Please excuse the untidy nature of my work, I have developed it in this way due to a need to work counteracting to a process where leadership may have been deployed to make the world a more difficult place to live in one person onto the other and some still may have deployed employment as a tool of discipline another human being usually for the sake of personal greed.

Mind some racial slurs, in context they mean nothing but never the less must be explained as a response to my position being incessantly compromised by people who also want everybody to think they do not need help from my exorcist and hence in a circular sense, need to become more responsible persons.







It is now said that whilst others are prevented from having their way with me, I am getting away with whatever I want and it would never make sense as the reason these guys are always complaining about me is the damage they had done to my academic work which damage was done 13 years ago, it has been kept damaged while they complained of what I did to expose them to culture and society trouble makers as well and there is yet no plans to stop doing it on their part. The only reason we are doing this has been that I have a Royal Office, I have a Public image but I don’t have an ego that lets me decide what Clothes I want to wear and show myself off courting trouble by, so they had decided while I kept the rest of me to provide them with security, they will have that part of my life all together and I am still lost as we speak as per which part of the planet their stupidities were expecting to become more important than I am on my Public image in, just as we know the message that this nonsense is a very distressing experience for me has not yet gotten through to their stupid heads so far. It needs to keep away from my Books and stop following me around, as equally as we are aware it thinks I ought to change the way that I talk because their stupidities were superior to me and this feeds into that sense I never handle the matter in a sustainable way, so I carries on and on but if I said it was their nepotism to express their foolish ideas about whom they were superior to, they would claim they were superior to me and I would end up thinking they meant turning the neighbourhood on its head and devising it into something that allows every fool whose parents can no longer keep up with their needs, show up here to plan their stupid lives on my wallet, which they thought was superior until I tore up that foolish Celebrity culture to show them that I can, they would then claim I was the biggest threat there was to their culture and society that they had ever seen but it does not stop or go away so I have to imagine that unless it no longer has the Celebrity culture, it will never believe that somebody can get rid of it.

They do point to what I have done to their culture and society for it naturally and I understand but we know that nonsense about running me down to set my life out on Media as something that must get by through a world of fate has not moved elsewhere, we know it now plans to build itself a presence on Media while reality is that there are others in the Middle and others on the left and their stupidities does not have to define me even if these other groups of people did not exist in the first place. The result of the damage to my academic work is what we have ended up with – the damage to their culture and society and the fact the minions that play their games when they want to chase me around, making sure hoodlums attend school with me while they grabbed Public image and career and kept academic work ruined for 13 years due to their need to own what is not their own, are now living on borrowed time as well – so they do want to raise publicity for this, so that their foolish Celebrities show up all over my concerns but it will never change the fact that they are never going to achieve the grabbing of my career now and that they lost very badly, whilst they believe they could not have lost when they know much about what I know, when I have explicitly issued the warning that what they know has been made available to them lest I have to pay the price for their stupidities all the time on account they think I am on the side of freedom and Democracy to such an extent and they can tell as they spend less of their brain power thinking of what they know these days as well, that the outcome will not be pleasant if they pushed it. I do get told its textbook conquering and yes it is, like original provocation that Politicians will cover up with legislation that brings about an equality which lets them oppress those they think they are superior to, such as myself – that a part of my mind bearing in mind they can read it says I am uncomfortable with their barely criminal existence meant I had no right to pass my exams in school and the society bullying that meant the personal diary was full of distraction from meddling and abusive gits in my affairs had become such a clever form of bullying as it made up the reasons for its stupidities over the years until it settled on the stupidities that involved making money at my expense.

They do say the main problem is people complaining that I smell and we now know the part they have stopped so far is the business of insults and abuses that allow them screw around with my personal space, the one that they have not yet stopped is the bit about getting around Town telling people where the goodies in the neighbourhood is located like I have graffiti signed on my bedroom window and those of them I share a living space with bring it under the roof and never give it a rest, about which if it dares touch me, I am really going to try killing it. It was the same gimmick at University where the older ones had a glass ceiling over my head and it was pin head attends university with kids when he should be getting a job at the Military gimmicks like they were signing graffiti on my head as well and then they could never stop building community of idiots that will chase my bottom while they got hoodlums attending school with me. The outcome of this nonsense is a break in schedule every time – simple case of writing some Books, getting academic work finished with any spare time available and looking after a career, is broken up so badly that I work so hard while my finances never look the part, asking for more of what its stupidities are complaining about.

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Posted by Ikpe Uno on Wednesday, August 26, 2015,

The claim I sleep with peoples wives and generally live a life of making couples suspicious actually has no basis on reality or truth – what happens is that when I create my Court of female journalists because I need  free staff at Government Office, anybody can join it if they spin up some public statement with popular culture with which to like they destroy everything else around here and set about boasting for doing so all the time; this is how men have turned out to develop a society st...

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Posted by Ikpe Uno on Wednesday, August 12, 2015,

That I am wrong about younger peoples not having a clue what they do is not an argument I am willing to indulge – however when it comes to it, the part of behaviour concerned will be the one where people extricate respect from others for their own gains by violent means because they believe they are better than other people on one hand while on the other, the claim that others are responsible for their problems must become everybody else’s reality too. The one that concerns my case direct...

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 They do say I support terrorists of course which is utter nonsense – the terrorists do not say I support them anyway by the way but then again I prefer getting involved with the crisis on the basis of doing what I can to prevent the war than getting involved with it on the basis of denying that the terrorists have a cause; it is very exasperating others when people do that i.e. US has interests in Ukraine and those who are seen to oppose these interests become separatists in no time since Obama came into office but in the Middle East people just keep dying over that sort of thing and they have been dying like that for the last three decades and the invasion of Iraq was actually the door opener for the US to get into the Middle East and never leave. So if you go there to help some Muslims in suffering of course the best thing to do is make out what your democratic governments think should be their thought pattern and the situation will be that you leave us a problem here in the UK because you are more of less dead, its only a matter of time. This is a problem the Russians feared might blow up on their door step if every single eastern European Country with an Interest shared with the US had a problem with those who opposed them and terrorism got involved with that too – so the invasion of Ukraine seemed like a good idea but in actual fact was like the invasion of Iraq happening all over again, complete with features that showed Russia will never leave just like the US in the Middle East such as the annexation of Crimea, so I prefer getting involved with the crisis in the Middle East to try and end the conflict as best as I can contribute not to deny peoples causes.

I mean there has been some success in this matter anyway; we have been able to shut down Russian Access to Eastern Europe and if we could have been able to shut down US access to the Middle East we would have done that too. 

Now I understand the story about how the US President is learning but it is not relevant at all - I mean people can always learn without stifling other peoples book sales to show how much of a nigger they really are when their supposed victims according them victims are niggers too anyway; they have their stories about some historical slavery and slave trade issue that must be settled with the British Royal family in some way  or another but their crimes are never addressed and the silent genocide of useful black people and African by Mob fanatical populous scum continues unabated. My point is that neither Mr Obama or his Wife can tell anybody convincingly that they have put in up to 40% of the amount of work they put in at the Oil companies they work in or partly owned at the Oval office - so that if their names were Steve Jobs and America was a Company named Apple, that they have done enough to ensure they are successful at the job; what they know how to do is find things that will harm me because that would please very stupid black women that they are surrounded by and it is assumed I have no way of putting the oval office in jeopardy because there are stupid women around me that will be pleased with it too only because I have not done it. Its never a matter of who is learning what, its a matter of dealing with issues on a case by case basis; i.e. you have five siblings in your family and two of them are bullies that regularly get around to the next door neighbours to rip up children's toys because those are far less powerful and far less richer next door neighbours and then you were selected neighbourhood leader at the committee and you thought ripping up the book sales of some gay from the UK will make things better instead; so it is the old story about being told that I am dancing the tune of poor people whereas in actual fact its a matter of when wealth inequality because a popular problem for Politicians to solve and how they work hard to ensure that wealthy people are able to create their own version of wealth inequality problems, whereas if somebody had a habit of showing they had no plans to be rich quietly therefore it is justified to get around partying all day long to numb your feelings towards the effects your behaviour has on others, so that they might pile things high and sell them cheap ripping up other peoples livelihoods to do so, only to earn a fraction of what everything was worth and claim that because it amounts of millions they are doing something right and therefore can never be wrong, I would frown upon it and I would let them know if they belonged in my social class or were siblings of mine, it has nothing to do with pleasing the poor which is largely made up of Middle and Lower classes, where the Middle classes want my public life as a basic form of existence to a state where I cannot have a life with my own family and their media spends all its time reporting my books instead of the news to ensure others have it as well and do not need to buy it, then accuse me of attacking people and creating a generation where people cannot talk about things to get rich and famous with media when I stop it for good measure, working on me instead of their jobs and threatening me all the time in some failed bid to be racist and the Lower classes that basically think if the coloqualism is that when I eat then, excrete they get to eat; it justifies chasing my anus and penis as abusively as possible on the assumption I don't know what the business of deviance looks like or does and what it wants with peoples finances: none of which stops me from going into an office to do what I do for the right reasons but we all know that Mr Obama does nothing about anything because he is part of this system so I cannot see how the stupid American niggers on this occasion considering I am not one came up with the prognosis he does these things and has the right to because he is a far more superior person to me - I held my office while I was still a student testament to my talents and abilities years before he was President of the United States of which he is doing such a ine job with as well; biggest achievement being health care whereby republicans behave in the same way too not putting anywhere near 40% of work needed to make a job at the oval office a success and I find it impossible to make sense of how and why the operation of such things got to be attached to my book sales all together, so my point is that they need to get off my books and then become superior from thereon.

The rest of the times its supposed to have been mostly about assuming everything I do gets me into trouble with them and that stupid provocative media they have got whereas what they think I should be doing is dealing with terrorists chasing them while I have to grapple with the fact every idiot who is twisted and evil wants to grab a Christians finances and use it to manipulate him into denouncing God for trophy  - so it is not my problem. I understand they intend to manipulate reality into a condition where it is and I suppose they will achieve it with a big mouth only as well.

In the end they seem to have achieved a cause and so they say secret service operatives have perished on my premise; it’s supposed to mean a big thing the way they say it but of course it’s an old story about the Men taking over my State provided security and blabbing about how I need a Father figure to behave and all has gone downhill since and they have never ever, ever once done anything that they are told to do as it were; I suppose therefore that it only got a little bit serious all together. Just like my Court where the original Members that required my help as a job that involved talking about facts and truths predisposed them to twisted evil Men looking for female flesh to squeeze and somebody to do some domestic abuse on – as it stands of which by them only I would not have had to ask for anything, instead of these back stage media idiots curetted nonsense involving goons that are out on a daily basis to show that I think one thing is happening but another actually is all Day long, looking like somebody provoked me and hurt me really badly and then asked me to get some water down my throat for an appearance which is what the Court protected me from in the first place all together. Existence now is apparently all about whether or not everybody else can tell when society idiots are telling lies – so I really have no idea what their prognosis for their stupid problems have become of recent anyway but we shall see how it plays out. So they might turn out to spend their time on nothing but dishing out punishment for conditions where their stupidities have not been profitable; typically attack me until I say something nice about Women, then attack me for that too cracked up out of my league constantly thinking I feel I am in the wrong place all along and then say something nice about Women in a way which harms me and attack me for doing something about that too - as long as their Politicians make my finances prone that is.


 This is the British Arch Prince's Live Journal work Court which is comprising of Female Journalists. Government at the Office of which they aid in curating to the effect of a settlement with those who chase frivolities and force them on others with any means they can at the beginning of every week for the Royal Estate and the people that are tied to it. The outcome therefore are two matters developed around the Arch Prince of leadership for the needs of the Court and Leadership of One's Family. This is how everyday at the Royal Estate belonging to one nicknamed the Morning Sun is facilitated.  

I understand it is said I never do anything properly and it will as such cost me everything, which has no basis on reality since the truth is rather that the stupidities of theirs with their government organised integration and social equality can easily mean that what an idiot wants to do around you every single moment is find out how much history she has with you; she thinks her evil and wickedness now exists in a bubble where the world is convinced there is neither God nor the devil and I am stuck as her plaything and it is a behaviour they all want to cash into, based on some great plan to punish me for ruining the evils they practice but cannot control because they think it always comes out on top otherwise bad things will happen.

That said, the part I have done very well however is rip up their side of society and assimilate it with the rest and that means that they claim they become more dangerous and it is utter nonsense since it will only produce a system that we here in the UK being the British can export i.e. whether or not tyrant is surrounded by rich murderers, when you kill somebody in the capacity of National service of some sort, it will always result in a dispute that is in the interest of the guy in charge to resolve and hence one way or the other you will answer for your actions whenever they are a bad thing; so in the interest of this if I see their culture and or society around here I will cut it up again as it were. It is not the only part I did very well anyway - there is the other about their persuasive nonsense targeting the Armed Forces and the Police, which they are not anymore as it were, now that their society is broken up and assimilated and they can persuade from there.


I understand they say I am getting out of hand while people are being friendly to me; but that will be if entrapment and squander which does not exclude violence by civil rights is friendly, if financial bullying is friendly, if a need to get up on media and look towards a time when I will be all spent while that carries on everyday is friendly and then there is my personal favourite and a need to watch me every day and find some counter evil to build from my Christian activities that the twisted wickedness I may have avoided in my teens can recover with and thereby have power over my personal life again and all over again so to speak and they say they are hoping to sell it on as trappings of power to wicked and rich people who have money they can spend and they call it integration and friendliness; we are not mates and even if they do think it is friendly I am sure they are not deaf when I say I don’t want it, especially so when it is because they have needs. They do say its about the effrontery to try and get around in their league that causes the problem but this is just a mention of a few vital items in the list of friendliness from them, the one about getting around with them will have to do with how they need to build a public perception concerning the way you look just in case they need some public humiliation to be laid out for you when you refuse to co-operate with their needs, which is all about money and that they think money is all about going off to grab peoples possessions before they get a look in which creates a two teir understanding that in their minds you are less than human and for you especially for those of them that already have money to spare, in your mind they are less their human too but I am content with making it clear I do not want their friendship. Of course they say all I say and do mean nothing as it largely ends up with society low lives but the purpose is that whilst the Politicians can whip them up to pillage my work and finances by corruptions of involvement they claim is democracy and accountability, they will need to blow up their ear drums to avoid knowing things that will ensure they are doing something to pay off the National budget deficit they created - I have a problem and they have a problem too, they get involved with me, they lose the society and culture which evils I cannot stand, so we are even and the benefit is that successful people are not longer exclusively our outlook as a society, these fools have things others do not have as well.


 Trading Equities and Securities released from royal property to raise funds and cash is a real and serious business: I know I have trouble telling that to insolent developing economy fools that wish to be able to get on International media to address me as much as they like all the time, foolish money mad Americans that are convinced of their need and ability to handle people’s property whenever they make an excuse for it that such persons are not physically present at a venue and then make a mockery out of it later because they feel it would not have mattered if he was. It is a business that works with close friends and allies for whom I purchase time during difficult economic periods and broker my creative equities and securities during trading times that are good, from work done and properties held at a Half Monastery Government office, in order to sell my books and I do not think they fall into that category anyway and are therefore not meant to be seen anywhere near the products unless they are fans that have purchased the books and therefore can be. Fair to reiterate then that the fact that a Large Proportion of American Politicians and American Citizen but very large American media want to be recognised as keepers of my Royal Estate, Royal and Public work and Royal property and it has now reached a stage where they should be given Global and International recognition for such a responsibility.

We do hear tales told of how much trouble I will or I am to get into anyway but it is difficult to see or envisage how that will come about or apply - when considering the nature of homosexual culture and the operation of homosexual abuse and attacks and violence designed to ensure that those that are specifically protected by female friends from homosexuality are institutionally prevented from spreading such ideas, rather interesting that they do so once done with their intrusion in search for power before hand but it is even more remarkable that the basis on which they do is civil rights - some right that they have of a civility. Much the same with the claim the free for all attitude towards my person and public life and possessions is largely a matter of how I speak of facts concerning peoples culture and society that creates a condition where they have to deal with unforeseen problems which then makes no sense whatsoever and keeps going around in circles and the Politicians really love to claim that I sit around at the most vantage points imaginable, points where I gain the first benefits of hindsight from other peoples government work in order to dispatch stinging and insulting criticisms but it has always been the same issue always - in terms of their media fools the reality around that is the same as the need to get me stuck in a cause from which I am being forced to make a living so they can get on public places and glorify themselves with everything I come up with, this means certainty of clash with authorities for each small margin that exists where they know more than those in power who will then take steps to rout them and drag them to prison for being a source of instability but for those of them that become Politicians their insults develops into a whole new level and is largely concerned with an absence of Local or International Policy that is not an Us v Them affair, so that when you do take steps to eliminate the part where people die due to the optional extra of you destroy one I destroy three that they love to play with criminals they seem to know very well, then it gets really personal and we start to see them seek some ways of placing obvious sanctions on peoples income. For me I find it really difficult to ascertain what this vantage point I have adopted seems to have been when I am targeted because of my faith and the claim there is glory to be had from corrupting it - even their media idiots are in on the act so I might never get decorum of their Government Office from them.

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