Finance based Secondary Governance - 

(Jobs Destruction and Official Perversions)

Royal Arch Prince at Hermitage Leadership: Politics & Family Finance, industrial Narcissism, pleasurable vandalism by Politicians 


 The talk of how I am some huge great orthodox invention that exists to be abused by them who need real lives and real money is well noted of course, all that people should understand is that I am satisfied with what I own and do not need their add-ons. They can make of this what they like especially for black girls who think they have settled in on the life of a man they want to waste and therefore get on media to support their theory alongside their stupid men – every normal person would take it as a warning that the desire of businesses to see me work my personal life for them to have environments for parties with is going to end very badly if not violently as well. The noise making they put forward especially for the media fools and their Political friends is apt of course as it were but everybody knows as well that it happens because somebody is not yet the biggest problem that socialist gatherings and the pop music and the rock music like they used to have in the 80s have got, hence their mouthing off cannot possibly have a limit so far yet. The part where I get bullied by the Politicians is very familiar of course, all I know is that they do what they do because they are idiots and should be, it always sounds so much better when I apply the idea on American politicians since it means that plan to see me get off on a hatred for America agenda loses steam until the next time they have thought hard enough about it. I would not like to be tempted by these idiots, I will not like to tolerate it, and I have had enough of them. By the way of which they speak of the media which contains only two items one of them being idiots who think when I decide to do something what media does should determine whether or not I do it or seek out another perversion to chase, the other contains the media themselves where fools get off and cling to peoples income without any apparent reason and then start finding the reasons everyday and make them up as they go along, the purpose being to secure people they can handle like an item when they want to feel they need a sense of privilege on account of a salary they already have in the bank and it is never something that should be talked over, hence I do not and cannot understand why it seems the idea I should have conversations about media has become so important to some people; which brings us squarely to the game plan where these socialist fools are a product of the power blocks of politics creating a bad boy they can sacrifice later concerning which I have dragged myself into a difficult problem and then thought about it as another person’s banter, which then leads us back to the original problem of yester year i.e. because they were there when I was born they can stalk me and follow me around to watch me work on my property until an empire results without the money, so they can get on media and fulfil their work place envy rubbish of trying to me more important than I am as superficially as they possibly can, over the delusion absolutely everybody is happy for them to exist in that way and to move into people’s right hand side or left hand side and generally do things at their expense all the time. Hence they will have to sit it out as well and watch the history I will make too; it is the only problem there is and I always put it in much simpler ways like the fact they need to get off my books as it is the only way out for me and for them – nobody needs an education as well on the fact they are deviant society and those of them who think they are popular culture celebrities and need to take on me need to speak to the banks to tell them not to handle popular culture people’s money anyhow they like and then when done come back around and take me on, bearing in mind their entire lives are about encouraging those things and so are their entire careers, hence the media bred delusion when I do my things I am doing it for them as well. All those music CDs and all those cheap electrical equipments for running shows that make Japanese idiots such a close friend of their vandalism and the sheer number of people that pack into venues to be part of it, complete with the part which says that it is not enough and hence they want mine, thus the endless desire to ensure they are able to threaten me in order to guarantee that if they grabbed my personal life and anything down to personality and put it somewhere to enjoy it there was nothing I could do to stop or change that and hence will not keep that stupid culture out of my public light and publicity with claims I change steal r damage it like a demagogue for violence with a big mouth that will one day see me respond as well, bearing in mind I have made it clear those cultures are societies are not nice to me and need to be kept well away. I am aware I have created this idea around me that I am the most generous ideas haemorrhaging idiots in the world but that is because of the need to do things on grounds I want to do them and not do them because I think about my own actions when I do them, so that will remain as it is and those who hate it I will continue to wind up, since it is clear that when somebody is famous people like these are likely to sit around him and count pennies until they become millions but because that will never be enough want a piece of me as well – prefer saying it the other way i.e. the book sales are the only way out for me and for them, when I sell the books and take about two years holiday outside of the UK and media business runs for that period of time without me, by the time I return a process of popular culture chasing me and then moving on will have happened – otherwise according to how they currently want it, I will stay local and force it. It does beggar belief; are they famous, I mean really? They said the money was it and I will not tolerate anything else as well.


Live Journal Statement - The Political  ©

 So do I have any inferiority complex when I see how well people have done? This is another really ugly perception, from stupid girls that think I might fancy them and yet I have mentioned I cannot function when I am not left alone by them and that I work in a half priest half chief o staff office and can spend up to 6 hours on every day praying and also watch lots ot TV to catch up on the news and also write books, so there will be very little time for party life or drinking or excesses and any of such rubbish; it is not clear what on earth makes them think they might not lose their minds getting married to or having sex with me and I don’t know what they want or why on earth they would suppose I am meant to have an inferiority complex towards them? The other issue surrounding it and the most important of course is that they like to show off their abilities at destruction and the problem I have here is that people have been waiting for me for the first three years after I got my Royal Estate and I am still unemployed and Cash strapped for a decade at this point; I know it means big boys running big businesses these days but especially with respect to not leaving me alone yet and allowing my book sales to happen yet which is coupled with that rubbish about inferiority complex, it will soon become a "higher you rise harder you fall" issue.

 Yes they also wonder what my sense of society and appreciation of people is like but I don’t know why they would want to know that anyway; all I know is that the way it is, is that once they earn some money and their stupid children are comfortable, then they feel as though the world revolves around them but in the end it is just really corrupt, cultural violent and corporate greed corrupt and as soon as they get into my life, they are off hurting me to get rich because consumers are abusive, hurting me to please consumers, which is of course what you do when you want people to like you.

I do not believe it was an evil thing I did on the other hand putting away those stupid cultures, the prognosis of wickedness that they mean and their fun of bullying people. These games they play, plans to control people and lies they tell and plans to use their cultural power to get rich and following me around abusively is all that is left of it, which of course is manageable (unlike when they get involved with anybody I do business with to play with me against my wishes unfathomable destructive games that make them better off)-while I have absolute control of idiots that have sex with girls that are younger, idiots that have sex with boys that are younger and their mothers and grand mothers as well etc (which I need to, to run my Office); so for what the complaints of murder are worth and how many of them get to be my fault on Public Television, why can’t these really stupid rich fools just leave me to the problem and get lost? Not get around thinking they have changed the history of the world because they are most unimaginably insolent girls and women that never change, who have other male idiots that will secure me for them for a toy boy (who ever will want a toy boy Royal Prince anyway? You never know.), especially the Americans ones whose sense of greed and insolent opinions it encourages they throw at just about anybody is legendary too-until it goes badly wrong as it were.

I guess I myself do tend to sound a bit too Political when I say or act in ways which suggests phrases such as "smaller government", so the way to be clearer is to substitute the phrase "low logistics costs", in place of  "smaller government" in all instances. Even if I did not know that its purpose is to curb violent extremism and its intrusive insolent, the Parliamentary idiots that work it because they suppose they have found a way to make themselves immune, the Political idiots they savage my privacy to control with my work then bribe with it immediately after for self confidence and power and media/fame mad paedophiles who think I say all sorts of things when I am at my court or do all sorts of things that I need to be punished for and their young idiots, it would still have been the correct things to do.


Now they say I am stuck and it’s difficult to locate how but it seems to be their rallying call on Media every day; we all know they will think I am stuck because they have a plan to ensure a total lack of respect for me and what I do as a person leads to outcomes in which my whole life comes to a stop – It does make me wonder what creatures come up with such ideas if I eliminate don’t call me stupid or else media that have time for nothing else in their whole lives. The government office ones like to pretend this sort of behaviour is amusing while pointing to insults I have exhibited towards the Prince of Wales when it has been impossible to keep him away from my Books so they can do their worst on account he wants to prepare for a big show reign whereby every time he does and finds out that Industry is all about idiots with dreams chasing peoples private parts when they see a bit of money and that Celebrities are twice as bad because they do not expect anything in return, home to manipulate you into doing their needs and most of those needs are violent things, I am fucked all over until the next time he decides he wants to do it again; which is what these fools apparently find amusing too; they needed him obviously, needed his gun to keep my Books off the markets, so they can carry out their stupidities and find ways of making it profitable by means of the violence that is exhibited by the poor and angry racist crowd the whole time but I am lost as per where it tends to mean I am stuck when I am not the one complaining. I had furnished these fools over this issue concerning HRH and HRH’s Dad with bad mouth words over the two persons that they can share with them to be friends, so as to show up here and make trouble for me all the time and although this means a certain part of their stupid minds belongs to me as equally as their existence as a problem for everybody, they are still seen finding ways of developing some friction between me that they are not and the Prince of Wales that they are not, talking rubbish about their connections of which they have got none. Their fools from overseas speak of something about letting their tyrants be but we all know when somebody wants to kill people he is the British Arch Prince a villainous and powerful beauty and now they know what I am really like and have s story to tell, it does mean that I am stuck as well – bearing in mind there was nothing I was ever going to do about them being just a kid with that big mouth of theirs. I did write somethings in my Books which amounted to unsavoury statements about HRH and it was done deliberately, amounted to a demand I was not expecting to be fulfilled anywhere in hell – it is a Book that is supposed to serve people the equity content contained therein, they are not me and they are not the Prince of Wales, they are no one and they are nothing and need to get over themselves. It’s a risk obviously but a risk around a part of endeavour that the Prince of Wales is never going to get himself involved with because it does not make any sense to; yes, the problems around my concerns spread but that is only when people mess with my Book sales – those who look for trouble always find it; if they do not mess with my finances my problems will not get all over the place and affect them.

They speak of Politics of course and that does not scare me in anyway; its the same old idiots who normally trap the best the Country produces somewhere, so that the worst can show up to count pennies on peoples lives until they made millions out of being stupid and the fact that messing with my finances causes my problems to affect them is simple enough for them to understood too, as we can see they know nothing else and the biggest of them in the last decade which was Obama of the US was obviously a genius. The story of talking like I do getting me into trouble is utter nonsense - we all know if I do not stop people peddling my public image for fame and fortune it will drag me out of University again and when I am not in University everything I do will be said to have been some activity engaged in to grab career paths that are the reserve of those who have had their dreams taken from them instead of getting a real career like the Royal Prince that I am - so I do not think this whole idea of getting into any trouble is realistic anyway, I think they are bluffing; "do not mess with my Book sales and then my Problems will not spread and burn you up" is simple enough; half the time these fools will be seen claiming that we find out how poor people live so we can develop some new oppression, after that the connections they have not got I will be getting into trouble because they think of my livelihood as a toy, don't call the stupid lest you get into trouble with that big mouth as well - I mean who does that anyway, play with people livelihood I mean? They have obviously got bigger problems as it were (I mean the Criminals in the prison system have an excuse, they do not have any - I am also lost as per who I am likely to get into trouble with all together anyway i.e. money mongers like these do not know how playing around with other peoples livelihood would affect the victims, so what they expect is an explanation obviously).


Naturally the whole business of the appearance I do not seem to work hard enough on security matters, which creates this outcome where people need to assist me as they believe I am not strong enough to handle certain issues, which is quite right, except each time they back onto the fact I am Royalty and it is probable what I think about doing is something I know how to tackle i.e. the only way that those who are stronger than I am and fear for my safety will have their own safety jeopardised by something I am doing will be when I am not working hard enough on it and this largely refers to criminality matters, such as young people and criminals chasing addiction and attacking people randomly to ensure they secure finances and market for it - same as smoke screen for criminality Media Journalists relentless and ever abiding disobedient practical jokes with peoples livelihood and finances, when they wish to interpret their civil rights as a process of extracting an income from the wealthy city centre without having to do any more work for it than has been imposed on them by force, it therefore usually gives way to the throwing peoples valuables to fat cats that they and the young people who follow them at popular culture work so hard to prepare themselves to do, that they believe absolutely everybody is taken by the stories they tell of work being imposed on them and of course at the heart of the supply of start up finances and mobility for such things is a bit too much of Politicians showing up in peoples lives.
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