Now the tale that has become really popular recently is one of me being punished for a past social media post, which does not make any sense whatsoever; if I am being punished for a social media post, those who are punishing me need to state which social media post it is as it is one thing to forgive a process where people get employed by media and think they are such celebrities that when I am chased around by communities who want to know which service I can provide, they get up and tear down my reputation, damage me as a person and replace it with their own that is bigger and better and involves opulent communities, which then gives way to a process where it shows up on public places every time to decide what must happen so I have no right to feel good, while it extracts money from my Public image and my Estate income margins – and it is quite another to believe like they think that do, that it should be happening on social media where they feel as though they are employed as well and that it is the way it should be; I am sure they understand that the reasons it persists is that I forgive it as forgiveness is what human beings done and not that I believe it to be the way that things should work. They love to draw attention to some main case between me and them that I avoid all the time when I really don’t i.e. they are this group of idiots that are always likely to be found somewhere around other people’s backyard, then get hurt and we find later that American Media thinks it should be my duty to protect them from gangs and other dangers while the only destructive, menacing and stupid self-expression they understand is one where all I do is a potential tool for defeating Terrorists – there is no main case, save the fact they involved with services as well and got shot at and since it was clearly not a terrific experience, it has curtailed some of the insults associated with using people’s lives to fight criminals all the time and being so war hungry where nothing bad happens without it being used to serve them – the case where they are evil and they always claim its meant to help them get by in a cruel world but soon after saying I can attend my Church while they practice it without trouble, I will be seen fighting for my life in the neighbourhoods while the same reasons they think they should be having conversations about whether its okay for me to be punished for past social media posts will be the reasons they think it is just as amusing; the main vehicle for it being the culture and society and thus meaning each time I see it will count as the last time they have it too and there is no way that I will be getting punished for it over the course of my life as well; there is no other main case but this. It all comes down to the continued practical jokes that means they tear up my finances and blab about having the money and I end up with a livelihood that has no shape while they raise insulting questions a cracked up out of my league cannot let other people be on media everyday, while I have Journalists and Celebrities and Fashion models with me on the business all together – so it does mean the need to ensure that white middle aged middle class guy with a need to extract an income from my Public image and cause my clients to struggle with an imagination they cannot comprehend in order to express what he believes happens to those who act in ways that cause him to lose his dreams will go from hating me because I waited for him at the jobs market after dropping out of University to hating me because there will be consequences for each time he takes money out of the Royal Public image and continues to strike any persons that are associated with me, to keep an eye on my Estate income margins all the time at the City Centre – the older ones will be the ones who cannot run the Medium sized businesses without tearing up other peoples small business to free up market and have completely turned business processes on its head where the big companies are struggling with a public image that says they work for the general public and the small ones are forced to take their frustrations out on the consumers who have their money taken in return for the most expensive and worst experiences imagination and so they love to tell me that they could stop me if I set up a pencil selling business which operation was based on tearing up their own to free up market the way they do mine as well. I do get told the main case people make is that most of what I do is stupid but if I said that it wasn’t, I would rub myself of the means that allows me to cause them incredible torment whenever they show up here to screw around with what I have worked so hard to build, hence its off the record; in the end its an old story when a socialist government spends tax payer funds on them and they have the money, thus they want power and economic separatism as the next item on their list of demands – the outcome being that an economic crisis is still on because the government has not been able to come up with a party neutral policy on the economy 10 years after the recession took hold because of their activities; so I had to do my bit the way they handle me as well for my part and this is what they are complaining about i.e. they need to keep their money ad use it as leverage that means they do nothing else save getting about feeling products and rejecting them before filling in their own market needs by selling their own versions of the same product, thus vandalism aside, they can be made to spend the money on the products that they have gained satisfaction from if somebody was really determined to make it so, thus I only set out a public sensibility of making sure that as long as they are in the UK, the whole business of wanting to move their money overseas because they want economic separatism will only mean that they work and pay the taxes and make their contributions too, where their need for revolution is concerned of which they are fine as long as they do not set me tasks that they are not paying me for all together, since it is how they end up with tasks that nobody is paying them for because of me too. In the end we hear these tales that the Americans provide leadership for, that says the purpose of their actions is to tackle me everyday because it helps them with sensibility that allows them to make money and it’s the old story behind the main issue between us matter concerning the fact they are evil and I do not see myself getting punished for the rest of my life when I wreck the various vehicles by which their wickedness impacts me – however in the end we are all poorer for this sort of behaviour as we have to accept people are only as wealthy as the consumers that spend money on their products and if we have no money to spend, it will be obscene to suggest that people need to go overseas to find more so businesses here might trade, what is happening with wealthy people is a struggle with zealots who want to keep their money within the social class and does not mean they have been making more of it and this is the realty of an economic crisis that should not be disrupted, so the Politicians can make real economic policy – when it is the poor that are disrupting it, obviously it is the kind of poor that want more trouble added to their poverty. The Celebrities are an old story; they think of themselves as the Kings and Queens of the world of society goons that ensure the fame and fortune goons on the left are under control – so they show up to need my books and get cynical about it until everybody ends up with an eating disorder and then just like American media thinks I should be protecting such idiots, which means peoples fundamental sense of everything I do once I open the shop in the morning has to do with what they need to beauties that let them find themselves more classy girls to fuck, assuming I am not going to force them to sell the Books in the near future as far as they are concerned that is as it were; so the question became one of how I must get rid of the Celebrities who then make it clear I cannot get rid of them with a big mouth – so far the result of which is that they are now selling themselves to evil people and sexual assaults are at an all time high – it’s the same with the Media ones and the punishment statements I mentioned above; in their case, they are getting fucked and angry and issuing threats but since we are not seeing anything that looks like journalists doing journalism without me, their problem is set to continue all together, just like the Celebrities have not got the money and the lies and the celebrity culture to do one that screws with me and does some talk to the hand routine – of course there risks associated with all these as a whole but if I want to have a conversation with them about a behaviour that harms me, I will have one, I will make it safe, at any reasonable cost: otherwise I can say we see it all the time – celebrities ripping up my finances and making statements about a world where the absence of punishment levied on them for fingering boys bottoms would mean that men like me were getting slaughtered whenever people wanted to get rich and we are not talking about Celebrities that need money, we are talking about idiots that need to position themselves so that when films are made in Africa they might look as though they have the cultural background for it: we do hear them blab about wanting to become well off enemies, which is a risk I am taking all the time but I really have no idea if they believe it would have been a surprise to me anyway, since its a group of goons that get involved with security services and then seem to do nothing else with their time save churn the tummy of the same civilians they were meant to protect and complain about the existence of the civilians as well endlessly - so it will become some mystery revealed and what I may do to their case as well will be surprising. My personal favourite is the bit that allows me to ensure action taken by an intellectual property administration company that prevents them from deploying Client brand image to get rich to develop far reaching consequences for any taken i.e. they invite themselves into my concerns and strewn my work around the world but even their social media handle cannot be caught dead following mine, so I have to run around and pick up my bits, where especially if the Europeans speak of 'hither tither  arrangements' they have with Canada that does not actually work that way, I can hand their own holdings to South Americans instead all together and then it may just get serious. I am not bothered that they have money for products and services, they just need to enjoy their money and the products and services and stop making trouble for others, ripping up peoples wealth while they believe the perverted fun they enjoy so much to be quite amusing (every time they blab about wealth inequality it leads down a path where I might want to prevent Middle Aged white middle class guy from ripping up my Financial frontiers to cling to my Public image with a plan to become me which when added to his money will make him superior, from putting up products to extract money from my Public image but will only get stopped by Community croons and their one white fame freak Children and Fathers who finger peoples bums and never stop doing anything that others have expressly informed them is offensive, while expressing their hatred for religion that people practice personally the whole time, of which they attack religious people who try to preach the gospel to them because they think that it will make them look like real men and women of the world that have things they do not want people to do towards them as well ironically - their whole purpose seem to be one of their existence serving to ensure I have no personal growth whatsoever, except those times when I have levied them with the task of bearing personal stress and had decided their society was queer, if provoked will be selling it for them too). Pretty much the same when every good looking Woman is handled with a sense of Boys and Cabaret so she looks like she spends too much time with Men but once it gets involved with me, we see the business ones and their millionaire playboy characters with bad habits, show up to marry it but not really marrying it, marrying and having sex with me instead the whole time, so she feels she owes me a debt while they cannot keep their mouth shut the whole time.