So it is said these problems are people fighting against the fact I am an ultra conservative that likes to mop up the domain of the liberal and its utter nonsense considering it has nothing to do with being ultra conservative of pretending I am what I am not – this is me and when people think they want to force a Royal office to handle their civil rights for them in order to secure glories, they had better been prepared for the results and the consequences too. If they don’t like Royalty at all, what is it that possesses them to try and force Royalty to do their civil rights? It’s nothing but that same network of journalists and television personalities that enjoy getting out of bed every day to get to their office to rip up my work and finances and have manipulate ways of explaining it to the public pre prepared for the purpose; this has not improved for a decade and will end very badly too. They say I ought to understand they have a reason for it but we all know the only reason is to be able to walk up to me on the streets and ensure their problems get the better of me and if I don’t solve them I will suffer intensely  - about which I ensure none of my valuables ends up where they can communicate with me in such ways and stupid politicians will spend tax payer funds and get around with their media fools to reverse the process for it too; it’s the same tale of me and black people that has gone on for years now because those cannot leave people alone, hence have found some new black racist with a big mouth. It’s not a complicated matter as such – the reality is that I have tasks to perform and the one about the Politicians are the big ones because nobody is required to help you in anyway – so the opposition might require me to deal with all their matters as a poor person otherwise it will never pay off which is why they play those games we see them play incredibly with migration matters and International development and if I don’t have any cash to support me, then it becomes dishonour before justice especially for women and young people which is no justice at all; I have tried warning their journalistic and media stupidities about messing up my schedule but now they need to know I do not like popular culture at all and anybody would understand when I had said so if they spoke the English Language. They do mention how they deserve some justice and why I need to listen but they deserve no such thing – I will cut up that stupid popular culture for them permanently and then they will listen to what others are saying to them for a change; I mean the only item that exists in that, is the bit where they want to be somebody else after spending their lives in immorality and debauchery and lasciviousness and every nonsense that will affect them in an adverse ways and the reason they want to be somebody else being that they want a new life they wish to so end on these excess and not because they wish to change;  I don’t like any part of popular culture and they do know where I stand on their homosexual practices as well – they will not listen to what others are saying to them, until it blows up.

They do say my actions are provocative and that it is a reality I have refused to acknowledge but I will never know anyway – all I know is that they issue accusations from a point where they are useless parents that spend their time on popular culture and squander people’s property and public life to give a future to their stupid children that are punks who are the off springs of bad brothers and like to move into people’s right hand and live there permanently no matter how many times you have warned them irrespective of how it does not count when you are provoked. It’s never been a problem for me, only reality that when you look into it the other side keeps an eye on you and spends everything else and they too will be using their own to do it which is why we have ended up with this condition where I can confidently propose that they cannot take me on even if they had decided to work together for a change as a Nation because they simply have not got it as it were. The reason is that they are pure evil – the prognosis being that of the accusations issued itself; that I use my own initiative to do good and moral things and government should not stop them when they do the same with evil behaviour – the trouble with that being that evil behaviour does not provide ideas for customer service, so they do it for power and when it’s time to get rich borrow my life and then keep it for themselves later because their entire future must now be built on the premise of a fight they have challenged me to which I have not agreed to take part and since last the Politicians got their hands on my property, each time they do so, some of my property will belong to them as a result of it. Now they say what I have trouble paying attention to when I tell them popular culture is offensive to me, is that others do not like morals; the reality behind that being the offence I feel towards popular culture and the offence they feel towards religion is their invention i.e. borrowing my public life to trade with because they have spent all of their time doing evil in order to get powerful; so I have no idea who tells them they don’t need religion when they do to obviously; knowing that a certain group of stupid Politicians and media fools will give them some process of putting it in the public mind before I am then forced to go on the defensive, until the publicity starts to make them money if they are able to block the sale of my Books and insert their own products using media instead; the result being that the benefit of ripping up those their communities and societies are that they now have to dress well for a change and the whole process where those who do are the problem of society yet when you ask them to, then you are looking for a fight meaning that they need a hate figure to bully before they go to school and get jobs, is not overrated – the second benefit is that they know now that if I tell them to stop barricading my Book sales to insert their products and that does not suffice, their grandmothers will not have a good night sleep for days and if it continues, that will continue for as long too; hence in my view it is not clear why they do it when they know these consequences will follow unless I put into the equation the part where they don’t attack me because I am wrong but because it would be beneficial to channel their anger at me, like it would be to kill innocent people simply because they are being rejected, which is why they work so hard to ensure that character befits me instead and barricading my Book sales to make me angry is going to blow up in their faces too. They do say I am good at stirring up the trouble but I have no idea what they supposed this was all about anyway; its ever always so incredibly competitive but they need a lesson to understand that damage is not competition, so we can see what they have; these punks and their Popular culture being one thing by the way – on the other are Industry idiots and foolish women; in the case of the former working in a shop generally means bus drivers knowing how you should be doing your job while they turn up with some strange customer authority to tell you what to do and pretend that added to their wives that they bully and dominate and get away with things of which we all get away with things depending on the one that is justifiable so we can hold ourselves together and carry on – while they get away with the possessions of the weak on account the world revolves around them and it seems I am required to support them when they go off to bread win as well despite having a wife and some strings of mistresses too- these mistresses being how the stupid women in question are made i.e.  life these days is all about marrying some popular culture punk that will beat up religious people if you cannot use their public and personal lives to make fame and fortune, compared with their mates that have beaten them in every competition imaginable and the fact they have no shame and will not keep their insults where people appreciate those – not a problem most of the time, they are winning at the moment and need to keep their money where their mouth is, it happens so every time, I am provoked and nobody knows what the things I say mean until I had said it, yet their abuses are indicative of being bad people whom those that are close of them know very well thereof and how much as such they know about the practice of violent nepotism. They do say they have spent that my life and property anyway and they have done no such thing – what they have done is spend the possessions of stubborn people and I am about to marshal a plan to rescue those who buy products from them due to a lack of choice by selling Books – meanwhile some popular culture and society has been completely cleared out, so it means that culture has been sold for them and I am having less problems these days because that money is keeping them happy; it applies in terms of the tale of my insults being the source of my problems, starting from the need they have to deploy the personal life of a religious or moral person to deal with the fact they are bad brother parents who have useless violent punk popular culture children and we have only just come through a process where the Politicians who tried sorted out the problem without using my personal life – it’s never clear whose insults they are referring to anyway, they met a 21 year old who knew what they don’t and their main problem became simply curtsey due to their need to take advantage of a moral person and blow a road to wealth right through him in order to ensure when they have the come it comes with the style and lifestyle etc – that was 15 years ago, now we have a fucking history going on here all together the culture is doing being sold and they are getting to dress well for a change which impacts negative on that need to have a hate figure before they get jobs and attend school which is another part where my faith and religion was not the one being sold and they do say I have destroyed the society that would have supported me and it is utter nonsense too because the reality is that there is no money going around as the economy is in a bad state but it is still very annoying to work in a shop and see somebody who thinks you should be having a certain attitude towards earning your own money otherwise you will come to nothing to matter what you have, which they think I should be teaching a lesson because he walks around like he is really tough man etc  - they cannot keep those insults and it’s never clear which insults and whose insults they are actually referring to at any point and it’s the same with that assumption if I am required to put politicians in line I would  not be able to – not that there is anything wrong with Politics anyway, they are the spenders of Royal Property, their part of issues has nothing to do with money but you spend a lot of it to get things done  and I am done tolerating popular culture – they do need to listen to what I am saying and soon enough too; Stop barricading my Book sales and clear my space.  They do say they attack my Books because the Politicians and the Media ask them to – the foot soldiers that is, but I have no idea why they cannot tell those to do it by themselves anyway so we can find out what they have, damage is damage and competition is competition.

So they can tell me I run away from trouble whenever I see it whereas the problem is that these trouble maker black people are showing signs they want to stalk me considering how impossible it has been to end their involvement with me and its vandalism over the years, now that they have made contact; It is said therefore that I have squandered all I have which is not actually the case, just the fact Politicians like to think they have an endless supply of government resources with which to find idiots they can give money to and help onto media to pretend to be more important than I am all day long – so that I may hate popular culture alright but sometimes, some people do it correctly and look after their party services well and the ladies and their money, so when you see it you like it in a way. It’s a different story when you stand up somewhere and see somebody walk past women with a fantasy so strong he wants to finger their bum – so the idea there is nothing I can do means I have something else I need to cut up and I am going to do so as well; they do say women are provocative but the big idea in these kinds of matters just like their women think they have rights over younger men, is that of sex first and the idea when people die women will give birth to more. I on the other hand have only the duty to cut up anything that is not profitable for me; so far it is the government one I have cut up and cut out of my concerns and I don’t think the money bit that will help me with doing so all the others will be difficult anyway, I am just making sure I sell my Books in a cleaner manner – hence people might be asked to do things by Politicians and media fools claiming I complicate their lives as if I am licensed to support them while they bread win, which is the same sentiment I hold concerning their industry idiots with a need to get away with things and are incredible bullies I should say although I don’t feel that way anyway but I am sure people have their self assessment to do concerning whether or not refusing to comply will cost them a job – I am getting really fed up and its much like the Politicians who get a job of jeer from making me react; I don’t answer to Politicians, I answer to the Law Queen that requires some of the things I get up to in order to make the legal system effective – it has now seeped into National diplomacy and is being exported to other Countries that want to be allies of the UK; the Politicians are just the most expensive liability of a Royal Office, for instance, when an idiot raises their children in the most ugly manner and turns out to demand the personal life of a Christian from the MPs, to ensure he does them favours of keeping children out of prisons, if I set out a way MPs can handle the matter in a condition where I am financially well off, it will work for the Tories but create problems for the Opposition, even if I did solve the problem using money but the part that is not taken into account is that dealing with the matter itself will cost money; that is the part that violent popular culture idiots from Africa think they control these days especially concerning copying strategy from my computer when I play video games as well, looking for trouble and pretending I am stupid if they wanted a war so badly.

They do say I speak of cutting out all that is not profitable for me, which Politicians will soon do as well but I don’t think I was laughing when I said so anyway; I mean the Fathers on TV want me to live out my life because women take to me, dealing with one problem after the other on account they are the other side of violent punks and popular culture that squander everything you do and finger your bum when you do nothing, so as to ensure social bubbles come through from it with which they can get rich and famous, so if I crush it because it is not profitable for me, the whole hate that brews from the fact I don’t let them abuse me and make me live under the mercy of their generosity on account I am a Christian develops into the question of how my behaviour is not profitable for them as well – so that depending on how far reaching it is, somebody does have to take responsibility for the economy after all as it were.  They do say I pretend to be the victim which I am not but I never pretend to be the victim on financial matters as well either; what is happening is a matter of costs and profit, since they feel it is not important when stupid celebrities can invent and insert really stupid things into my public life to make them look like they are hustling for them public in order to get rich which is interpreted as investment – so there is a certain level of profit that is their size at the global and local markets and that is what I need to enforce which I am doing rather well at presently and if I see their stupid culture and society again, that will be used as cost (again); they have businesses and need to respect my account Books as well – and go to hell basically, take their insults along: I intend to get respect from them for my account Books and will get it my way or their way – they do say my Book sting but it does not make it their own – it’s still mine and perhaps I was supposed to have been bullied, but I don’t feel that way although I take it as seriously considering it was intended for the most amount of harm.

I mean in context the behaviour of these guys can go from a process of wives that attack religious people otherwise they become the ones that their husbands bully because of some evil inside that means they have to in order to get rich, to a condition where they are seen on media trying to determine that the British government does not succeed in making sure the EU does not get to determine how it takes in its own asylum seekers from the Middle East – it goes on endlessly and they waste no time in organising themselves to get under peoples skin for the purpose – they waste no time in that one. Even now while they complain about it the big problem with me is still the fact I invent my own ideas for doing moral things and they have to invent their own for doing evil things and it is happening at a point where everybody has a culture but their own has to be steeped in wickedness and devil worship which they want to practice on other cultures and other peoples that have no idea what it is and then start to think they are racist of which nothing will ever stop them either as it were and that is just progress from a condition where I have moved their stupidities out of mainstream public living, so that it becomes a matter of choices people make. It does not make any sense when they have this habit of discussing how the British invade peoples Countries an return to try and decide what their immigrants look like and they do say when I mention it, there is sense in the idea I am cleaning up their mess but I don’t know about that either – all I know is that I invent my own ideas for doing good things and they have to invent their own for doing evil things because of their culture and this verbose behaviour does nothing to change the fact that the outcome of that is that when they reach a certain stage of wickedness where the colloquialisms of their Industrial conversation with others becomes the nice people that want to do bad things to tempt them by withdrawing processes of supporting them while they bread win or supporting them financially by making sure they have jobs or else, want to try to look for trouble going through with it and it means that damage is damage, competition is competition and either will be responded to accordingly around here but above all means also that they keep stealing my public life claiming they don’t want to be themselves anymore due to how convenient it is to do so after years of wickedness and evil behaviour which also has two outcomes; one being that they are lying when they claim they hate religion whilst we can all see they are stealing it and destroying the lives of those who practice it in order to get nice and sell things to get rich by being able to do customer service and it should not therefore be taken into account in terms of Law or Politics, the other is that a process where I am fond of provoking them by inventing my own initiative for doing moral things gets worse with which bit of my public life that becomes a part of their existence or behaviour, hence we understand each other perfectly as it were.