I understand it is said that I am suffering from Stockholm syndrome which has gotten me into a position where I co-operate with racists and extremists; it is utter nonsense of course, as the reality is rather that even when peoples actions are responsible for pushing me out of my academic work while the racists pass their exams, at the same time of which their stupidities have marked me out as the person that will fight the racists for them, they still need to get on media and work out insulting and oppressive nonsense that will support the theory they were right and I am wrong in every occasion even when I am neither addressing nor talking to their insanity. So, I am not suffering from Stockholm syndrome, what will likely happen is that I will get into league with the racists on their account before their foolishness along with its practical jokes comes to a stop.

Its not a crisis I should say, it’s the old business of never dealing with it i.e. the society goons that boast about having so much power over me they never noticed when they wrecked my academic work should be dealing with youthful fools exasperating people to make statements about what passes on the left and right hand side – so both apparently have now reached a point where it seems they were made for each other and technically should stay off my concerns at this stage, not that I am bothered about inflicting more since even the violent bits do not get them to understand the effects of their actions the way these targeted processes of similar consequence that I have created does.

In the end they want a relationship with me that does not involve buying my Books and the way it works is that I have a relationship with large companies who tell me I have got the stick and should be poking them into the market place to keep their sales and efficiency going, so what I have come up stuck with is Celebrities and their goons inventing a relationship with me that does not involve buying my Books, thinking the prospect of making sure the only problem in their lives was the one my Books solved does not exist not does the part where even if that was the case, I would end up with a public persona built from years of cultivating the sense that the Books they should have bought had been bought by somebody else already – which will then go on to fulfil their dreams of oppressing Royalty through a history of career based insults and denial. We even have to deal with those tales that I make these claims about myself when I have achieved nothing that looks like it; while reality is the way in which my Estate business was built i.e. I completed it in 2006 and by the middle of 2007 the Financial crisis had taken hold, so if I got on to invest since I was so well prepared for the recession in the sense that all I had was blue print and Capital, the markets because of the global economic situation would have taken everything that really mattered from me and left me a sales Man, so I considered the best way was to break up the entire empire, find a small product that will help me earn from the markets and deploy the asset equity to build time factor among other forms of creative equity for Companies that agreed to broker with me, since then of which the main problem has been these fools showing up to make a case on International Media about why those companies should not have worked with me on the basis of how little respect they have for me, amongst which the most favourite of their insults is about the hate they have for my Books, while normally considering all these facts and a reality where most peoples work escape toxicity created by Media fools for about an Hour after it has been exposed to the Public, the least my Books can do when I have a position of Economic leadership is be toxic as well; I mean there are the dream aspects where I created people bundles of Equity to operate with which I would have wanted to be known for but it does seem that the job will only get done when the way the toxicity built through my Books is the buzzing at the background while everybody is getting on – it is obviously the biggest problem that the businesses who ally with them have i.e. fashion for instance is about putting people into clothes, before which people will have to get naked first aka the least my Books can be is toxic.

The other part of the story comes with two bits and one of those is the sexual abuse that women claim is the problem, but women happen to create a bigger problem on, while they claim I encumber their freedoms. The truth of course is that in terms of the sexual abuses, that was a story that went beyond the business of me experiencing all sorts of nonsense from them which hamper my earnings while they claim I do nothing about extremism when it is their families that are not affected by their behaviour which effect on me is that I am too broke to have a girlfriend for instance, unless I hurt them seriously and it became a matter of Law Court and funerals through which their families will find out, as it has become quite clear the fact these destructive and wicked activities done at their Offices every day, such as getting off to claim I am suffering from Stockholm syndrome as though they had become psychiatrists overnight is no longer fact that most people can agree on because there are no many lies and process of hurting peoples bottoms to get what they want and or having everybody else over a barrel as a society because of their needs which they think I am blind to and hence have invented other reasons for but apparently have not i.e. it is all it is; I know how to hurt you and if I do not get what I want, I will use it, right down to the criminal activities and a process where the Police are demonised for violating their rights. The sexual abuse bits being the old question of the sexual matters between their teenage years and present age, which have ended up in their lives without their consent measured against the ones they have put into other peoples lives simply because female exist – I do not mind the insults that are a product of going off to cling to a big salary after boasting about talents they do not have, to show up here and make my whole life a misery for as such anyway, if I get hold of the society they will complain a cracked up out of my league once again that I encumber their freedoms. It has always happened since College days, when I had not yet ended up with the reputation I have now; at that time, it could just drive up to me on the street like it was going to park its car on my feet for no reason, then make a U-Turn and drive back the way it came from straight down my perspective as I walk to school and generally knew everything about the relationship I had with my parents when I had never met its stupidities, alongside the process of hating the love-hate relationship I do have with my parents, while I have not yet started making my own fame from the one they have with theirs just yet.

We hear them blab frequently about how I would be better off not talking so forcefully which leaves me wondering who the hell they think they are anyway but then again, we are not talking about the popular culture ones here, it’s just media stupidities looking for trouble and there isn’t enough money in the world to facilitate me tolerating this sort of nonsense without consequences, so it is likely to grow into a tale of how much they want off my Public image and which type of game we will be playing as it were; either way I believe that what I have said above concerning their alliance with the women who take sexual feelings from their good looks without consent which they are scared of, giving way to talk of women creating the reasons they get sexually assaulted should be well settled when they have set out the sexual experiences that have ended up in their stupid lives without their consent since teenage years, try and make sense of why the physical contact in terms of the sexual assault beats people down so badly as it were, I for my part will fuck that society again if it fucks me; for now their popularity idiots are very free to announce that I have haemorrhoids and tummy ulcer everywhere I go. As for their freedoms for what it is worth; it is an old story of a process where being an ethnic minority generally means that you could easily spend all you have on the process of just being able to call the place you live in Home, while white people had more of a range and security of the sense that this has been their home for a long time and will not be affected by such things but while the gimmick of seeing what the feelings of the ethnic minorities are like does happen in every Country on the planet where there are Majority and Minority populations, the business of digging me out of every place I have called home the way we see them do on Media everyday is incredibly cruel, so I thought I ought t dig them out as well and if they push me I will help the burn the Country for my part too.