The tales that I am in trouble with popular culture which naturally is primarily developed by Media Industry goons clearly never seem to cease rearing their heads on a daily basis anyway but the reality behind it has always rather been the simple fact that I don’t know them, only aware they have such an intense desire and need to use me and that they never will too. The story always starts with a boasting and a certain incredible financial vandalism to go with it especially on the radio where they think people cannot see their faces and everybody knows it will not end that way too.

We hear that talk of the rights the strong have over the weak endlessly and nobody will ever work out where it comes from, all I know is that I can walk down the streets and they will see me and start a social tale about how I have stolen their career and if not then they are Politicians that are rather very busy punching my anus because rather than respect my leadership wish to make me into a bitch that they can suckle instead and so it is about looking for trouble like these that they never tell people whenever we hear them complain, what they tell people instead is lies and lies that they cook up and believe among themselves because they might even have found doing so very amusing too. So that in terms of the former, it is when I am done with them as well that they want that culture and society and I have not got an idea where I left it and for the Politicians on the other hand it seems a very difficult task not to be seen around my Royal Office and Estate ever again as it were. They are rather interested in a story where I randomly meet people who own me and nobody knows which part of me they own except that they brought me to the UK and so they own me and can use me for whatever they wish – again this is another daily provocation and cause for vandalism for them which they don’t tell those they complain to, considering they have always owned like that and we see them own normally and own thereof all the time whenever they wish yap, yap, yap.

It’s never a problem for me; they issue their threats and insults all the time if they wanted and as much as they do like to, it’s just that we do not hear them mention the attack that nobody really can discern whether it is a matter of peer pressure as a result of not seeing me go out to have some out of marriage sex or indeed some transferred aggression that they built up somewhere else where they had problems but the reality is that I don’t know who the hell they are and they should never forget it; if the existence of the Monarchy is their cause for contact with me, it will also serve me in the same way too and what they have seen was just the first time round as it were. At all times they can do nothing unless people have been exasperated to soften them up for local communities and societies to punch an anus, to make them hysterical and mentally disturbed but it is the one we never hear them mention when they complain; what we hear them mention is discrimination. They do say I provoke them of course and I am not saying I do not, it’s just how I do it that is the problem and we are talking about a process where you are being rounded up like an animal while people get off on media to make your life into their own, rip up your public life to sell celebrity and at the end expect it to qualify them to be you and to push you into obscurity, so when it fails to happen things start to get nasty; we hear them talk all the time but I am sure they might want to think about not blocking my exist too – get off my Books and clear my space they will as it were. The part where the way I work provokes people is all very well but I don’t see how it is likely to happen anyway, that would rather have been the super men in action; the ones that can do everything without help from women and I don’t see how any of it is my problem either.

There is no shred of truth to those claims that I threaten Politicians either; I mean for instance the super men who can do it all by themselves we all know are heading in one direction i.e. the ending up somewhere under the influence where you get the joke whenever the Police who rather more seriously arrest and charge people for driving under the influence for example, in their case they are socially and culturally evil and in order to be able to target me and get people to think that doing so is okay because I am a Christian, they have come up with a whole lifetime of cover up lies which also include the fact the Monarchy exists. We all know I don’t make a mess for the Police either – only working is customer service means you don’t get to choose which customer to serve but in the end provided you follow procedure, they will come through straight at the other end of the spectrum.

I understand the tale of how I never hold onto anything which of course is not actually necessary as its all me, things I do because they are me and I can do them over and over and over for as long as I might need to do them endlessly, without noticing that I am too, it is unsettling when people do that. However the real issues are still that of celebrities – there simply has to be a way of dealing with that process where their politicians give them protection that facilitates a means of cordoning my financial well being and then rounding up my career into a corner where I have to do violent things to spend all of it and push my buttons on media telling me it all happens because I have not got the guts to kill somebody ; so it is as I have mentioned before, unless they and their Politicians are in pain, it is always impossible to run a business properly. The devil makes work for idle hands apparently and especially the ones that make money by being idle mostly too; celebrities don’t want to be themselves anymore they want to be me and if they cannot it gets violent and nasty and people simply cannot leave people alone thereof as it were because there is incentive to doing otherwise.

Thus at the end, where government is concerned it’s the same with the story of how all I do is guess work and then I make out what I have been helped with was my creation all together; it makes no sense whatsoever since as far as I know, service to State and Church meant that when Church complains about wealth inequality and State complains about lack of resources my Job was to ensure ‘done your stuff Industry’ keeps its mouth firmly shut and tries to stay out of trouble for any reason too – now so, I am going to sell Books on it. It’s a ‘done your stuff’ all the time their idea of thinking positive which everybody sees shows no respect or regard whatsoever and we all know it would cost them nothing to stop being such inconsiderate gits and when you challenge them a little bit, they employ the criminals in your community who could really do with some money as they are so wealthy nobody would mind – now their Politicians are telling me that my activities are a guess work. There is talk now of not being clear in what I expect or need in a general sense from Politicians but none of it makes any sense to me either. I mean these are grownups who understand very clearly that their actions will serve consequences for them and for others - so the general idea that a person ought to get used to that sense that they have an immeasurable need to ensure their tales of a fighting man fighting harder when he is trapped by dangerous problems being played out in full without reason or purse and always on a whim beats me completely and its much the same with the media who want to handle your finances and cordon you off from it to make industry connections that give them and their popular culture financial dominance, only to return and secure protection from Politicians to spend and squander everything you have on the basis you do not have the guts to kill somebody; when in actual fact they are the ones that are busy with how you ought to understand they need to spend what you have because of what people are saying in their world and their circles and what they want people to think about them there as such. So this is usually the first push, the one that does not make any sense whatsoever is how you are supposed to sit down with people and talk about what you may have needed from them when their idea of how you ought to work involves a process where the good things you have made plans for are delayed so the bad things can happen first and yet it is when they do it with women and very young people that my imagination gets beaten on the matter as well - since it is not clear what they have ever been able to do in this world to make things better when people get hurt; so the list goes on from Blair and Bush, to Gordon Brown and Obama and I bet it will continue to grow still. It’s like the old story – yapping, yapping my job will go to somebody else because I have little respect for them and when they are informed the secret of the job is to take from would be criminals the incentive to do what they feel, their attention then turns to what I have done to ensure they can do their popularity even better because I am below them and yet at the end it applies they have to grapple with twisted people from none African Countries for instance who want to copy their behaviour and when they do always tend to tell me it is even more of the reason I should leave their Country – it never makes sense because the reality has always been that if Africans wanted their Countries to be a good place, perhaps they could copy the moral ways of the White man and leave behind the bad ones – what we see instead is a highly organised system of hatred for religion whenever that question is raised because they want to ensure there is a violent prognosis by which money becomes all powerful and so the Politicians in Europe and the US continue to go round and round and round in circles and we cannot stop them passing insults in my direction when none of it is my fault either – just like their media and popular culture people who will be well informed not to screw around with my Books but will rather chose to do otherwise building up statements for organised criminals and complaining when those get to serve them as well through the same products they buy thereof.

 The story of Politicians making claims I play with peoples jobs fits right into this at this point; I never play with other peoples jobs, what these guys do is send out popular culture goons to make me so terrified with media and treasury funded financial vandalism that I shut down completely and all that is left is publicity built for me concerning how their popular culture perspectives will be applicable to me on the left or on the right depending on where my stubbornness is culled or even both. I have never considered it a complicated issue since it is all just evil government ministers doing what they do best i.e. devil worship; so the way it works is that I worship God and they worship the devil and both will meet at some point and go their own way but it is impossible for them to because even if they wanted, the prognosis of evil means that the devil will always lay down consequences for them if they do not attack good and or moral people and they do say they use it to protect themselves in a world that is already evil of course but give it 3 months if you live in the same neighbourhood already. At the end of the day it is still the issue at the heart of their contention with me i.e. I made my covenants with God whom I don’t care if not they believe exists as such and that covenant is developed around who is on the right and who is on the left and so I take very deep offence to people setting me a state of affairs and scaring me to a point where I shut down, whatever means they do it with spending my life like they can give to the frugal thereof, in order to move into my right hand and lay down their stupid popular culture business empire pipelines and if they had stopped doing that, got off my Book sales and Cleared my space, there would be no problems. They do like to say there is nothing I can do of course but it is not a do or die affair; it’s all horse play until their own goes bad too and so the story of the guy who wants to be all alone is that sacrificing society and culture horseplay is the only way to feel good, right down to being able to eat breakfast and get to work in the morning – so we all have to sacrifice something as it were. As for the part about pushing me, it can only continue until their reputation on my account is so bad they cannot get jobs and because of me being me I cannot let them have the society and culture either due to my context of the kind of useful persons they should become in the Country – so it’s a noise making that shows up very often because they want to kill somebody and never clear how that did become their civil rights either – as we can see that when that actually gets to happen, they will be able to kill too thereof. The old story of being the ones that got to boss around their little brothers so when they seek me on the streets and bring the need to do it out of them so they must do it to me; why ever somebody would get off government office to support that has never been clear but we all know it looks like they want to kill somebody too and are telling me there is nothing I can do, when they are still reeling from that process of reorganising those their families for them just in case the horse play leads to a bad ending which it always does. So they will never say it at first that it is about teaching a lesson to those who have no respect for they that have more money but of course the reality is that since we live in a twisted world where your great idea only predisposes you to an idiot that want to make an open show of it to find out what will become of you and that idiot can even be a parent, what popular culture does is steal peoples public life and they said it was a matter of money when they turned up around my case and should have made their money and went off their way, not turn up here to make contact with me to secure bullying and power as well and now we have to find out what will happen when they do not become me while I drop to obscurity with that stupid Politics and media, see all that will happen when they cannot keep their insults where it is appreciated and put their money where their mouth is. 

The business environment is not changing in anyway whatsoever; the truth is reality rather is as they said, that austerity was the wrong thing to do but the economy is now thriving and growing at the hands of those who are doing the austerity, they also said that the statistics on job creation were all wrong because unemployment was being calculated on the basis of most jobs being part time jobs but now living wage has been increased rather than the State being expanded, hence the rest of us that see that the profitability of part time jobs for workers is an indication that people are taking home less pay pound for hour, when they work full time. So every single prognosis they came up with was wrong but what is more is the realisation that they never ever read the memoirs that they are given – what they do is seek out party political statistics from it that will make them popular and then turn up here to bother me and need to get off my Book sales and clear my space – nobody here plays around with peoples jobs. Eventually it comes right down to President Obama the Pimp loving president who gives an entire secret service to idiots to spy on others and see what will become of them when their great idea turns up in public so people can steal their public life; so it’s an old question of what exactly will happen when they cannot ensure they had become me and I had dropped to obscurity living in a Country where nice guys come last – I don’t play around with peoples jobs Mr Obama likes Horse play and is having his fill of it period. It’s similar to the story of what my problems with the media seems to be; for that it’s a case of selling the first copy of my Books, not because I worked hard but because somebody was interested and at that time a mere looking at the cover page will leave you with at least 60% understanding of what the Book was about; so to make a living wage selling my Books I had to crease that by another 30% but since then I have been getting published on TV and radio where people love to abuse me intensely and violently while I am at work no matter who I am employed with, especially for the radio ones who are a group that kiss wife and kids goodbye and get off to it because unlike the TV ones that have to put a name to their faces on my television to show they have got an almighty job and that my existence is an effrontery to get involved with them which must be punished, they don’t get to and therefore think they can do whatever they liked. So at the moment nobody knows why they are so destructive; I sold my Books when people understood 60% of what it was about and I needed to make that 90% through spending on advertisement but since then I get left with 10% after daily vandalism, so that if I did I would only have had 40% which was not even enough to serve those why buy of their own accord. So the story of an effrontery to get involved with them is easily measured by a sense they have got it all, the strength, the money, the power and everything else and can get out of bed to seek out experiments that will find out if or not they can use their media jobs to ensure other peoples cannot keep the ones that they have. It’s all about what the media does when it wants its job to become even easier as it were; it gets nasty easily when you will not let them twist you into a violent place and lean on you with a big mouth; I mean I cannot have a relationship with parents and siblings anymore because they are using my public life; initially the best idea was to leave home but it gets to a point where you simply stopped running. It’s the old case we are very familiar with; society has a problem which involves media rummaging through your sacred places to bring a pure thing into public light to see what will become of it, offering twisted evil cultural alternatives because they want to feel good in its place and the outcome should therefore be that of fame and fortune for them; the most important thing therefore becomes that everybody is in the pit of that problem including them but that they are the only ones who know how to get out of it; so the violence and destruction that achieves this is something you should do nothing about because they are simply deserving and beautiful enough to prevent you from doing it and also because in actual fact there is really nothing that you can do; so now every other attempt at making my life a broken dream story has failed, violence therefore is now called for and we are as such looking as a group of idiots that simply cannot keep their hands off of other people. So abuse is abuse at the end of the day no matter how clever peoples abuses might be; they should not worry about my Books then if supposing I wrote those insults on a placard and nailed it to a stick they could get out of their Offices should I turn up at Westminster or get out of their studios should I turn up at Media establishments without feeling nervous about seeing me; The Royal Family is not their Family and if the Monarchy is an auspice for damaging my Books again it will be an auspice for the reasons they are in suffering as well; it’s never an excuse really, never good enough; I know my work is really, really good but it is an emporium into which they were never invited – although I cannot chose whom to serve when people buy my Books, they still are not – so that Media destruction has now damaged it at a limit.