They say I am never clear concerning what I want but the truth is that people believe the need to be me is being sought by such a huge population that there is nothing I can do about it, while reality is that if I do not do all of it, I will always come up stuck with one thing or two that says it is all about them concerning my achievements. So being clear about what I want has never been any more difficult than making it obvious the idiots are to show up here alongside their Political fools to buy Books I have written and handle me as though I were a writer and not to try and be me. Its difficult to say if those insults that suggests they are telling me what to do means they actually believe that I am likely to do, just as it is difficult to locate what the thrill of addressing me while we were mates in the first place really was even though it is the source for the most times we hear them complain about status quo and blab about need to change it.

I must confess they do mention that my Books disrupt their society but then again, I was protecting myself from their stupidities that involve tramps walking around the streets building a crowd that will help dominate me spiritually before I am allowed to finish my academic work or get a job – what I have stumbled on is the insanity that helps their stupidities maintain the theory that they were famous and then dropped out of University over it soon after as well; during the same year we had the economic crisis, so they got off telling me that it was bad enough for me when the economy was looking good, now it seems they have somebody to bully when they want economic recovery, compounding damage they have already done when their insults want to determine what becomes of academics and finances of those who have stepped into Church – so I appointed myself on their economic crisis and had taken over since, I appointed myself on their economic separatism and had since been able to keep them separate from the rest of the Population at the work force so I can tell which one is a tribalism raid idiot that I had dragged into a process of paying taxes and working, so that it might all make sense when they do their civil rights forced sharing at a later date. The problem is not compounded by the ex-US president that got them and their criminals discussing problems they have with reference to my existence either, he has since found himself a nice country House in the American suburbs after years of sweet service the last time we checked. They do these every time and I am not the opinion that this is new; it is not – they always have to show up on peoples lives to preach wealth inequality, like in my case extract money from my public image without permission, do not wish to keep it by going along with rules applicable to how people make use of my patented systems to make and sell celebrity goods and services if they were involved because they want to be a threat to me at a later time and like to think I am of the view they were famous as well and we never really see them share the money they have since put away in overseas accounts with poor people they used as tools to coerce the rest of us into parting with it either, blabbing about inequality on media every 24 Hours.

Above all we see these goons are so twisted it goes way beyond showing up to create such disruption I am unable to build myself a focused Library let alone move into a process where people know they are to show up in it to buy the Books they see and therefore make a living as a Book seller. What we see instead is the follow on nonsense from their leaders who pick up on the insults of their media fools while what I have said has always been as clear as the fact that the reasons they tackle me is frustration due to their incompetence, frustration due to the fact they have not got a foggiest clue what they are doing for the job the Public elected them for especially the Russian and American Government and therefore there is no need for me to say it if a crisis had not emerged for my irritations first of all as it were and of course we all know their self-centred stupidities added to the fact they show up to pretend to be me instead of buy Books I have written to share what I know, are the reasons the internet is toxic because the criminals copy their responsible person stupidities and the hatred for me is that I do not want it to be toxic a bloody idiots concerning anything I am doing on it for my part as well. Above all, I am an Arch Prince and do not have a particular fancy for money because I know what it is and what it causes and what it brings – these idiots then enjoy changing what I am used to and issuing threats when my tummy gives up on me, it is the reason I change their stupidities as well and see which threats they will enforce with the fame they think they have; their Politicians however understand what happens is that they show up at my Office to make a mess of what I am doing because they are drawing attention to their need to have me serve women with it and their need to get into a fight with it but none is greater than their need to tell me they were the local celebrities and that it belongs to them wrecking the career over what they consider to be an important practical joke associated with their stupid personalities; so each time their heads are full of what I am doing which makes them a bit gay, the Politicians are the first to build them Publicity that helps them claim they have stolen my career and are the first to complain about the fact their greed and needs and sexual context fucking abuses that come with it is uncontrollable, to it does make one wonder why it is considered a good thing to be as irresponsible as spending filial energies on it when stupid leaders are clearly making stupid people. My point is that they need to stop showing up to try and regard those people on the left like I do and to regard those people on the right like I do, show up here for the Books I have written if they are complaining about the problems associated with their behaviour and its insults – there is really nothing out there to suggest I am not clear on what I want like the most insulting of them all that is Liberal America puts up on the stupid media waves all the time.

Eventually we hear its about the level of embarrassments I have built up for myself as a history which is utter nonsense; the facts are that there are juveniles running wild and nobody gets to tell them that what causes a process where you need to get somebody else beaten up so you can have what your did not, is that when they push back, you end up with the same Men tell you that career and job makes you smell like your loo, is the processes of male prerogative in society – the same goons have taken away the state provided security I had with was run by women playing stupid games with foolish Muslims while they were at it the whole time and have since been unable to provide me with the right kind – then there is my party piece where they all want to get rich by being famous thereby avoiding work and employment which is what happens when the parameters that bring about fame and fortune like that is created and the Politicians who complain about the bottom hurting the most do not want to get rid of the Celebrity culture; what we find instead is that when these juveniles get out of hand because there is male prerogative running wild, they open me and what I do to them everyday and boast about it as well whenever they are not complaining, which they do more often than we hear them boast, hence the reputation I have ended up with. So, I am lost as per which part of all these is embarrassing anyway; not least the part where they say what I do is not skilled work, while what really happens is that when one meets them the sense is that one has met a cleverest organism on the planet due to humility while the reality is that one has met no such thing. Apparently; the first time I lived in hell it was to do with their stupidities having bought shares in large Companies, now I am living in hell again because the bloody idiots much like their sickeningly disobedient fat fools with big Cigars at Popular culture talking nonsense at me all the time while having a queer sense of what it means to see property in Public that does not belong to them, making their own entertainment Industry out of a system that is patented and brokered with chosen people for a specific reason and then complaining about problems and issuing those stupid threats as expected, is because they do not have the time to work on the Shares the bought all together - now there is talk of how I have accepted Liability for what happens with service personnel which is due to my sexual habits whereas reality is one of having to curtail a growing problem where we ended up with rouge British weapons Industry goons selling weapons to North Korea because the stupid Liberal America that works these nonsense had found new friends in Terrorists and Muslim trouble makers and was giving information to Russians which got British service personnel into harms way; something any sane person is left wondering why they do anyway but as I mentioned main outstanding reason was that the first problem had to do with their stupidities having bought some shares at Industry and this is largely to do with their stupidities not having the time to work on it.