That I am wrong about younger peoples not having a clue what they do is not an argument I am willing to indulge – however when it comes to it, the part of behaviour concerned will be the one where people extricate respect from others for their own gains by violent means because they believe they are better than other people on one hand while on the other, the claim that others are responsible for their problems must become everybody else’s reality too. The one that concerns my case directly however is that of the fact somebody may come from Southern or even Eastern or Western Africa or indeed the Caribbean and because he is into the Tourism Industry he thinks or she thinks she can make up her own reasons and chase my private parts for her gratification without a problem no matter how much it hurts me. So I have made these facts clear that older people always know what they are doing while we younger ones always tend to want it all because I have become quite fed up with celebrities destroying my finances and Royal Property and need to be prepared to such an effect as any of their talent shows or X Factors and so on is built and developed on anything that belongs to me or concerns me and for any reason whatsoever this year, I will destroy it. So they do say I cannot live up to such things but I can, they have had all my time in the world to tell their millionaire celebrities to stop targeting my income and Royal property to mock me and gather fans and destroy it completely then set out to seek power over me at markets, make it amusing and make a fool of me whenever they talk to journalists and pretend each time they do it again and again and again that they never did it before and live in a certain community where that behaviour is how they work with their journalists and that it is entirely routine. What they think is going to stop me is the idea that not everybody will see as a bad thing the sense that somebody might create a position where they curate the process by which beautiful people want to be rich and famous with it being made to fulfil certain rules first but it is not going to stop me; if their talent shows and self exhibition and damage to my Public life and Office to get rich and famous happens this year for the slightest reason I will destroy it for them by the next season. Its about money; it affects some people in a very perverse way but it is their need to ensure there doesn’t exist a crowd that things they shouldn’t behave towards or cling to me the way they have chosen to that will ignite the matter in its own right (the things that will prevent me from doing so they suppose; clearly have not got a clue as it were).

On the Political side its a matter of the Labour Party being the party that has engineered a process that almost amounted to the breakup of the UK on account of the Monarchy being involved with me; so it is not clear why they love to get up on very public places to cling to me and improve themselves, I am supposed to imagine it is violent and if they put that party in my face I will do the same to it too. My relationship with the Labour party is never half as complicated as they like to make it out to be; what it is, is a process where each and every single thing I do is followed by a process where they interfere because they claim they know better and tell lies of how I found out with strange powers and set out to steal what they were thinking on account there is no Godliness in them whatsoever – so I had to show them what it will be when those their community goons know what they know as well because they have become really fond of getting into government buildings to boast dig more sores so to speak and encourage their popularity celebrities to attack me in order to make themselves seem important but before then I had already taken the step to throw them off their high horse at International development – they are still living outside of reality you see, that their heightened State of Affairs that never ever goes away as it were and I suppose it is clear enough now, when I say if they put it in my face again I will destroy for them. They do speak of my assault on socialism having some International implications, which is utter nonsense; if it did, it wouldn’t matter – I have done what I have done to ensure that Communists Nations interfere with international matters where the socialists and dissidents are their own and not the ones that belong in democratic territories, we cannot keep living in fear of Nuclear world war because of these goons and the willingness of Communist Governments to get involved; so I bet when they say there are international implications to my actions they are referring to what they will steal from me and get Mr Putin interested in for instance but I don’t think that will bother me in any way for my part either nor will it stop me thus. As I mentioned before, these are poor people trying to sell things and so in their minds they need to ensure I am not interested in their lives, I am kept away from them while they have access to me and therefore sell me things but then again the fact that they have to do that is clearly another person’s fault as it were; even now, it is when I decide to understand, keep to myself and handle only what I have bought that I become a target for them as a people which will never make any sense whatsoever if it was the money they are after in the first place thereof; so they speak of what will stop me and they have as we all know thereof, they have stopped me in 5 years so far – the I want to sell you a woman bit of which really gets to me because of course I soon find myself in a state of perpetual apprehension while they become depression on legs.

The other part of this story concerns the tale of how we the British live of American leadership while giving Obama hell at the White House and it has no basis on reality; I mean we do live off American leadership in the sense there are things we would do but do not because the Americans have not come through yet – that said, it was the Americans who started this game of current President in Black and does not like the British, so he wants to play a game of partnerships and coalitions that are intellectually bankrupting, forgetting on the other hand that as equally as Iran shares British one is the same as ISIL shares British and Syria shares British, so that he can make deals with these Countries, is the same as the Countries in the world that want to be able to cash into the principles that created the US as a Nation. I for my part was born for this and can break it up and pick it up again and break it down and put it back together again – its me, its a part of me. We do hear these stories all the time and they largely come from Obama’s African allies and they do it to a stage where One feels they think nobody knows where their local beer distributors warehouse is located i.e. their economic supply routes and there is always that sense that they only stop when you hit them hard enough to ensure they live in reality like everybody else. In the end there is no point their stock brokers and business men acting as though they have located somebody whose Royal Estate they wish to pillage; that simply means more trouble because the more rewarding it gets for the one person to attack them is the harder it will be to stop him and they are really not as clever as they love to assume they are. Of course there is no truth to those claims I am terribly wasteful; its all about greed and money and when people threaten your life it gets to a point over their Politics and Media and fame/fortune popular culture too; its much like that panacea for profitable abuse by which they know what I know, that says I have not got a clue what I am doing whereas I am a Legal studies student and in the world of legal studies I would have been a genius. It’s nothing unusual for me as such; it’s a matter of government Office where somebody that only has GCSEs is aged 50 and has been working in the NHS all their lives needing reassurance that they know what they are doing, lest they abandon it and a fame freak idiot who have been attacking their confidence to make that happen grabs an opportunity which is ever so impossible when their A grade stupidities are all over the place all of the time and at my expense – so I have made myself clear that if this year’s talent shows and fame nonsense is done at my expense I will destroy it for them by the start of the next season and they will still be telling me I have no clue what I am doing by then too and they know it.

Security matters still run along the same parameters

1.       Evolution of men that use the lives of younger people who have comparatively less savings than they do to hail their fanaticism of corruption and do violence, while using the lives of women to get things done on a day to day basis and so it is a world they have created full of paranoia about their retirement and a need to ensure their age counts financially over others because they think the only form of violence they can be provoked into is that of revolution.  So my job is always being used to do things in order to share it and squander it and their Politicians are always giving them mobility never minding to financial assistance as well.

2.       The greed and money thing that affects some people in a very perverse way and means they cannot see we don’t live in the same life and they should not be using or sharing my job to provoke me like so.  These are the ones that are learning that keeping tabs on me and following me movements and finding out how much money I have is a bad thing so far yet as it were.