We hear these days that the position of the UK in the world is now precarious – nobody knows anyway, we all know rather that the insecurities they create for others includes a process where from Africa and India, when you create a product somebody else has already seen it as you are creating it and is off to Africa and or India to create his own version as well; so it’s a case of they are here and they have seen it and there is no chance in the dream world they live in and the same goes with a need they have to be in positions where employment is being decided so they can play around with constructive dismissal every single moment, gossiping and ripping up people’s health and reputation for the fun of it all the time and then there are the women that decide that for the sake of freedom they have to have sex with this Christian or his finances is not going anywhere otherwise he can pacify their evil lewd and incredibly insulting selves by letting them make fame and fortune popular culture with his health as well as public and personal life and do his stuff and return to dominate and oppress him etc, for there is no point in thinking I have not had the sex anywhere thereby pretending I am so high and mighty by refusing them the sex they would have by dominating me since they do have money to bully kids with as it were, when I know they already know where my penis and anus is and can touch it anytime they like the fun abuses we never hear them mention when we have to listen to those insulting complains concerning democracy. So it’s the same story all round; where they know that a Television or media idiot wants to fulfil his dreams by getting some strange power from them that will facilitate his ability to win elections endlessly, his ability to be famous and then his ultimate dream of getting rid of the Monarchy and they know it because they have been informed but set about giving them media idiots those talisman they give anyway and when told about it issue stupid threats and run off to the American underground to make more abusive freedom money before they complain and claim UK Position in the world is precious, which can only continue until they are done up again. So of course it is precarious because we work for our money not peddle people’s lives to make freedom fame and fortune and offer to kill people who don’t let us peddle their lives with a big mouth every single moment of our stupid time.

There is no case with Politicians, just a part where people shouldn’t pretend they want my Books when they don’t like the part where every idiot that wants to beat me up is chasing the Politicians around for privileges of injustice these days and that their bottom hurts like hell for it as well because the Books I write and the process of maintaining the means and tools by which I achieved this are inseparable and then I can be detached from my career and made to do violence first to alter my quality of life. They do say I hail myself as hero for a problem I created but of course that is after the story of checking me up to find out if I am feeling comfortable enough to come and go from the little hole I call home in their Country – the result was this picking and unpicking everything to ensure their nepotism and discrimination was a basic feature of my life, where they drive their children around in cars and tell me life is about showing respect for the fact they are dropping them off at school before getting to work, feeling like getting out of bed to squander mine and talk nonsense about wars all the time which does show I am winning again as it were; so it’s not difficult to understand it has nothing to do with building a writing career on the platform of giving politicians their fill of violence every time they turn up to push me into it before I am allowed to chase my career so as to change my quality of life except the fact they are really good at looking for trouble. In their defence they do say people don’t like my Books but that is simply another part of the story, where I have not yet worked on building a life of fantasy with the men and that of security with the women but there is nothing that says I cannot put a book at the market place and that if I did others were barred from buying it until I had completed the work which I have done for the Royal Estate at the present time so far with their intrusive and destructive nonsense threatening people around here all the time – so I don’t mind kicking them over their need to turn up around my Books and show up on my personal space. It simply means I am nearly finished now as it were; the one where three weeks ago I found the issue of waking everyday to discover somebody had gotten off to make pictures of themselves on developments at my public life and intellectual property and displayed themselves on a glossy magazine to get famous, only when the magazines were in the shops but then have to pick up a news paper and find a catalogue in it that lists so called ‘London’s progress 100’ which were insulting and abusive journalists and celebrities and business idiots that had taken it to a whole new level as well . So perhaps they might want to keep it secret next time, as doing so is generally good for the health. As for the tale of grafting Politicians, there is no such thing; what happens is career violence where they get involved with me and get into my personal space to threaten and abuse me instead of purchase my Books, giving lease to their idiots to do the same as well which is how they get it from the horses lips making those who buy the Books second-rate that have to pay for a lower station; this is a kind of feeling they would have had to go out and find somebody to sodomise in order to extricate but these days it is darted around at random so they feel they can pick me for it - it is an evil thing and nobody here is going to back down for them, it is even more evil to set up a state of affair and throw bets at me as per who will back down, it is evil to see their teenage idiots attack me because they want somebody whose personality they can abuse to make fame and fortune with with and claiming I am still single will not suffice as they are not yet done fucking the wife I never married and having the kids I was supposed to and removing me from the Royal Family all the time, it is an evil thing to see media idiots wreck my finances so that they might go around catching women with my feelings only to deploy Office of State in support of it, it is an evil thing to see stupid men speak of politics and freedom and how I must be set out so that my whole life and personality might be dominated first before I am even allowed to carry on with academic work only to deploy the entire British diplomatic frontier in their support - nobody here will ever back down for them. Even now, when I ask them about basic things like deciding who must be excluded from the fundamental nature of Council services and utilities and the shops and leisure services, they speak of my hatred for the House of Commons and a need I have to strip them of power, so nobody really knows why they like to push the state of affairs that says I am supposed to back down. They say people like me fight in academic ways and no sooner are we provoked than we have grabbed every good thing in the Country and turned it into an instrument of war but I knew that before they decided to rip up my finances and give mobility to extremist groups in my stead - they should be thanking me now, not speaking of getting me to back down in parliament all of the time considering these really stupid extremist groups are following them around and their bottom wishes it had never been born for it too - I had taken mobility from them and should be getting thanks from the Politicians for it not further abuse. The rest of the story is where they are supposed to get off the temper, I have a problem with it. Nobody here thinks they are equals of the Politicians as they claim, what is true is that I have told their goons about the freedom they now have to get about with the rich and if they disrupt my work place or go there to tell me what to do for the fun they are enjoying so much currently, they will be complaining about me again because we will sooner have had to go through the process all over again; its not a question of this matter being unclear, its a simple case of the Prime Minister making use of my Books without buying his copy and the local civil service goon doing the same as well, it goes beyond a total and absolute lack of respect expressed to a point of extremism it becomes a matter of an inability to protect those you take advantage of yo bank roll your career from those that might be likely to rebel against you - it was never my liability and there is nothing they can do if I did nothing about it; in their defence they say I block off the Prime Minister's fame but of course Politicians will never be famous on the basis of making me sit in the Office of a Literary Empire with an empty bank account - they will never have such fame in hell; it is their stupid children that will live a life where the silly social and political nepotism and discrimination is a main aspect of their lives; clearly no respect whatsoever and two can play that game, nobody here is backing down - its not their lives, its my life and I have no idea what I must do as far as they are concerned in order to avoid having a conversation about this matter.