about European Politicians that will make me flustered so they can have a discrimination that works while the Africans are waiting for that in order to finish me off as well – what on earth they suppose I am talking about then is never obvious, all I know is that when they create this kind of history it means that because they want my possessions for themselves to make more profit they have created this history with me on account they need to allow me find out my products do not have the right to appear on the market place – so that will form the destructive aspects of my intellectual property administration business as they will need to keep their insults to themselves and not address me and try to buy the fucking products otherwise I will have the one that is manmade; they have more money than I do because they have damaged mine but it is my wealth they are distributing; their explanation is that they are more important than I am, the result of this kind of stupid remark is that this is precisely what we have the history for, they get to keep their insults and buy the fucking products.