It does seem rather difficult to convince people I am not in any difficult position that I am unable to get out of hence it is a very popular claim and that which is followed by people making out they wish to support and save me all the time; the truth of it has always been a matter of what those who want to attack me and make out it is engrained in their civil rights to do so and those who want to shove me in the deep end for each time I wish to respond to it, wish to do with their time on this planet, however the main point of contention at this stage is they their stupidities does find it so difficult to understand me when I inform them I have no wish to tolerate seeing them handling my Books and follow me around – so we have this sense we are equals going on and those foolish civil rights money problems opportunistic insults have no limits especially when they were getting some much needed media attention for it, besides which they do inform me I have gotten them stuck with me so badly that they now fear if they stopped any of the behaviour I complain about, they would lose their minds; of which I have no idea why anybody would suppose I should consider such an eventuality a problem of mine anyway, we know their insults until this stage have always been backed up with the theory that if push came to shove they would be in a better position and therefore did not have to desist; this is push come to shove and gotten serious just a little bit and I do not wish to have any of their stupidities depend on me when I want everything about it to end and get lost, so this is where the theory I do not know where or when to stop is developed as insultingly as possible, to adds to their foolish criminal disobedience. Its is worth pointing out they fail to understand that I do have the capacity to follow up the business of half of them attacking me for the fun of it and the other shoving me in the deep end to make Political statements regardless of warning them about the damage it does to the academic work and career, by handling that stupid culture and society about which the little I have done so far is what they claim they want to start a war for i.e. some people say it’s a big thing to point out when I say that if I killed the popularity fools, I would be told it was the people fighting battles I was too much of coward to deal with and if I killed the society ones damaging lives and property to then sit about being violent enough to prevent people doing the same, they would say I kill things that are bigger than I am but we can always perceive and see the physical consequences of what their stupid opinion of me like we were equals is and works out as at wider society, concerning which they feel as if there needs be a test for me every day over it. I do not care which ones will lose their minds if they had stopped these behaviour, we know their families and jobs are not affected by, I care if they had bought I Book I wrote and I needed to provide a service to have it delivered to them. I mean I do my bits because all these are completely avoidable as we are not equals, friends or even like minded people and yet we are having this conversation about me being stuck somewhere because they have built up a practical joke about my life and livelihood to play around with abusively and then violently later, claiming I am the type; so when I wish to get off a Royal hermitage and support somebody because if they have worked a certain amount and if they had invested a certain amount and if they had counted market at a certain amount, they should have been able to make a certain amount, it seems that the reality I lived in was that I get off working without pay, those who want to take money issues at their own pace have no right to exist and then the idiots show up to rely on victims of their vandalism to do nothing about it, so as to facilitate their sense of dominance, as stupidly as possible and then expected to be better off at the other end, telling compulsive lies on Media and talking nonsense about love and sex the whole time, like they love to grind their own meat just as much. So I am not stuck anywhere the continuation of this behaviour because if push came to shove they would be better off is the reason we are having this conversation and yes they always say the main problem is that Politicians are in charge while I am not, which is all very good but it has never meant that Politicians needed to be such a bunch of inconsiderate gits either, no idea why I have pointed it out but what I am really trying to say is that it is not important, buying a Book I have written and having it delivered to an address of their choice is. As for the insults being a matter of having more material possessions than I do, we all know every abuse means that there is a loss of control at Public image for me, which we also know they have not been authorised to deploy looking for trouble, so that as long as it is not a behaviour they wish to stop, we will soon find out how long it will take to completely destroy the popularity and Celebrity culture on account the Companies that I have approved to deploy it were doing so.