So they say it is a matter of what I have said and a process of being made to live up to it due to the way it flatters people and amounts to a promise I have made and need to be made to keep. It is utter nonsense considering it is all built on the premise and a problem they have with the fact I know better and that it is what puts me in charge, so this story always amounts to punishing me for it and to do so financially above all else and I have already tried the Liberal way of asking them to spend more of their time on the one that actually pays their salary without much success. It is an old question of why Leaders lead of which the answer is first that they are needed and then because people are stupid but of course that is ever such an obscene fact to be pointed out by a Christian such as myself on a regular basis, hence their involvement with my concerns the older the better as it were, needs to be shut down by all available means. So there is this case of people at a loss as per how to get me back to being the happy person I used to be, which makes no sense whatsoever as I am not in any way a miserable person; what happens being that those that will never stand up for me and help me sell my Books should never ever end up near my Concerns or in my Court, otherwise it’s an endless tale of how everything that leads to getting out of bed to attend to Books resulting in a phenomenon that is supposed to sell it and facilitate advertisement will be mopped up by stupidities beyond human imagination which will allow them exhibit themselves, find their vandalism exhilarating, make fame and fortune and then turn around to make themselves high end business tycoons from the process; the part that annoys me above all else is that process where the premise and prognosis of involvement with me is the Money they have which I on the other hand desperately need, the money they have which I can account for better than they can considering they chose what they worked for besides their need to link the process of causing others intense suffering and distress to making fame and fortune that is. My Books are understood better by Celebrities and Business people than ordinary people and if these are the ones killing off my sales, which means I run out of cash for campaigns to inform ordinary people, so they can use it without buying their own, these are the same that need to be aliens to me, so they might pay for what they use for a change in their stupid lives. The whole processes whereby there are pressures which lead to outcomes in which they get things off me needs to be shut down, it is my Book sales that are gone with the wind. They do say its power which is utter nonsense – all they are doing is setting somebody out as a character that will calculate them as a problem and decide what he must do to gain a profit when they are solved and they tell me it is the same way they will handle me since my existence makes them compulsively angry and they will never get the chance – we all know they are really stupid and incredibly disobedient but not by that much; what is important is that they get a job and those who have one pay attention to what pays their salary not move into my right hand or confiscate my public image on the left hand side to seek new conveniences with, being stupid and taking stupid risks alongside, especially the Americans and their African friends if I must be forth coming.  It’s never really been that much of a problem as such; it’s all celebrity stuff the anus and penis insults people and their community croons that want to lead on other peoples personality and need to be able to wreck peoples hospitality in order to manipulate their chosen targets – the same will warn you about the effects anus and penis insults has on their all important fame career that is more valuable than their very existence when they chose what to work on for money and it has nothing to do with a job but they will be the first to start it. It’s always been the story with them and with fashion people; when they start it involves attacking those who get lots of good things in their lives but do not work for it, by the time what they are supposed to have been working on in the great competition they have brewed is to be determined, it will turn out it is usually a person and that it has nothing to do with a job – so when they feel they can create hell of me and follow me around to find out how I am keeping myself alive while I spend time with those problems that beset their freedom and that they can copy it to stay alive and do whatever they like with people as well, they will start to feel that they have powers of oppression and we all know it has a certain flavour to it as well talking nonsense about power. They say my game with Celebrities was always going to lead to a bad end but nobody to tear me away from it as such – this is not true; they have always enjoyed hunting me and for their culture goons it’s about being the kind of Man that anything can beat up which is then usually used by people to solve problems getting around with the women that anybody can fuck until he becomes the man that anybody can fuck and then use to fix problems thereafter but for the Celebrities it goes down to school level and becomes a question of whether the boys are bullying the girls and whether it is leading to feminism and whether feminists have access to my earnings and business hunt, hunt, hunt and I have always made it as simple as the fact they can hunt whatever they wish for as long as they please if they kept off my Book sales – since I had already settled an issue with Industry people such that losing the Book sales will mean that it was where all that was and fabled was actually finished and ended but they have continually refused to comply, claiming I think they will sit back and become victims then we hear them labour on that misconception that I need money from them when all the money they have are the money those who are charged with looking after various industry hospitality have given them and there is a large gulf between my existence and theirs and that if I at all needed such money it will wind those people up, considering it is money that they want to claw back at a later date. They do say I was always a dangerous person and that celebrities have always been advised to take care of me as such and I am sure the big mouth wagging has been made publicly obvious too all together; we all know the only thing they know is killing people and that there is not one bit of that their Godless contraption they call culture and civil rights that I fancy, the having it lean on me so they can call me names yap about being a better human being as well on account I am flustered and we all know that we can chose how we die in this world if it is not to be of natural causes – they will apparently not take the Book sale business and even any day job I have with an external employer as well, should I let them get famous and rich on the basis of what people know about me like they have not got their own fucking lives and cannot keep their big mouth firmly shut. Then we hear that I antagonise people and then seek their friendship later and pretend I should always get what I want as well, only two aspects explain it better than all the rest; one is antagonising Industry People and the other is Scottish Nationalism; in terms of the former, we are looking at a condition where I started noticing that people were, especially Bankers watching me and its not the sort of watching and stalking but the sort of look at that and I had to work out there were two reasons and one reason was that we had something in common that was in both our interests for me to resolve, the other was that I had something they fancied but this soon gave way to a sense that I belong in that community when others are more worthy and the very idea of having an academic qualification became impossible on account these idiots did exist, so I had to act. In terms of Scottish Nationalism, they say my activities lead to outcomes whereby people become more Nationalistic than they would have been, which suggests I am a disrespectful nonentity getting involved with important concerns that have to do with idiots like themselves, whereas the reality is that the fundamental reasons that people have wanted the break up of the UK has always been that of Evil; the kind of evil which led to the creation of the Mag-na-carter, ranging from Leaders that will rather serve foreign powers that compete with them than do local issues where they get their oppressively acquired taxes, to idiots selling justice to the highest bidder after making it sellable:- so we all know that once they are done leaving England for the stupidest that exist there as well pretending that it will make meaning of being free of responsibilities that do not actually constitute their legitimate problem, they will spend most of their time getting angry like the Irish whenever people mention the fact that their roots are British which is an identity they tend to hate so much and we all know that they use this same disposition against others of an identity people should not simply expect them to discard on account they like being independent whenever they have run out of foreign powers to serve and in the case of Scottish Nationalists specifically, their independence would not have been in the Interest of the best option of foreign powers to serve i.e. the Americans, so we all know theirs would have been a lot more intense and its not about talking nonsense of how The Queen made mention of the borders of the UK being drawn up enough times being something that will rile people, we all know what they did have figured out during the referendum was the financial issues all together.