Bombing in Syria at this stage and the victims targeted makes some facts very clear about the issues as a total; the government there says it happened on account the rebels did it but hand held rockets from gun men who control a certain area in which a University is based, targeting the University, of which are so powerful that just two of hand held rockets thus can destroy the entire campus and cars and kill 80 people in the process, besides which those hand held rockets normally come from nowhere and then just happen is entirely credible as it were and hence does not create an issue that becomes completely ridiculous all together. Of course it is said I speak of such things and interfere with areas of the influence of the US and then fail to co-operate when anything is needed; of which shows the level of delusion that idiots in Washington still live by; i.e. that when the US has a habit of giving money to pockets of devils that they know in developing countries, the result will not be that those devils will become presidents and murder people whom they sell arms to or just give free of charge to fight back, so that if they win the big problem becomes a security issue with the US government as the main problem and because they are coping out of cooperating with the US leads to the result therefore of further political instability and bloodshed. I mean I am a Christian and I know there are things I will never do as a factor of religious belief and then there is another arena where people are human beings but these pockets of devils that America gives money to are actually individuals who do very strange things just to get by on a daily basis and the reason can easily be attributed to the lies their parents tell about royalty like myself to cover their tracks for them and the help America provides them with respect to distant fascism to make it operable and therefore alter their own appearances in public without changing who they really are on the inside which is what the media and the multicultural communities are more keen on maintaining than they are on the rubbish they talk about once they are certain they have their hands on my earnings and therefore believe I should be having sleepless nights for it. Any normal person besides Americans that is would figure out that if they give or continue to give money to such individuals, they will end up as presidents of countries and they will kill people and tell others about it to wind them up; to which they will tell me that when I see those people in the flesh I will largely have thought them to be very cool of which for myself I have been hunted for religious idiots from the US for the last decade with a very special habit towards my livelihood and lots of noise about raising me into what I have become and noise about what I owe them but in a general sense this sort of statement makes them the leaders and me the follower, since they clearly cannot identify the difference between cool people and those that are responsible for the fact cool people have some difficulty expressing themselves. As for their squander freaks and the obsession with my property which expresses how close an ally you really need to be to the US government, whose insults I have never before seen expressed towards their stupid Politicians, I believe I have warned them to get off my book sales and get off the Asia pacific and Japan based insolent vandalism over each and every one of my actions with their big mouth, failure to do so will soon result in a process where I cleanse them of it as well. Their problems and that of their politicians have got nothing to do with me and it is the process of spending my work and property and income on it that courts me their hate because I was already notorious for making people who do such things do what they set out to do impeccably and properly bearing in mind I am paying for it.The extent of those seemingly unseen insolent American vandalism is very well expressed on non American media where such insults are put forward which make out people are meant to follow my story and so therefore if they do will get them into trouble either way with a big mouth.And of course the idea my books are mumbling of a person who does not know how to write books and will not write a proper book even if he does and does things that are below his station; I think not, what I think this is about is the idea that when fame freaks and get rich idiots harm you, it is generally their opinion you should not harm them as well and thus they believe they have bought a copy of my book and shared it with an entire community of themselves and then decided prejudices of their stupidities are easy to create on my books bearing in mind the insolent sexual familiarity of their stupid women that needs to pay off, this process of creating their own meaning for my books which they are certain people will feel alongside them has therefore become their strong point but does not detract from the fact spending my income and property to make profit has become their preoccupation and my activities hinders those profits and these are the only motives for those activities as such, which of course means I need to get worse for them too and stifle that stupid media to make it work as well. There is that idea as such that my books are the mumbling of a person that will not write a proper book and likes to do things that are below his station; the truth however is that when fame freaks and get rich idiots hurt people, it is generally their opinion those people should not hurt them back, so they have bought a few copies of my books and shared it with their entire communities therefore and are out to ensure I am closed down as well with prejudicial feelings they think are easy to get from my books being magnified by them while they then realize they need to protect their own livelihoods as well. So I also need to ensure that means to doing it and getting away with it temporarily which is stitched together to make a long period of time with and on media is completely laid to waste as well.