I hear of new and ever increasing threats from the media that comes with a sense of mortal danger of course and it is utter rubbish; if I as much as sense a whiff of kill from them, I will show them exactly what I hate about their money madness as well and with that process change the west as they know it for them unrecognisably and permanently for my part as well since what I have done does not seem to be hurting badly enough yet. They have continued to have these plans where people lead according to how much money they have to solve people’s problems with and with that do nothing but pillage my finances and talk nonsense on media where it seems they do nothing but get off to have conversations among themselves desiring my personal life on knowing that idiots at the grimiest parts of society will always think I have become their plaything and then media and celebrity will do whatever they like as well – it is remarkable to see what they would do when they think you are scared of them and yet all they have here is a process where their foolish politicians use the might of state to wreck my finances and spend all their time pervading the civil service which produces a condition where I rent homes to put a roof over my head and technically means people can confiscate my personal life for them if they wanted, so this kill thing has come about as a result of the fear that they have simulated on media about what I am thinking and has nothing to do with reality. It is largely measured by me of course with some of those occasions when they mention something about how I go on and on endlessly but if they make advertisements and sell products that they do not insert into my book sales markets that should never have happened at all – I mean it is one thing to be so insulting and intrusive as to handle the equities of another person’s company when you have not a clue what to do with it and it is quite another to attack the products and insert your own to extract the money and yet if I sleep tonight and wake 6.00am in the morning tomorrow they or somebody they know will be at it afresh all over again – hence if they want to know why it happens and how it is to stop, I don’t want to see them insert their stupid products into my book sales market or make advertisement with it anymore. As for the blacks, it’s always the case that trying to earn a living means trying to break the record of a black millionaire because they have no shame whatsoever – so he must be there when you found your first job and bury you in absurdities – now there is enough fear there to last a life time and we know they have recovered a bit with that stupid media and are blabbing again.

They speak of where I stand on all these wars and deaths and so on but it is an old story; Asia for example they say are full of fans I cannot look after but these are only people that are really happy and can easily get off and run entire economies on something you are too far away to do at present so they did it and did leadership and Industry as a matter of tribute to what I do, hence you tend to be careful not to change a thing for obvious reasons and the Middle east is where the wars are happening of course when we all know it is full of nothing but male and female human beings and that they are either in the same family or have a partnership that exist between them when they come from separate families, so nobody knows where the idea Islam is here to wipe out women and they are out to protect them comes from either but we do know it is an example of how they look for trouble and get terrorists for example to be after them so they can get involved with as many people as possible, get them killed in the process so that terrorists can be bad people while innocent people understand what happens if their needs are interfered with, which is exactly what makes them forge the assumption they can handle me in the same way as well. I hear their ace complain is what I do with their culture of which the first problem is that of my inability as claimed to protect my people and allies, whereas in actual fact they were always either going to take up my charity work and do it one way or the other anyway or I was going to but if we speak about it extensively we find that their appearance on media goes far beyond all their insolent time being spent seeking my personal life with body language and a mind firmly set on it with every single sound that they make and right into the sense they are owners of civilisations that others have made use of which means they have rights to peoples possessions as well, concerning which I have kicked them before and clearly will again as we can see the matter develop. So where I stand on wars and killings is that the killings must be stopped before the wars can be stopped and I am not giving them anything.  I have never thought of it as a problem, maybe except if I consider the two issue of complains I handle their culture and the other of why I think I can do whatever I like with the media – for the former of which it’s a matter of who I own i.e. if those cultures and societies didn’t exist I wouldn’t be suffering or doing all these, so there must be a way they can make a living with it so people can abuse them while they are at it too and hence an end to the sense this is where their stupid outlook in life ends up, the other issue around that being I am in charge and they are not so I can basically do that without any consequences as well, while all they can do is offer me a license for it but having this incredible difficulty to resist a would you could you bait whenever one is thrown at them, such as popular culture wants to sing me for a living when I do tell them it means nothing but the fact it will eventually go its way while I go mine, they say the system does not work for them anymore and they want power over me about which they have now found themselves in a place where they will have to come and get it as well: the latter one is more concerned with the fact that what we see is a process where they trifle with a certain nature of the law i.e. Mr A killed Mr B because he was angry but Mr B triggered his delusion and madness by saying something to him that provoked him until he was tipped over the edge and so but for what Mr B said to him nobody would have gotten killed and hence Mr B had played a part and the full force of the law cannot be applied solely to Mr A in the matter – they say it is victim abuse of course but we all have areas of our lives which if it were up to others would keep taking and never stop and never go away and nobody gives them the right to exhibit their own in public and find people they are insult by targeting all the time with that stupid media – except of course we know it is pivotal for their games i.e. celebrities, media and politicians doing what they do best where the Politicians wreck your finances and pervade the civil service so you rent homes and people own your personal life because if they get on media to seek it idiots who have wasted their lives with their own version of foolishness will move in – I have never thought it a problem either since I know I can go from zero to hero on these three groups of people and do have the politicians exactly where I want them for the purpose as well – it’s the same old case of where it ends and I don’t know, I know the ball has always been in their court all along and if I don’t see their stupid products in my book sales market nor their stupid advertisement subsuming it there has to be no trouble; I do have my version as well and it is concerned with those three groups always being made to work for others and that is where my advertisement will be based on neighbourhoods full of women working for their husbands, these fools getting jobs whether or not there are enough, their Politicians working for them while I become really intolerant of anything they do in the form of business until it is completely wrecked - as these are the only advertisement that allows you to go to a book shop office and sit there to run your concerns in peace without people inserting anything anywhere and expecting behaviour from you that helps to make music CDs sell otherwise you get into trouble, so we all know when people have had enough of their powerful stupidities it is a little difficult to deny the problem exists and this is the warning that accompanies the facts I declared earlier about how it is to end if they are interested. The culture and society thing is an old story; the reality is that forcing them to make a living from it so they can be abused while they are the way they suppose other human beings should be handled does tend to mean they love to seek their media appearance in order to lay claims of ownership to all I have done as theirs, as stolen from their culture but is it then true that I expected it in the first place after all and will move them out of this personal life as they do not recognise their claimed ownership of it something I have temporarily allowed because I am busy, my way? These methods of topping up savings have always been common sense but people have feelings.