Now they say I have no means by which to do anything about or help control the extremism that is running wild all over the place and yet I am working a service that allows others to oppress people, none of which is based on reality by the way. The truth is that there is no extremism in a real sense only evil people – the extremists are evil, the media is evil, the Politicians are evil, the Celebrities are evil and all of them do not rest one moment when it is ever so much more important to build up stages that gets good people angry, confused and dead as a way of sup[porting a platform which lets them get away with it and feel protected. So my case is still the great old one where they show up here to make a mess all the time and always tend to do something that will make a mess of HM Peace, leading to outcome where they need to be forced to stand firm and take responsibility for it too. They do say I never stand firm and take responsibility for my actions as well which is utter nonsense – we can see Obama for instance spent 8 years at the White House stifling my finances and getting people to strike my bum and tummy and anus in order to ensure I was not keeping secrets that could make my race better off, on account my crime was to have a Royal Commission and therefore be successful too many times while others had no success; the premise he believes everybody lives in is that he is not destroying another persons life and does not deserve everything he gets for it too. I am not saying I am innocent in the matter either, I did force the Politicians to do some proper liberal work in order to have liberal Politics too, now what I have gained from it is freedom from being persecuted because I am always on my own, they have stopped claiming it is the means by which I secure the best ideas I can make use of the crowd to get rich by, meaning once I had the money I would never share it, among other things they claim but above all that stupid community wickedness that gets violent crowds on my door step for acceptable forms of discrimination against those who are inferior to them but have the effrontery to own what they have not tasted has been practiced at a limit as well, right down to the point where it gets involved with the Military to get shot at by the enemy doing my stuff at a limit instead of violating me to build up the power and evil that allows it to defend my civil rights, which is then sold onto industry scum at a later date providing a fucking service in the neighbourhoods against those it sees step into a religious establishment all the day of its foolish life. The Celebrities always say its a matter of how they do not have any rights over what belongs to me and do not own me and know that if I said what I say where it mattered it would probably end my life but this is the very reason I am not the innocent party in their case as well; goes beyond the surprise of waking to find I have ripped up the Celebrity culture as well to a process where I will progress the financial losses they have been suffering my clinging to me into a condition of marking out popularity neighbourhoods that belong to black people and making sure I had completely destroyed it as well and I bet it is the part where making me terribly distressed leads to happiness that can be displayed during partying while an attack is levied on the religion that can actually solve the problem of unhappiness that besets them and makes it impossible for them to serve customers and make money in the first place i.e. when he had lost all his celebrity and music studios and fashion studios and so on, lost everything that will make him feel comfortable once he had served his time for harming me, it is possible I will be the one doing the harming of people after that before I even start to think about the white ones striking my bum all the time on account they want to get around with rich people, bearing in mind how distracting it is and the fact I already have a history with regards the communists and the Americas. What is happening mostly at this stage is a process where we are finding out if the Media ones do these things and claim it is all my fault because they have got as much power as their political counterparts expressing every form of wickedness they can imagine at Government Office because they think it is the place for it and we can see that I am not to blame if their families are not affected and they would not be out of pocket if they had stopped it – so my point is that the extremism and the evil and violence they speak of would not have been a difficult thing for me to control in anyway whatsoever. Its like in an administrative sense they impossible to please and yet at the same time cannot stop spending money on organised crime and as I always put it, we understand it better if in describing it I was standing on a stage and people were enjoying a sitcom at the audience. Either way, they do not own me and have no right here; finding their mates was the easier one, picking on me is not – I have done some difficult things with myself over the years, such as an Arch Prince doing a Cleaners Job – if I cannot keep the Liberal idiots off my income and Public image, I will not have either of the two – they are losing money as it stands and I am not innocent in the matter but we can see their insults and the prospects it offers as one hell of a service people can buy into remains an incentive, they even talk about how I have been saved by Twitter while my social media was rather an indication that since I am always miserable and can no longer do my own where I am an Arch Prince dignitaries want to get involved with my state provided security to see at a distance, therefore fundamentally need other peoples fashion and Media and celebrity to pay my bills or it will never be over, do need to stay away from me at this stage. The reality of this matter is an old case where people build companies and they showed up to buy some shares, then set off to build themselves wealth distribution campaigns which are primarily developed around tackling inferior people who dare to have what they do not or have not yet tasted but it is their Politicians such as Obama who groom people for the fascism and helps the media groom people for the misogyny, leaving them the means by which run their whole lives and business on a prospect that concerns ideas and abuses and insults about what their victim should be doing to make them comfortable; now I cannot write and sell Books because people are striking my bum but it is the follow on insults and a process of pretending I would not have been able to do anything about them if it came to a real push that will see them keep off what I became when I took my GCSE and acquired an awareness of the world and the civil service with that insane media; the one that stands out the most being the difference between service people neighbourhoods and media neighbourhoods – for a strange reason somehow the Politicians are always able to tell people defending themselves against liberal goons causes greater problems that affects everybody but you will not see peoples lives and public image vanish into service personnel neighbourhoods on account somebody is creating a version of it in a wealthier setting, it always does the media and celebrity ones everyday and so it gets some comparison here on the basis of the stupidities that the politicians bandy about as an insult at other people expense the the fact that both service people that are always getting abused and the celebrities and journalists have neighbourhoods. We even hear the Politicians cling to my Books and get cynical in public to a point where these goons are able to strike my bum, right up to a stage where it affects them as well and then we find them go from showing me its impossible to run an intellectual property administration service business comfortably to claiming they want to handle rogue bosses and that it was a problem I was meant to have helped solve, politicising my whole empire for some stupidity that resonates with the crowd like another idea of a hell of a service while they complain about the effects of the others ones directly associated with their evil nature: so it becomes quite obvious that they are not aware when I pillage tat stupid liberal money as well, all of my problems will be solved; I was apparently warned about not messing with the community wickedness that ensures I have to fight for my life all the time because they were securing new pleasures derived from the fact that I was seen stepping into a Church and so we find that the other part is dead cold or near so whenever it had more to do with how other peoples money and what they were doing to make people happy to buy what they wanted when they wanted it was important to Church business, just as much as they have no respect in the cruellest and violently abusive ways, for those who think that it does not. They do say its me pandering to racism and the fear of it, which is utter nonsense; it has now become a question that they must answer i.e. what becomes of me until the day I am killed by racists that they might be saved? I am just tired of covering for them while I am dragged out of University to sit about reacting to it as they pass their exams and return to popular culture, just really tired of covering for them on account we need live in a less violent society - my own question for my part is that of what chance they think I have if I am unemployed and the racist has a job, of which they always say I was warned about tackling culture and society, while telling tales of how I am the one glorifying racism all together - so its the same incredibly stupid individuals that always want to provide leadership for others when their position has become a threat to themselves all together.