Now the story of how Media careers are under siege from me is nothing new, as I have mentioned before, it is the stupidity of clinging to me with a need to see me deploy my personality for a gang fight at their behest taken to a whole new level but it has come to a stage where it will not give me a breathing space and I therefore have to make one myself; I need to see an absence of mainstream media around my Books unless they wrote it themselves, so we can find out how they did. It’s the same case with the Americans and then they claim I am engaged in a Government Policy of vandalism while they are the idiots whose idea of how to deal with a recession is spreading around another person’s business to create new markets; so two items have emerged from it and one of them is their government houses where the Politicians consistently year after years give them support that helps them blow off that big mouth at me about a war if I do not co-operate and the other is allowing them make money while I supervise so they become bitter enough to make it on my public image and shut down my Book sale business while ignoring them to plod on anyway is the bane of their claim that I am engaged in public policy of vandalism; the next stage I suppose is what will become of this process of leading them on right up to the point where I lead them to an investment that will make them so much loss that they will become as perpetually tired as I am and that way create my breathing space too and yes they do say when I do that my Books will suffer the same thing and this is the biggest question I am trying to answer here already i.e. at what stage exactly am I supposed to classify this behaviour as damage and not a social issue? Its getting serious obviously; in their world of stupidities this is all a gimmick called Business; in the real world where the rules do apply, it is called self employment and their stupidities are very fond of creating situations where people cannot stop working on a business because it is a dream in their heads while another takes advantage of a certain part of the market and destroys what is left in a bid to own the entire market that such a person will have created, fond of creating the other bits where people think that if they work again they will get paid for the previous work and its all stacking up at Industry while they are making noise about threats to their Media careers from Royalty whereas that was the least of their stupid worries. For me however it’s a gimmick that is getting serious all together as we can see they have assumed position of industrial leadership and are like a very bad government that wants to see people go on strike performing its madness everyday – so it’s a case where I have not sold any Books the last 24 hours and what I did was an aim at the CEOs that got their pay from a business that another person had established but I did not hit my target well enough and will try again the next 24 hours until it gets real (want them all off my Books unless they wrote it).