We hear endlessly that I need respect but cannot be bothered to give it to those that are more deserving than I am – nobody knows where people find enough stupidity to come up with such things anyway; all I know for my bit is that they have devised a world of murky and twisted evil where people are judged and punished outside of the system of the Land and its Laws and this means that it is the innocent only who get punished while colloquialisms of doing peoples stuff become the rule and if they organise their stupidities and look like they want to gather around and see me get judged while everybody enjoys a fantasy of seeing me naked and more so with that stupid socialism, I will kick them again and take full responsibility for the complains after as ever. I am not gagging for respect, the truth is that I really do not care what they think – I mean I do not have to explain that it is clear and apparent that when you do care about what they think, you get into more trouble and a typical evidence is the question of where it is supposed to stop when peoples involvement with me has caused me to drop out of University studies while they need respect; even the origins were more a matter of blacks conducting violent integration into white communities while the whites set me out as a convenient target since they had pointed to it while doing so, claiming the prognosis of the problem was that they didn’t get enough respect – so it seems the problem currently is that I cannot be pushed over.

It’s the same old case of offering home as a place of growth for their children and the outside world as the place for a competitive edge that is second to none for show off and abuses all the time and when they see me, right from the moment I step outside of my door, I am made to feel like an orphan because they are ripping mine up for the fun of it as it were. It very soon develops into the need they have to drive cars past me on the roads fingering my bum because it will make them feel they are important. It then goes right up to where I work for instance and when I stand guard as security in a shop they drive by stealing security guard image and when asked talk much nonsense about being so insecure the answer to their problems is hoping that one day I will come to their homes to guard them; the kind of leadership that Politicians want to supply these days as it were – the case of their need to be able to predict which politicians to support if they want to be rich and which baskets to put their eggs and how to secure somebody that will amount to a hate figure that they can cause suffering to, if they are wrong and need to switch sides to a better place until they find the right one and it is the same with Industry one where I am spare leader but if they are wrong invite themselves into my concerns and it all comes with bum fingering and tummy punching fantasies all day long.

It has never really been an issue, just self glorification that I am in need of respect when I am not; I mean the English Mans home has always been his Castle, so a respectful Christian is probably likely to be a fraudster in disguise – very well of course, as long as their children are not homeless if they tend to agree that the way I like my life is something they can look up to because what will come of it is a process where I asses this risk and try to work hard and earn enough to contribute towards alleviating it, so they can turn up to seek respect on the premise of ripping up my finances, just in order to pretend nothing will happen at the other end – where they get into a fight with me and when they end up in heaps of trouble for it, send in their children who are my mates as equally as they are.

In the end it is worth pointing out I have been working with families and they have been setting aside some money to invest in a life I share with them which I can earn by trying to sell my Books to them as much as I can and if they know what is good for them, need to stop trying to steal that money and find whatever jobs and profits they want to find somewhere else where people appreciate their insults better as it were; I might have been savage here as it may be seen but when people pair this as I have said it with the idea these goons have at Industry, that when people are poor it is actually their fault and that they need to be punished for it, most will see that I am only firm. I mean I do see people like them a lot and when it turns out they were raised to know how to keep some millions here and some there and some party there to tripple their income in a period of time, it does get to make sense of those lies feminist tell about how Women work many times as hard for what Men get - but these goons who do nothing for what they have however need to stop playing up the less mortals routine as somebody else was raised to know how to put their back into it and earn them money to save some for the future and the training that gets them qualified to be given the chance in the first place has never come cheap; they need to stop doing it as the social and cultural problems associated with the mad contraption they regard as jobs ends up in this Office all the time through their Media insults and do wonders thereof for my Client bidding.