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The general idea is largely that I have got the benefit of hindsight but in actual fact the reality is not just that of those who get involved with religion and disobey its principles and the problems they bring upon themselves and then try to ensure affects everybody so they can seek decadence only but also a matter of those who do not know what they are talking about and all the way to those who do know what they are talking about but had at some stage shared too much and opened up their world too willingly. So I am not seen doing any of these things but I never the less over a matter of my hatred for people seeking to make a radical sector out of the truths I share with my God earned any fear from them yet – since it is already clear nobody here is playing around with them either. 

So there is that talk some people come up with about less regulation in order to help businesses grow thing which makes no sense of course, how less regulation helps businesses to grow as it were. I mean it’s like the Banking system where a Bank Boss would think of a recession as an opportunity to show his child how to manage money but the government will turn up and bail them out with tax funds without any rules and without any conditions, so I understand the idea therefore that some people think of regulations as their means of getting a piece of businesses but what do others mean when they say deregulation helps businesses to do better, it does not. There is the twin issue around it which concerns my books too – they say it had better done what it said on the tin but of course the reality is that if the consultant Intellectual property for people is that which I hold at my Royal Estate with which I work on and provide government securities for the Liabilities of the British currency, as well as some other ones that are entirely personal property and hold the collective at the royal estate like most of it is, then every product they put out there in public offers me some publicity and so it is this publicity that I then break up and give to people provided they buy the books and get their autograph to certify that, how this is not doing what it says on the tin besides the explanation of foolish men and their media is therefore completely beyond me. I guess however that it is their insolent and arrogant attitude of extracting millions of currency from my property that is coming to head all together; I am not saying it is a huge problem anyway but it seems they never listen – they and their girls and the idea about how to do business which involves hating me and hitting me hard on my finances and so if I complain hit me even harder with a big mouth; bit by bit and I will round them up especially in the Middle East, not because the middle east ones are my biggest headache, no, they are just the most impudent and once I had done that considerably, somebody will demagogue me and kick it off and it will burn and burn big too. 

In the end I suppose it boils down to that story about how to make the poor work harder and the rich richer, which is something they can never achieve since it is a function of two 19 year olds with one thinking he has the right to address the other how he pleases when they both face the same adult challenges in life and need all the energy and strength and intelligence at this disposal – so since it is clear their foolish kids would not cross me in hell as it were, we must concentrate on them hence it is a 19 to 35 year old v 40 to 70 year olds and we hear their noise making all the time and of course what I do to them as well is not hurting badly enough. Since we all know that the only reasons they do what they do is because people make a conscious decision to let them get away with it – except that there are some like myself who’s conscious decision to let them get away with it is patronising, with a big mouth. It is the extracting of millions from my property that will blow it all open as it were and nobody exactly knows how they intend to be wealthier than somebody whose life revolves around wealth and privilege and power like mine is in the first place anyway and more so how they are going to make it happen with his own property too. In the end if it comes down to tyranny I can only get better at narrowing all their nonsense down to next door neighbour altercations, about which I am in love with their mothers and they will tell me everything about it –  so they can keep their tyranny in their homes; like when they claim my involvement with American Republicans is based on a naive and nice persons lack of understanding of what the republicans are about, whereas the reality is things like the fact that on no occasion ever before has a democrat leader ever actually put their hand up and accepted that the things their followers and supporters get up to and more so as a collective are bad things – what they suppose they are doing is making me a deal I cannot resist on the basis of their power, hence I hold them down and resist that stupid deal and they cannot do anything about it or go anywhere so far.

Now there is the task of laying down enough control in the International Markets due to the fact that criminal idiots and tyrants and drug dealers etc expect products to be made with my Equities and securities that they then become emotionally attached to, which is not to say they are not products that can be used to harm people as well anyway - par it with diplomacy and high class fashion in my Literary Empire trust and we have a real problem for example, hence it will not be tolerated and so I shall start from the things which show I am pampered and decadent due to the things they these liberal idiots and their fame and fortune media as well as Politicians let me do with their personal life and family life, it is a good path to fame and fortune and the lifestyle that proves I am like they have shown (and I shall think of more from that if I am not disturbed). Here in the UK there is that talk of The Stephen Lawrence racist murder of course and the endless stories around how little I think or say about it, clear it never is why they expect me to have an opinion about it anyway – reality of course is that black men think themselves the guardians of an evil society that needs my blood to be shed, which is usually deployed to hurt people to make them rich and that if you do not let them have what they want with that society then they will create the conditions that will lead to your racist murder and when others get murdered instead it will continue until you are, so that you might know what they are like etc and then there are the whites and their control your parents who are stirring racism thing, because they have never been scared of anything or anybody in their stupid lives as it were. It comes down to the same old issue, provided they have celebrity culture and Politicians, it is impossible for them to leave other people alone and let them be and so if I mention it like I have warned them before if I were to have died and a memoriam was set up it will set off events such as they have never seen before of a violent nature against them as well, so they have never really thought it a serious matter but the reality as I have mentioned before is that the whites lives in their white society and don’t know what experiencing racism is like and the blacks in their black society and don’t care what living in a white one is and so with the belief that regular parties and high life enjoyment means that it is the white friends I have and myself in specificity that is their biggest problem, it will lead to problems that a bigger, far bigger than they can handle as it were, especially if I were to die and they hang around my grave or anything like that as well. Because of course you might own a literary empire to hell, you simply get called names that will mean idiots take advantage of you for fun and then realise that it is possible for them to get used to it which is where they start thinking of making money from behaving towards you in those ways and so in the end others get to do it instead like the Queen of England who took me in and gave me security to sit down and do it and ever since she did, she had become their enemy and they had a problem of equality with her majesty and that big black golliwog mouth that never works for anything other people have worked for and made available for them to see and covet as it were because civil rights and their secret society powers that I dare not expose if I do not want trouble will come to the rescue and I don’t mean any 30% effort of the work that those who own what they covet put in to get it as it were because there is civil rights and equality concerning which they even have an equality commission in this country as well for good measure. What they are saying is that if they pump out all these racism stuff and place them around me and something happens to me, they will set up monuments and have a new civil rights and this is entirely wrong, the wrong prognosis of what will likely happen and I think they are bluffing as well. Very clever people apparently - they want to use the Country to do things they need to do; with a big mouth I suppose then as it were, especially if I am the yardstick and the scapegoat all at the same with with yet an even bigger gob: same story all around that the Bible is all written out and all and if a Priest reads it to people he or she will only word for word but when people apply it they add their own style, so that when somebody provokes another, the person will harm or kill them because they look like the provocateur and are not doing any differently either and then they will suddenly have made out it is absolutely the problem of everybody as well and when they say they cannot leave people alone suppose it is my problem whereas I know if I handle them again they will have even more reasons to hate my guts than they currently do.

The Idea I am being cursed or held back by them in some way to show what happens when children have no respect for old idiots is utter nonsense; its a matter of when I chose to do what I do and how and not a matter of what they think, moreover which they are really foolish and I do not mind making money out of it - I mean a life of misery because their foolish wives and children want extra beauties they were not born with for example? Who would resist the idea of starting out later after they had made a fool of themselves all over the media globally? There is no such thing as being cursed or set back and a process where stupid children that are more respectful get ahead of me etc, the reality is that people give them money for Music CDs and lifestyle rubbish they come up with even when they know they have done so abusing and provoking me because they think they can have me beaten up if they want to, on grounds they have got the money to give them and what happens with peoples money is not a decision that I can make - I say anything I say about it because if I were irritated, the idea they can do it to affect my income and book sales anybody can see affects the way I feel in a wholly new league all together and guess where they like to show it off? but why? Its National media of course, anyway they can get an opinion up there - in any case of which I do not remember assigning foolish black girls who have cultural links that feel they can address absolutely anybody when they come across them on the streets and therefore have links with Politicians that send them out to do whatever it is they do and get on media to talk much nonsense about as well, to distribute my products for me - I am only aware of their right to buy a copy of their own and lend it to as many of their friends as they possibly can.

The story about how much civil rights people have done to harm me and therefore how powerful they are has become a really familiar issue in any case for the most part but the wonderment is still exactly what they have done to me anyway. We all know they are such a collection of bullies; they handle my property without my permission and get on media as the route by which to attack me and not a place where they can stand and be counted in the world which puts them in the same par as those who have counted themselves on it through crime and claim they have harmed me for the most part and of course I have before mentioned that there is not an excuse that is good enough for their bullying and if I do not have my revenge that is for me to think about and not them, not to matter of which I am not giving back those civil rights anyway and when next I walk around their city like I am superior to them and need to be cut down to size will certainly hit them harder than I have at present. The part where there is nothing I can do to civil rights people and more so at this stage is supposed to have been the bafflement in the matter all together; since we all know that the wealthiest of them have received a warning from me about snooping around Industry gatherings where they pretend to own my work and property and use it to get connected with whomsoever they please and return to talk nonsense all the time about facts people already know, mocking me endlessly each time Industry gatherings happen and they want friendship with rich people which is very expensive for me to deal with and since they handle my books in the process to make me angry enough to act for them all the time like I am being used as a tool, then the cost is astronomical but it has become something they do for attrition and a function of their evil love for their media powers; there has never really been an acceptable excuse for any of these things, now there is nothing I can do to them apparently. So the reality remains of course that it is not a serious crisis, I have put up with enough party life from their stupid children which they know the party life is meant to annoy me so intensely I cannot think properly and therefore unable to act but the behaviour will certainly continue of expecting me and indeed everybody else to make their business into something others can play around with to get rich by finding money and going off to sell things to a lot of people very quickly and if like in my case they are so vicious and these actions occur at a National level that my finances have bottomed out, we can see that there is no chance such a thing will happen in hell and therefore I will die of ill health because they exist. Hence there is nothing I can do to them as were. I find it extremely provocative when they get around Tech shows and Industry gathers and snoop all over my social networking sites, ripping and pillaging and talking nonsense about those who have known them but do not know me and that since it shows no signs of abating will soon have become the crucible in which this matter will be settled. For now I am not giving back that stupid civil rights because I want to explore that their stupid anger they think they can vent or express on or at me. All I want to do is get around with those that know me and those that like my work and yet when they do these things they think that rounding me up and trapping me is public television hilarious, I mean its incredible and more so when they blast off their big mouth about things I cannot do to them as well, never mind changing my subject for me whenever I mention it, especially the American ones; 


They are supposed to have been the example and statement made about all those media stories and media vandalism to make money at the same time of a games they play. There is therefore no bearing towards fact that I criticise and attack those who travel to the City centre to seek their fortune but am actually the same thing - utter nonsense, its just a lesson television personalities and journalists needed to learn and as it stands with their corruptions of involvement I still want my Court back from them this is current, what brought us here in the first place was a case of seeking my personal life in order to manipulate me and then hold on to an aspect of my operations they did not actually know is my working court until recently when I created a website for it and then will banter everything I do onto destruction until I come to an agreement about which part belongs to them or they will continue and when I do so for those I work with they simply realise I need not be allowed to develop a public message that suggests a difference between them and those I work with so they pretend they are as well and that means that I can never ever be said to have finished anything and this therefore affects my earnings as well and means they they technically own me and everything I look like the trouble they seek all the time - so it happens over a period of an average of four years with a process by which each time I am set up a counter story appears on media which means I get involved with them when they are beyond and out of my league in a condition where they do not know me and have never seen before and then it happens again and the message comes through it is a matter of their ego all together on account they appear on television and then a decision gets made it will never happen again. This is actually half the story; the problem these days is that of the fact they have created a condition where destroying all I work for or own is a good feeling for them, hence it is that process where they created that interest in the first place which draws the lines and marks me out specifically as somebody that needs to tolerate less and less of the Media. They like their game where I talk and they counter talk and tell me to shut it for a living while they get connections with those that are more powerful than I am because they want some of mine and it is undoubted they will get it too -  for now I am not getting any fresh publicity for my work while they have taken it over and feel it is better if they do it instead, so let them do it. It is all the same old question people ask of what my real view of the media is since when that is not forth coming they feel they can do and undo; but my view of the media is simple i.e. think of an older man next door who sometimes plays with you because he is single and has no children and then sometimes does things that you feel is really unfair to you, then think about a twisted, evil, perverted and violent version of such a man who wants to be able to intimidate you for pleasure everyday and you will have the media. I have done my best on the matter and it is becoming a war as well, I have told them to take their desire to be powerful corporations that can do whatever they like with people off my earnings, especially their shopping channels - that said of which the mainstream is still the crucible where they train cameras on women, make out I sleep with them and then whether or not I do deploy that to make girls money and do pornography stories that the sex industry buys from them as well but it gets worse because I have to get up everyday to wrestle the ability to sit in front of people who interview me during a job screening in order to talk with them face to face and this wrestling has gone on for the last decade several times everyday through the night as well. Now they not only claim with their insolence and corruptions of involvement that it is because they want to look after me to fulfil a fatherly desire, they also make good the accusations and the insults and how I act in ways which attack young women, contrary to the fact they need to get off my right to get work as I do not know them and have never seen them before and therefore very unlikely to care and need to get off my books and get off the Industries not pretend that those who are powerful than I am will protect them from me so that I might have to do that thing where I find a way around making sure it never gets to happen. So this is what the media really is and they expect to get on my TV to do or say things and then a process of doing so will become a career, when they are at the heart of the reasons that radio stations run my life and earn my income for a living because they know where my books are and no matter how they want it or others do it will never be sold because they want to use my personality for other things and as such have links with community croons that hold me down for them for the rest of my life while their idiots think employment means getting in touch with their stupidities so they can pass off my personality as their own and make riches and fame - but in the end to ensure they have control of the source of their wealth I am not allowed to have an income either through my company or through a job I get from another person and the end product of the name calling and intimidation they wish to cash into such as little meddling shit that does not know his level after all these years is what will spark the media war or war with the media itself. For now I say and do nothing about it because Nazism and racism was a German invention, they are the real social perverts and the problem that we have within our British Identity, wants a piece me and will certainly get it too - I do not think it a major crisis, the insults and abuses and name calling and the fact they wish to cash into it either makes me want to delay what I feel about it until you meet them in person and they meet I as well or it determines a means of getting them off my books and off the Industries and job market companies.  

Otherwise the reality is that they and their girls just cannot stop stealing and committing crimes and this is what we know and there is no need to pay attention to or get angry about the fact it exists, nor is there a reason to let them have their way no matter whatever democracy is being bandied around.

I. Uno I 

Naturally the whole business of the appearance I do not seem to work hard enough on security matters, which creates this outcome where people need to assist me as they believe I am not strong enough to handle certain issues, which is quite right, except each time they back onto the fact I am Royalty and it is probable what I think about doing is something I know how to tackle i.e. the only way that those who are stronger than I am and fear for my safety will have their own safety jeopardised by something I am doing will be when I am not working hard enough on it and this largely refers to criminality matters, such as young people and criminals chasing addiction and attacking people randomly to ensure they secure finances and market for it - same as smoke screen for criminality Media Journalists relentless and ever abiding disobedient practical jokes with peoples livelihood and finances, when they wish to interpret their civil rights as a process of extracting an income from the wealthy city centre without having to do any more work for it than has been imposed on them by force, it therefore usually gives way to the throwing peoples valuables to fat cats that they and the young people who follow them at popular culture work so hard to prepare themselves to do, that they believe absolutely everybody is taken by the stories they tell of work being imposed on them and of course at the heart of the supply of start up finances and mobility for such things is a bit too much of Politicians showing up in peoples lives.

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