I have no idea I must confess, why it is that people love to make out I am the guy they can beat up in order to end a history where they are losers; I am not the guy they can beat up, I am the guy who has led them to where they are today because of such threats, the guy who has given them a life time of issues to resolve because they told me I was the guy they needed to kill in order to create a sense of being strong and powerful, I am the guy who has left them with utter carnage because it even led to a condition where I ignored it and they started sending out those subliminal messages all over their stupid city centres concerning how I must be made to chase a cause and die for it so that they might have a history left behind by me to do things with that they cannot do with the Church and with the Gospel of Christ itself. So they talk in that way because they think I don’t believe it matters that they are expecting me to get off and get concerned about where their involvement with me and their stupidities alongside it which does nothing but damage and destruction and vandalism to career and business has left me, in terms of things I can do to recover, which will be measured by their access to media and everything I do therefore being claimed by them to belong to others with media, which we all know that if I did and they were never punished for the original destruction they caused, I will simply have become a number and it would mean they can always do it at will, while the sense that I am doing what I am doing to ensure it does not happen to others would have been lost and I for my part got to the highest levels of Government in the UK by being a steadfast Christian, there is nothing they can offer me – nothing. Apparently their clowning suggests the important thing to be that it matter if my book sales and fame are stifled so that somebody else can play hero and be famous somewhere in my stead, they say it is meant to enforce their sense of superiority and I want them to buy themselves a copy of the books or keep themselves the hell away from it and clown around somewhere else. I understand the part of this story that involves how much they do for the world and how unappreciative I and others like me are but of course this idea is one of the most important signs behind the reasons they are apparently rather hard of hearing so to speak because every other normal person understands that these power games freaks have their own idea of what economic recovery should look like and so does everybody knows I do not want to be a part of it as well and that each time I see them around my books I will never ever stop punishing every single thing that is a result of it too. It is not the reason they hate my guts, the reasons is the same as the reasons the British ones have found new power games they want to play with the Germans over my earnings, something they can attack and hurt me all the time with as much as they like of course – it is the bit where they will never rest until they are screwing around with my Royal order in the Military and so when Terrorists screw with it and kill their relatives as well they hate my guts – it’s just that it was important to point out the reasons they are so deaf which causes me wonderment seems to have been embedded in the notion the fucking idiots have done so much for the world and I have been quite unappreciative of it. We do hear those claims I did encourage them to join the military of course which is never true; truth being that I encouraged the lower class soldiers with their work because it does appear they are divorced due to how far their history in the Military goes which always tend to predispose them to being first victims of Post Combat Stress. These are all things we expect when they get into government office considering they are a bunch of inconsiderate halfwits who perpetually see themselves as other peoples leaders and need to do these abusive things to get self improvement that will allow them look the part which is why I cannot understand what they fail to understand about the anger of the poor which then means certain things will never happen and governments need to sweet talk their stupid money if they have got any. When it does come to the issue and Politicians having problems that will spend everything about my life and personal life it does not trouble me really half as much as they suppose that it does anyway – the reality as ever being the same that they are convinced that the general public are terribly in love with them and this is so the bigger of them culminating eventually in the most frequent of them to behave in that way being the US President himself but it is an old game that Politicians play and I am certain when I play as well somebody will die and then it will all be my fault and of course when I say that I really cannot back it up until I make both sides of the Politicians and the public that love each other so much grab each other tighter and tighter in the warmest ever embrace imaginable, considering which any reasonable person can tell they have no footing to stop me, I have means resources and capability that means I can achieve this is a very short period of time and it is nothing new, only that they can easily think it will go on if they target you with this kind of behaviour forever because we usually instinctively respond to the panic of our people than we do to the problem at hand but because they spend too much time here of which I have tried to dissuade them as well to no avail, it does appear that handling them in a person way gets to deal with the panic all together – like the old case about industry where they cannot make advertisement unless it is about dominating me, where they cannot think about economic recovery unless it is about what the weak have finished and then gotten detached from the money and earnings bit so they can take it up from there because they are dealing with people that are weaker than them and so on and of course when Politicians want to get into our houses of government to talk for them they do not get the report on how they bottom out my book sales daily in order to sit down and take pictures of themselves in suits, legs crossed finding out how I will wriggle out of it and become the abused escape artist which pictures we see all over social media that they are convinced will provoke nobody as well for their part. The other matter of black people in America having a thing for me is only taken a turn outside what I had prepared for because some Americans had decided they want to engage themselves instead in a talk about such persons as President Roosevelt, who spoke of Unionism and minimum wage and how it had to be a wage that was going to make morality possible by being a wage that can provide health care for a family and education in need and which they then set out to make rules which enforce it as well – so I think stepping up the history I have with popular culture celebrities will be a duality and completely unnecessary considering their big mouth being a function of the history they have with me and the one I have with them as well therefore being the provocation; I mean some do say it’s a complicated matter which it really isn’t, since the reality about the kinds of intrusive insults that are about your penis and anus and your excrements and hour head and heart and so on which is able to push you out of your academic work and wreck it with mental illness, if they follow you around into the education system to share is a function of the fact there are croons who want to sit in a kitchen and build mansions cooking for celebrities that they claim you steal from them as well and all these things are things they do because your inconsiderate behaviour towards them can only result in a process where they tell you what they do and lose the job thereof, whereas we all know they are pure evil and only understand the colour of money and nothing else and turn up here way too often and have not learned any lessons yet about not being seen anywhere near my concerns too. I mean because of this thing about being the millionaire of the underbelly of popular culture celebrity, they must be able to abuse me to get rich and what they do on a day can easily involve whacking a Royal Prince over the head with their powers, which makes them clever and powerful little things that can be rewarded by even more money if their celebrity goons use that to ensure nobody obstructs their plans to secure servitude for big businesses from anybody and by any means depending on whether they have what businesses want and so on – so this is an example of the thing they think I cannot be offended by because I have no means to be offended on account they are in full control and it goes on like that endlessly as well while we hear them speak of how they are supposed to avoid me when I am everywhere, when we all know that it takes meeting people to shit one book to one person and if they don’t mess with those numbers and make a public show of books written to help me release funds from a Royal Estate in order to create trivia for organised criminals, there will be no problems – what they chose to do instead is do it every day while those who want to talk for them have no wish to comment on those activities as well bearing in mind you do all you can to ensure they cannot do and undo with you to no avail because people have their Politics and media and like to pretend I have to know them while they live in a world where they don’t know who I am if they have this need to make use of my Royal Estate to get rich as well, when done they get killed by Police officers and turn out to pretend I buy my media equipment so they can talk through to me like those useless shopping channels. I am not saying it is a complicated issue, it’s a matter of how their money can help them make use of my Royal Estate and therefore share things for them and how my Royal Estate can release me much needed cash while I get to make use of their money as well for me, so we have history with each other and their big mouth will not let the matter be resolved in its own merit as well – it is around the book sales that these matter will blow up in their black faces too as it were no matter how amusing they might assume it is when I am made to react like these.

I do get asked why I put up these facts about me in public when I know its realities crush others but the realities of what I talk about crushes people because they fall easily, too easily on account their backup plan involves picking on a weaker person, rather than standing their ground, to the games these idiots play and hence fall too easily to the fact they are relied on to make up alternative explanations for what people do to them to hurt them and so these goons tend to feel supreme when they find people like that and they tend to find quite a lot as it were. It’s never a matter of trusting leadership, it’s a case of wanting a Royal Estate as well and claiming what has become of mine through my books is my fault the history I have with them as well that they are complaining about considering whole Towns are burning for this and they are getting killed by Police officers to make more trouble. It’s about killing off all their involvement with me because each and every one of it is so stupid every single thing they touch no matter how small gets damaged and of course other Royals think I am a problem and then I get detached from my own world while I cannot find friends in their own as well and then the targeting can mean they do what they like with somebody they think has all the answers either if he gives or property gets stolen from him, to all their poverty and deprivation problems because they have publicity to do that with; so this assumption that the owner of a Royal Estate that they like to get off on media to make out exists so they can get one of their own as well is not going to be offended shows exactly how much of it is my fault but then again bully is not somebody’s name, it is a tag attached to people who bully other people and I am simply saying normal people live the way I do and these things are simply a life outside of Church not something that should crush anybody but for them it seems those who think they have no right to express themselves have a point and that is not the only one, there are other still who think every conversation with them is a relationship that will not last and that brings us to the part where they think that those who know they hate everybody around them and are entirely self centred will be of sound temperament if their possessions are handled, especially when more so with media, the history I have with them as well, hence the part that is my fault; of course they are perfectly aware of what they are doing. The story of how I am never satisfied with anything I have is very well understood but very ironic since I am not a Royal Prince but rather spoiled by the Monarchy never the less – so I need to release much needed cash from areas of the estate that I can do that with and it has nothing to do with them unless they are here to release some of their own as well and its all getting violent; they can watch their filthy mouths and keep off my book sales or brag and tell tales about which one is my fault over their poverty and deprivation, which they think means they don’t know what they are doing. My Achilles Heel is that I need to release funds from certain areas of Royal Estate that I can and so when people handle it and tell tales about poverty and deprivation their credibility goes through the roof – their own is that so many people are fundamentally convinced they need to be led all the time because they are so destructive. Some do say I get nervous at government office and it encourages them but we all know first that their insults and need to tell me what to do knows no limits which does tend to apply that I perhaps do not know what I am doing as well – the history I have with bloody clowns as it were.

They do say I am certain the Monarchy will bail me out of course which is utter nonsense since what will happen considering this started years ago when the Christian was begging to get murdered by controlling the heart of their girls who wanted a man they can abuse to feel powerful like white girls and developed into my inability to tolerate their gay lifestyles and the clubbing and partying and the International community corridors; now it has developed to the part where they want a Royal Estate like mine for themselves as well and are talking nonsense about Monarchy bailing me out when what will happen is a case where they give me some so I can give it back as well and we can see how tough they really are, what will happen is the part where they will have my Royal Estate and all their hearts desires will be fulfilled and they will not be gay in this world anymore. I understand the part where it is said I never respond to anything that I should and it exists in the same family as the one where I am said to write my books using facts from their world without caring if they are offended or not which is something they make up because they think they can take me on and I love to explain to Politicians so they can hug tighter their culture idiots they never listen to what anybody is saying to them with in those stupid Political lives – the reality is that it has been 14 years of financial destruction through involvement of their low lives and hence stupidities around my concerns and more so in a violent and dominating way and the reason was to ensure I get involved with white people and then they can ensure whatever white people get from me I will not be able to deny them considering that asking me while I am in the company of my own race will make it impossible for them to get what they want, so every single process of getting my attention when I want nothing to do with them is built on this and that is why they need tasks concerning me from the Monarchy and I don’t actually care who gave them any tasks, every time they turn up here will mean trouble and the more they insist is the better my project financial violence will get i.e. nobody knows how they get to know which ones are the friends you have picked up because they have forced you to spend more time with white people than you should, which will then expose things they need to know to have what they want from your life that you would not otherwise have given them if they asked and how they can tell which ones are real friends so that as long as their involvement with my concerns bearing in mind where they are at Lower classes and where my work is at Upper classes which means the damage is unavoidable, then my project financial violence will never stop. The American ones especially do speak of a weakling that likes to boast all the time of which I have no idea if it has anything to do with being a weakling anyway – what we are seeing here is people gather at Town Halls and Churches to create a state of affairs that is violent towards me as a population that they can deploy to force their will on me which fails when I handle it living in the UK and not the US or Africa but better still is a reality that everything they hate when they speak of hate as semantics and not pragmatism is something to which I fit the bill thereof but if they hate it they cannot leave it alone when it is doing nothing to harm them – so I will make the civil rights ear look like a picnic before they realise they cannot address me or get on my TV to talk through to me or be seen anywhere near my book sales. This is all there is; the state of affairs these people build up as a Community with which to turn up and impose their will on me but every time they reach me it breakdown and I am the weak link; I mean I have allowed them pillage my finances because they are known to hate those who hold government office without being rich enough to solve other peoples financial problems first and I fit that bill but they cannot move on and get lost – they think I live like that because I couldn’t do any better and soon the test of whether everybody thinks of living like women or religious people when they are not doing well financially because they have squander civil rights to manipulate other and their finances with will result in a condition where I get things done in their own time and not mine. They do say I can pick on black people but never whites, yet the story before now was a case of the prophet that had no respect among his own people being the answer for everything – the whites like to play the big boys with the small guys valuables in a play ground but these blacks were the reasons I got flustered in the first place about which you don’t have to offend them for it to happen at all. So in the end it is the Media people and the Celebrities that say I need to stop doing their problems but the aforementioned disposition is clearly the only meaning their civil rights has which is used to bottom out my book sales every single one of God’s blessed days. It all started when the fact I was Government operative and they had no respect which costs me my academic work and finances trying to deal with, so that they might have somebody to bully became their preoccupation for a decade and a half and if they keep their insults to themselves none of these would be happening either – the history I have with them as well. They do say I am a nobody whose presence makes people nervous and that it is the problem but of course while they say that it feed into all the insults that create their own versions of who I am besides the distant fascism and anti-Semitism that they practice secretly garnished only by years of financially rewarding civil rights devil worship to throw them around with, so they feel like exasperating me and jumping on my chest every time and every moment of their time too, so the whole thing about being angry all the time which feeds into the mystery of the presence of God around you both combining to make those who are unaware of what it is afraid is what applies here, so I have simply become one of the most abused government operatives in the world which means they have no respect for me and I have none of them and if I were not a government operative would feel the same way concerning their attitude towards my writing career, the history I have with them as well.

I don’t believe it is a problem but they always say what they say because they are making statements about me being the small fry that spends lots of time making trouble and thinking he is King until the big fish in Industry and Media is unleashed and then he will know his place but I have not got a problem with that, it’s just reality it should not actually come down to personal insults if you give a speech to some 50 business men while I get about brokering my equities and stuff but it has come down to that on account that it is not as if that is the way people react when they see others talk equity, but as a matter of the way they react because it is not up to them to prevent themselves to following the reaction that the media has put in them and so they will stay off my books my way or their own but then again I had made myself quite clear earlier – not everybody wants to live like women or religious people when they are not doing well financially when others are personally responsible for it as well. So I understand it is said I am really loud and that people are offended by that but I am not, it’s just reality that this is their lives. The reality is that I am an important person – I mean it’s not my major preoccupation because my Bible serves me better than talk of being important but I am and their lack of respect is not a problem for me alone, so I have none of them as well and if they are hard felt about it can turn up and get some – I actually don’t like to discuss it for my part since I am better off with the what happens and what does not happen side of the story, however they have never won a fight around here but we do hear them talk nonsense about big fish in Media and Industry, so they need to stay off my books as it were and stop turning u here to profit trophy hunt in a business they found out while it was still in my head and have not been able to take away from me since – I know I am doing a professional job with the books and will never change the rhetoric either – they don’t like staying off peoples possessions the Natural way, they always say they can do and undo with this one and don’t need market system to decide and yes we hear of their ability to kill people of course and it is alien to a Christian here bearing in mind what will happen to them when they locate another religious weak link as it were. For now they do say they have put me through the same things people suffer everyday of course which is utter rubbish as they have put me through nothing and I am not giving back those cultures and societies and of course there is no state of affairs they can build up anywhere on this planet to force their will on me in anyway. I understand they say I should be selling books but sit about growing up on people – reality of course is that they all want to be celebrities are society level and they all want to be celebrities at public life level and they have a  Prince who is releasing money from power to pick on against whom violent stories about poverty and hardship will earn a lot of credibility, so we all know it is one thing after another after another and one man’s food is another man’s poison with the way you react while they do whatever they like and I am perfectly okay with it as they are not going anywhere and I am not giving back those societies and cultures they simply need to forget all about for my part as well. The growing up on people part simply being the bit where I set out everything and its all out there and they can do it if they want but if they don’t then when I don’t it will come back to hunt anything else I have chosen as an alternative career path and no thanks to them for it as well; but the same principle applies – they have no respect for me and I none for them and every defilation will be punished until the gospel is set where it should be and that their money is what is being defiled but they are not going anywhere, they are staying here and will never be free of me. They think it is fun you see, hatred for those who spend time in the city being religious instead of lewd is being punished by a need to put something in their anus because you are stronger and more powerful, which we see displayed like trophy when we turn up pornography websites and so on and so I need to handle the things they consider valuable in that way well and the money bit bakes my bacon. It is said I act like I get no respect from others whatsoever but this isn’t true, it is the respect I get from others itself that sets this obvious line clear on how far they will go over their evils and abuses with it – so since they had shown it is a personal decision, this is their lives as it were and the louder I get is the angrier they get too, so they can make their noise from that angle – it’s a matter of a community of 20 people, we all know each other with gargoyles in front of our homes which determine what people think is happening inside, compared to people who know where a Prince’s books are, so they can share the Royal Estate as well to put an end to poverty and deprivation supervised by their Politicians and media who told me to hand it over a long time ago or it will lead to problems – all prepared to burn other peoples towns and cities to have a Royal Estate as well as if the owner can never get offended and prepared to die leaning on me in the process too.