It is the singular persistent issue where people completely wrecked my career and finances with violent lasciviousness because it was said at security services, that I picked up my own battles and won them, once finished in a bid to get me serving them because they liked to be treated like Royalty, it went so far as to make arrangement with rogue landlords and secure my privacy for the purpose of building restaurants because its stupidities had to eat thereafter. The part where the Celebrities then set about employing fringe society Scorpio to tackle me while they grabbed my career and bought security that will prevent me taking it back, is the last straw – they need to return to their own meaningless lives and fight when they fight, entertain when they entertain, they like know and understand it, as this business of picking up my wealth equity public image to groom me for abuses by criminals, then breach my patents and keep up the damage with a job that was paying their bills, to make money as feel safe is the stupidest nonsense I have ever seen and will never work.

Of course it is never true I did not get along with Scorpio, I did, my public image is made to be a melting point for all the star sign issues and that their trouble makers did not fit in, even though the Scorpios that showed up there only tended to enjoy the most, the part where Police got involved with some persons business and such persons had to be passionate for a change. I do not mean that we were friends as such but we are not mortal enemies as claimed either. This business of other star signs making a mess here is Aries’ world where all that adjudication to decide if people wanted to keep their insults alongside their jobs, so people could keep the jobs and be important, meant that Celebrities kept the celebrity job and society gits kept their own but it gets abusive enough for sex industry to emerge, which leaves me the choice to decide if I wanted to assist or preach – preaching tells people what they hear and leaves them to do something else while they kept it in mind, assisting is more target and goals orientated. They do claim it was remarkable that I was able to see the good in all these but this is not really good as claimed either; this is what I did when I am not attacking people i.e. there were many reasons people got involved with the sex trade and some included my Office, especially if somebody was sexually attacked by a Politician – if I am attacking people I will shut it off because I assumed it was one of their exists, so I can make a decision on the fact that the Armed forces were entitled to keep their own jobs as well, my world does not revolve around a bunch of idiots but tend to preach or assist if I am not. Usually the matter is not such a problem as I did not have a tendency to pursue the social stupidities i.e. if I said that I had developed my social life and public image, such that Scorpios would face unprecedented mental and physical health issues for any ill involvement with me and with it, they would have to think about what would happen if we clashed and there was a prison time involved, it usually works because I am a danger in such a way that if people took an interest in my personal space for the wrong reasons, I would take an interest in theirs as a matter of the crux being about the resources, so there was no evil they did which I could not do in a circumstance whereby I will not run out of the resources, Scorpios usually do not leave the time to talk, they are short term orientated and if you gave them a sense that they would be better off taking a risk with other people safety, they would do it no matter how small the gain was, which is the reason the business of Celebrities trashing my academic pursuits, following up my jobs market prospects and now breaching my patents to keep up any damage done is that which will not be forgiven, as much as the constellation in which I find myself should cease to be one of the answers to their stupid problems.

I understand they have said that most of my problems were a product of treating women badly which is also not based on reality as treating women badly issue was a matter of trust, set up by women I had an arrangement with, so they may consistently show up here to make it real for themselves and then decide what they wanted to do with it. The boasting suggest I wanted to be free of it but never will be and it is utter nonsense, it is rather now a choice that Celebrities, Private security gits and society goons had to make i.e. cease handling me or risk a prospect where I too picked up the business of ending even the process of losing money because I am stuck with their rude behaviour which rubs off on me, to such an extent that everything which allowed them to claim they made money and got ahead therefore I could not catch on, each time they wanted to make more money by handling my assets, were completely wrecked. I am aware most of its abusive nonsense never really occur when I am relaxed while imposing fame on their society because it bears towards Heart disease and they had to avoid death by sending out their hoodlums to run me down randomly - I am aware that the racists waded in to save them by insults of watching me on CCTV to share my privacy with quasi criminals on the streets and perform an abusive nonsense that linked my heart and private parts to any twat that banged walls and doors, when not complaining it was unable to perform some genocide, which does not really do much if it knew I would attack its interests all the way to South America. The point of the boasting really had no foundation: it is an insane star sign reading environment in which the Aries would try to help everybody keep their jobs and be important while a bunch of idiots would spend their money to make other peoples lives a living hell, which creates a sex industry that gets sexual services sold when people tackle me as an exit for their personal finance mess, I had my social status, they had their money and the tensions had built up, so women got to make and sell them products because they were always fighting people with their money and they had to manufacture their own Celebrities to avoid spending their fortunes in search of happiness.

The stupid announcement being made frequently, that I had no way to stand up for myself because I was cash strapped, while the problem bore no direction towards the cash flow crisis, which was a given to be expected if I was working intellectual property administration and needed to resolve some matters surrounding National currency – of which that said, it was not meant to be so bad, it became this bad because destroying my finances was technically all they did with their media presence jobs. The problem really is one in which I had Clients, it is not that I did not have Clients, I did but the cash flow issue was a product of the fact Clients did not know how to approach or work with me on account that others were interfering with my Assets, on the other hand, another group of trouble makers had taken up a position of perpetual bidding for my equity to create and sell products whilst committing to nothing. It clearly had its career at its fingertips and we know that it was easier to make comments about it than it was to make comments about mine, just as much as a child would have been able to make sense of what I was saying is I demanded it be stopped. The Politicians have raised questions about the main cause of this naturally but the cause had nothing to do with Money, it was more a matter of state provided security being perverted by Celebrities, such that they took part in a culture media and sport based activities and they deployed it to serve themselves whilst making sure they built up enough publicity to leave me with the security mess and manipulate me with it to make more money, hence the problem is that I did not know when the criminals will hit me, no schedule for it and no plan, most of the time, I was unaware of what Celebrities had done, having decided I wished to end the engagement with them, they decided I did not have a choice in the matter. It is then suggested that I am complacent about the problem on one hand whilst of the other, it was more serious than the manner I had described it. The seriousness is usually a product of subject matter; the big one at this stage was terrorism where the Celebrities decided that their needs were to be prioritised where terrorism was concerned while they made a mess of security services work and we will only find out they have been running off publicity to spend the security parameters on themselves and leave us guessing where terrorism will hit next, not least due to their corrupt nature, when we began to pick up the pieces as evidences showed more people were converting to Islam in the prison service among many others. The matter of complacency was usually shown in the way that their private security have been picking up areas of my work that security services found appealing and although I have created the means for them to be seen assisting security service operatives to clear out the mess they make, there is still a huge risk of a two tier social sensibility where public security was concerned. They pursued these activities because it was important to make money by showing battles they had won for Americans, which effect is that Public security will lose its effectiveness, here where we worked to support the executive, it was clear that there were incentives associated with serving the State at National security and if these incentives were not protected, recruitment drives will be less successful, in my case I appear to be relaxed on this whilst I am not at all, so I am receiving both results where recruitment drives were successful and the other results where they showed up to get their gimmicks as close to the armed services as they possibly good. I am now thinking about hurting them to make money as well, seeing that if I solved public stage problems which I deployed to sell products to communists and Americans at the same time, in a bid to find out whether they could multitask better than I could, the money made will hang about here making trouble for me, therefore I needed to find a way to lay waste to it each time I made it, more so as a testament to the fact the process of fighting famous persons in this way, was never in any way a show of a life lived in destitution, they were not living on food banks to say the least.

Those claims Libra was my bitch really beats the imagination – I mean what I have learned from them is that it was okay if I thought their community and its social disposition was my personal property and that they spent more money at the market when required, if somebody fucked them. We arrived at that stage because their interest in me was to do with the way my whole life was not to concentrate on my career, finances and family but to tolerate all the insults associated with their need to build communities that had no public disposition, as a tool for telling others how to exist and getting into peoples lived to funnel concerns into theirs for money making purposes, which is how Libra becomes their bitch and I have warned enough times that the insults had gone too far, such that if those doing it were complaining, they needed to see the risk and try to avoid running it into a process where being tired for their own existence meant they showed up here to get tired like that on the violence as well. Its like when they claim we lost control while we didn’t – I for my part am doing two things with it; one being the need to find answers to some personal questions and the other being that Politicians love the idea that these was evil waiting somewhere for people to fight, by which to create social and political upheavals that made sense of their jobs, thus they claim I am the one doing the wrong thing and I needed to let it run so when people complained enough, it would be obvious they should never have gone that far. With respect to the idea I loved to play with the matter, the reality was more a case of what history says i.e. that developing a stereotype for these gits with respect to the need to protect career, finances and family life, brings about unprecedented wealth and social inequality problems, especially when we leave it to the Gemini to process at the Civil service and it is suggested that the problems of the world came from perfect love, the one everybody wanted being the one which existed between the Libra and the Gemini. For the time being it seems that we needed to get on in other ways, so I had to get to the bottom of the issue with their need to run off tribalism raids from the neighbourhood that gave them access to several figure salaries in other peoples reputably built businesses, we know that it is so stupid, destructive, selfish and abusive that even when it gets to the top industry Offices, its still cannot be persuaded by process to do the job properly, hence the tendency to lead customers down a line, trash a company, pick up its earnings, bail out and leave people to the dogs – it is therefore the part of my concerns where I meet with the Aries a lot and since last I got rewarded by their envy over my connoisseur activities, there has been a sense I had completely lost control because their abuses are always pursuing my personal life which was also used to create Books for the Bookshop, whilst none got to see instances where I got dressed up and met with people in a public life capacity, so Libra was their bitch when it had not ended badly, even when warned it was enough and I was drowning in the stupid insults. In the end we do need to move on and we know that it made sense as there was only good to be found in a scenario where the fact people were tall warranted all these abuses and insults, also meant that those who thought about sorting the finances and career before engaging with them and are no longer engaging with them because they ceased to do so. Some of the benefits included what I experienced at University as people turned up from the City to put my career to experiments in the real world during my first year. The alternative to pushing it further is a process where the fact I was not vulnerable to their interest in my private parts and various other abuses, gave way to direct action on my part as well. I mean I could never make sense of the media bits where they make announcements of their disposition to support crime and criminals because they were taking advantage of those who took action on it, thereafter trash my career and build a life on my finances to wind me up to a fault and get tramps into my way, so I hurt one of those and ended up doing prison time through which I lost the entire career to their stupidities – they have even made an announcement of it to claim it was an ability to solve public problems and control extremists, those with female colleagues did not care about their sociopath friends making statements on dreams that they claim would be fulfilled if they took possession of women.

They do claim that I never stopped complaining, at the same time there were so many people facing the same challenges as me bearing their troubles with quiet dignity. It is utter rubbish naturally, this is about the way I wrote a Book and a bunch of irresponsible twats that talked as though they were demons who did not wish to depart from a person during an exorcism, giving people a bad name for trying to be happy at the entertainment industry, made my Book into the means by which I was cash strapped while they got to explore an important personality for the exhilaration their foolishness displayed on Media. It is nothing unusual, it gives people a bad name when people decided that the civic duties were done and happiness had to be pursued for obvious reasons at the entertainment industry but where I am concerned, the issue was that when you criticised criminals for crime, they think you are doing the right thing, unless you created a product and people did not engage, so they got to say that you thought you were clever and yet the same crowd thought they were the ones doing the right thing from where you are – so what the fools have done was concerned with supporting crime at my expense to take advantage of me when I did anything about it, then trashed my finances and once they saw I was angry enough to harm them getting out of bed to face nauseating financial complications that needed to exist for the purpose of their practical jokes, they being entitled to everything in this world arranged an environment for me to get into a fight with hoodlums and tramps, so I got to throw away my whole career and do prison time at some stage, announcing their stupidities as a method of social control and the prevention of extremism. The real cause of the crisis being that I had this method of operation where criminals and public trouble makers taking an interest in me, suggests there was something they needed to know, hence when insults that suggest I am their bitch came on, it really made sense, especially if I stuffed them with it too – so these fools decided to offer the public trouble makers a media presence to claim that my career had been stolen, arriving at a stage where they were affected by the abusive behaviour, so they trashed my public work to ensure that I got to respond whenever they were affected, whilst my Books had gone from something criminals criticised because I thought I was doing the right thing but ended up in a worse disposition, so something they attacked because the problems they created by attacking my career is that for which I had a reputation of handling comfortably. So it supports the crime to take advantage of me and wrecks my finances to get me into a fight with hoodlums in order to avoid my wrath and continue feeling entitled to peoples concerns, then finishes off by the idea criminals were better and I was a low life, to trash my career because the actions of the criminals affected them and they decided they knew me to have had a history of solving the problem, so if they wrecked my finances some more, I will be forced to. eventually it becomes a problem with the way that they put it i.e. if ever my career were to be successful at this stage, they would have been the overlords and King characters whose money made it possible and this will never happen until my attitude was improved, leaving the question of how a bunch of half formally dressed riffraff that are always fooling around and never have taken anything seriously in their lives, using the media to announce their presence in the world, got to such a stage, providing a sense that I was now well educated on the reasons people committed murder. Some people have suggested there was a part of this that I brought upon myself which is simply an inability to live with my reputation as well i.e. every time an idiot had an idea about being older than I am, having spent some time in the work environment and now having enough money to take advantage of me and my good reputation to any extent they wanted, the support for such stupidities will get all the way to government buildings very quickly – so now they know that mine may not do so but I will be waiting for them when they end up in the same social disposition as pensioners, it has grown into an interest in their famous idiots who never stopped picking up my earnings and crashing my Bookshop to breach my patents and make money with my assets, grown into a reputation concerning their abusive corrupt security guards and the big one was at the Monarchy where half fought my wars and half showered me with the insults to show in my opinion, that they had the finances to cater for the consequences of their abuses, where at the Monarchy the main point was that the stupid men attacked me and the younger people will attack me too whenever I pushed back, if their family were the ones putting their lives at risk for the interest of the Monarchy itself.